LightInTheBox Haul

Choker necklaces are becoming a trend recently and I just had to jump on the bandwagon not because I want to stay relevant and pretend I’m cool .. Yeah, that mostly. Anyway I wanted also to share my thoughts about a website similar to Dresslink which I posted few hauls in the past of it, so this website is called LightInTheBox and here’s my first impression of it.

The website basically has EVERYTHING you can think of from clothes to house ware even electronics and their prices are cheap just like Dresslink and CNDirect so I had to test out the quality of the items. I didn’t choose clothes this time since I order them online way too much so I chose these three chokers.

ltlnxn1465198816817Necklace Choker Necklaces Jewelry Halloween / Party / Daily / Casual Double-layer / Fashion Alloy Black / White 1pc Gift

Price:  USD $1.99
The first choker is double layered with gem hanging on the lower part. I absolutely love it, it’s my favorite from this haul. The material is sturdy and doesn’t seem it gonna snap anytime soon.



beccdd1459750736650Necklace Choker Necklaces / Torque / Gothic Jewelry Jewelry Halloween / Wedding / Party / Daily / Casual Fashion Lace / Fabric Black 1pc

Price: USD $1.99
I’ve always been a fan of gothic fashion so this choker grabbed my attention instantly. The fabric is almost velvety and the pearl is secure in it’s spot, for this price it’s a really high quality item.



dyfwrh1467698999801Necklace Imitation Pearl Choker Necklaces / Pearl Necklace Jewelry Halloween / Daily / Casual Adjustable Pearl / Alloy / Lace Black-White

Price: USD $2.99
The last item is definitely my least favorite item and I don’t know why it’s priced higher than the previous two items. So the material of it is exactly like the cheap ribbons that can’t be straightened after it gets wrinkled from the packaging. The choker itself is long enough to hang lower as a necklace then a choker that’s why I didn’t like it as much as the other two chokers.

Shipping cost & Insurance: USD $11.72
Overall Total: USD $18.69

The processing of the order took almost a week and few days till I got an email that it got shipped, even though I chose a shipping option with tracking number (S.F Express) it kept showing ‘Not Found‘ which I can assume it’s the shipping company fault since it didn’t even work with their website so avoid that option if you want to track your order.

Overall, I like this website and I would definitely continue buying from it and maybe try out the clothes and dresses they offer.


Dresslink Haul

Hey everyone

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you would know that I’m a shopaholic and I have absolutely no self-control at times. I’ve posted about Dresslink before when I tested  it out in a first impression mini haul and then later did a decent haul review. I have a new haul from Dresslink and of course this post isn’t in any way sponsored.

SVH031046-6Casual Women Sleeveless Metal Chain Print High Low Hem Maxi Tank Dress

Price: US$ 5.59
Color: White
I fell in love with this dress the moment I saw the images and I was hoping it would turn out same the picture because in the end it’s a Chinese website so I have to put my expectations low. It’s really beautiful and it’s made out of light cotton and it’s quite stretchy, the back part ends at my ankles so it was perfect length for me since I’m short (5’1″). The print looks really good and I like the chain going around it, I got it in size L as usual to be safe but honestly it’s a slim fit type of dress so part of me is still not confident about my figure after childbirth but it looked pretty good on me.
Rate: 4/5

SV027752-8Fashion Ladies Women Casual Geometric Print Long Sleeve Front Open Asymmetric Hem Tops Cardigan Coat

Price: US$ 6.25
Color: Gray
This would be a cardigan that I would never look at usually but I’m going through a geometric phase so I needed it in my life. It’s so colorful and pretty, also stretchy. It doesn’t cover the rear area, it ends by the ending of the back. Overall I really love it, it would look great with a plain white shirt and jeans, perfect for fall season.
Rate: 5/5

SVH031047-5Fashion Women Long Sleeve Striped Asymmetrical Hem Button Down Shirt Dress

Price: US$ 5.59
I have mixed feelings about this, I love it because it looks like a huge button shirt and that’s something new for me to go for but I also don’t like it because of the material. It looks great to be honest but maybe because I’m not used to polyester, I somehow get sweaty easier in clothes with that material. Maybe I’ll change my mind when I start wearing it because I’m only saying this based on trying it out once and that’s it.
Rate: 3/5

SVH031119-1New Fashion Women Elastic Waist Pants Drawstring Print Thick Slim Leg Casual Sports Trousers

Price: US$ 5.81
Color: Gray
So this is my first time buying pants from Dresslink and I’m honestly obsessed with stars so I chose these pants thinking I would make them my new favorite pajama pants. I chose it in size XL because I’ve never bought pants from Dresslink before so I don’t know how the measurements would be, it turned out really tight though I would prefer more roomy type of pants. In the label it was written XL but there was a small label under it with 9 written on it so I guess that’s why it was tight on me, I normally wear size 12 for pants. It’s quite thick so it would be great in keeping my legs warm in colder climate.
Rate: 4/5

SVH031118-4New Fashion Women Elastic Drawstring Waist Pants Floral Print Casual Sports Slim Leg Full Trousers

Price: US$ 5.59
Another pants and I chose the same size as the previous one XL but this one actually  fits pretty well and it’s quite roomy. The print on the pants are pretty much like those 3D printed jumpers you see everywhere so I would consider it good quality.
Rate: 5/5



SV029774-1New Fashion Women Long Sleeve Knitting Print Patchwork Sweaters Loose Casual Basic Tops

Price: US$ 4.80
Again with the geometric phase like the cardigan, this top is one of my favorites from this haul. The only thing I didn’t like about it is that it’s see-through so I have to wear something under it unless I want to show my bra to everyone. I got it in size L and it’s really flowy and comfortable, got two pocket in front same as the picture. I absolutely love it.
Rate: 5/5


NP000336-3Women Spaghetti Strap A-Line Asymmetrical Hem Print Mini Dress

Price: US$ 9.19
I’ve put this dress on the wishlist for quite sometime and recently decided to add it with this haul even though it would be more appropriate to be worn in summer because the material of this top is quite light and good for more sunny climate. It has a strap to be tied from the back of the neck but it’s quite roomy maybe because I got it in size L but it doesn’t bother me that much in fact I like it more that way.
Rate: 5/5

SVH031291-2Women’s Casual O-Neck Long Sleeve Fleece Pullover Letter Hoodie Sweatshirt

Price:US$ 4.78
Color: Black
I posted a picture of this jumper on my snapchat and Instagram story and everyone has been sending me messages from where I got this jumper. I’ve been seeