Creating a Radio Show


Recently I mentioned how I’ve been asked to work in the radio station, it was something out of my comfort zone so I was nervous to accept it. Everyone was literally pushing me to go for it so I gave in and started working there as part time. I felt it’s a good opportunity for me to do something different and go out of my character for once, part of me was burned out from being the IT field for so long.

The producer contacted me few times to suggest songs to air, I didn’t know he was making me choose to play it live instantly. I said few and he sent me a picture that the songs are live at the moment.


It was evening and I tuned my phone to the station frequency and heard my playlist being played and obviously freaked out. The producer later informed me that his boss wants us to create a show to be aired and I got so excited to work on this.

In the past week, I was working with this guy on this radio show. We were choosing the name of it, writing scripts and I created a playlist for the demo episode so we can record it and show the big guys.

So clearly the radio show was going to be about Rock music and it diverse from there to punk, soft and alternative. It was an interesting idea to them because they’ve never done something like this, basically the head of that department has that principle of “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” that’s why they never thought of developing it.


Everything is going well so far and hopefully I’ll have a date for my show to be aired, I’m very excited about this.

Here’s the second playlist if you are interested.



March Favorites

I want to apologize for the lack of posts this month but I’ve been quite busy and regaining my life in some sort, I want to also apologize that I won’t be posting Glossybox reviews anymore because I need a break from subscription boxes but I’m still keeping OwlCrate and MerLady Box for now.

Recently I’ve been challenged to play Dark Souls 3 by a close friend of mine, let me just say that I hate Dark Souls because I’m a quick temper person and I already broke two controllers before while playing it.

I hate this screen so much

I chose this game to be in my March because I actually enjoy it. I like how challenging it is and how frustrating it makes me, it took me about 12 hours to beat it so I’m quite proud with that.

I bought three poetry books few weeks ago and I’m going to choose them all as my favorites for this month because they are just too good.


Broken Flowers by R.M Drake

I’ve always been a fan of R.M. Drake poetry, I bought all of his books and this one is the newest addiction to my collection. I highly recommend reading his poetry.

Born to Love, Cursed to Feel by Samantha King

Honestly I was attracted to this book by its’ cover even though I shouldn’t be, but the content of it is absolutely amazing. I could easily relate to every piece written in this book and I keep rereading it.

Stuff I’ve been Feeling Lately by Alicia Cook

Probably my favorite book off these three, I love the format it’s written in, mostly because it’s like a playlist of emotions and it’s all the thoughts a person go through. Its divided in two parts, the A side talks about all human condition while B Side is the remixes and it’s by far my favorite because it’s blackout poetry and the words are definitely too haunting.

The last item is running shoes actually. I’ve been thinking of joining a gym for awhile now because I still have some baby weight still floating around so I decided to motivate myself and buy sporty gear.


Funny part, I didn’t even join the gym yet and I bought the clothing like couple of weeks ago. I promise myself to start going to the gym everyday starting now, hopefully I’ll keep that promise.

Song of The Month

The Time I Almost Lost My Temper At Work

It’s been awhile since I posted a story from my I-think-not-so-boring-life so I thought of sharing one that happened to me during my first months of my current job. If you read my post about my amazing coworker, you would know that I work in the IT department so we get calls quite frequently from employees basically whining that their PC not working but in the end it turns out they forgot their passwords.

So on this day, I got a call from a manager needing some assistance so instead of working  on his machine remotely I went to his office to see what’s his problem exactly. I thought people would know at least basic English skills and know how to function a PC since it’s 2016 but I was so wrong because ever since I got the job, I found out that hiring idiots is still a thing and let me give you an example, once an employee called me asking how to add an image to a document on MS Word.


I went to his office and he was an elderly man who seriously need to retire and stay home. I sat on his desk as I opened his PC while he was explaining what’s wrong. He was still using Windows XP OS and refuses to change it because … he doesn’t want his work to be transferred to a newer machine, he got two freakin’ machines next to each other and he plugs which one he wants  to work in either Windows 7 or Windows XP. His problem (As he kept repeating even though it’s not exactly a problem) was just installing some software he used in the Windows XP machine to the newer one. Anyway while I’m waiting for this god forsake machine to boot up as I worked on it, he kept demanding things endless and I was trying to calm myself not to rage on him because he’s … old… And I’m trying so hard to respect him.


While he continued demanding like I’m his personal maid or something, he handed me his phone and asked me RUDELY “Install WhatsApp for me” 


I almost lose all my temper and was about to throw the phone to his face and just leave because this was getting ridiculous and I don’t think this was part of my job requirement in any way. I phoned the ladies at the IT department basically saying “Come here before I do something that might get me fired”.

The gist of the story is, I don’t want to deal with these type of bossy people again because I might flip the table on their heads.


The Time My Coworker Stopped Talking To Me


If you are following me on social media, you would know I’ve been going through a little bit of drama at work. Here’s a little of a back story of what’s been going on, I work in an authority that basically broadcasts the official TV channels and radio channels of my country, we have a small office within the authority with 4 ladies in the room and we are IT technicians and also considered a help desk so we get calls from employees from time to time.

About four weeks ago, one of these ladies all the sudden stopped talking to me for no apparent reason and not even replying to me when I say good morning or hi. That’s just plain rude because she not only completely ignored my existence, she just won’t even confront me of what I did wrong to make her hate me that much.

These four weeks passed as she kept ignoring me and I was tempted to throw the staplers to her face just so I give her a legit reason to hate me because at that point I was getting agitated from her behavior. I later found out that she’s been telling the manager things which I can assume complains about us ladies in the same office and of course the person she hates the most .. me.


I knew she was up to something and I felt she’ll somehow drag me to some trouble, she’s already known that she has a bitchy behavior to other ladies in the IT department. She shown that she’s jealous, I have no idea for what and why.  We don’t really treat her badly or anything, she just that type of person who feels she’s on top and likes the attention I guess. Before deciding to ignore me, she already done this to the other ladies in our office so we knew her attitude and didn’t really mind it. I was fine with her ignoring me but also it made me angry, wouldn’t you be if you were in my place ?

So there was a meeting that happened recently and she just straight up said that we (the other 3 ladies) don’t do anything and she does all the work as she’s being praised by the employees how hard working she is. We got furious from her blatant lies because non of the things she said really happens and she’s just being a bitch. So I held back and said I’ll talk to the manager alone and say our side of the story because if I interrupted her now she’ll say anything to defend herself but one of my coworkers couldn’t and she lashed out on her.

After calming the whole situation, I went to the manager and said what really happened and he actually knew she was lying. He also told me the reason why she stopped talking to me because apparently she complained about me to him, can you guess why she did that ?

I joke too much

Well if I had just thrown the stapler, it would be a solid reason.

The gist of the story is, I talk more sarcastically and joke a lot more around her on purpose because my sense of humor is just off the chart to be upset from, bitch.


I’m Too Nice

On a normal day at work, I got a call from an employee in the engineering department needing some assistance in his machine. I work in the IT department so I get calls like these everyday, I’m either in the help desk or computer maintenance section. This employee needed to connect the audio from his computer to a TV so I helped him through this process and it worked. I get by my day normally like any day but this employee returned to my office and started asking me if we provide graphic cards and such, for some reason this stirred up a one hour conversation in my office of things not even related about work and our workplace in general. The conversation varied from life, work, interests and even college life, and I couldn’t stop him because I’m afraid he would say I’m rude. I don’t understand how it ended up with him adding me on Instagram then direct messaging me things for example funny videos and such. This is when I realized, I’m too nice. I’m not exactly a narrow minded type of Arab who consider talking to the opposite sex is wrong, not at all. I don’t mind it if it’s within the work environment because this is what we are ‘coworkers’ and it shouldn’t go to a point where it gets too friendly. I think of it this way what if my husband had this situation in his workplace, am I fine knowing a lady got too friendly with my husband same way this guy did ?

This is not the first time I get in this kind of situation, people tend to get comfortable with me and I have no idea why, that they open up about their personal life easily. It feels like a burden at times that I know all these secrets of personal lives not anyone should know whether I’m actually close to this person or not. I remember in college, some lady waiting for her class to start in the student lounge and I happened to be in the same table as her, I was just sitting there reading a book minding my own business. A small talk somehow ended up by her opening up to me about her love life asking me (a total stranger) on a love advice, she’s in love with her secret boyfriend but a relative of hers purposed to her. Keep in mind that relationships are a bit forbidden in some Arab countries and it’s risky to tell anyone about a relationship you have with a guy because if your family knew about this you might get severely punished. I think about it now, how did she feel so comfortable with me to share these secrets with me.

Being too nice is more of a bad thing than a good thing in this current era because to the opposite sex I would seem too friendly and approachable. How do I politely mention that I’m not exactly single without sounding like I’m jumping to conclusions that he’s interested for example, because I honestly hate feeling that I’m leading on a person when I’m not even trying to. Part of me thinks that saying ‘no’ to a person can be perceived as being rude and I instantly say this person might consider me being a bitch now. I also had this problem where I agree to whatever a person says just because I wanted to be nice and not make the person feel embarrassed to tell me his/her interests. There’s a level of “being too nice” where you would be considered a person without a character and be that naive person who everyone can abuse. I’m trying to build up my voice to say my own opinion whether I disagree or agree in whatever the other person would be talking about, and not be afraid being considered rude for it because it shouldn’t make me feel that way.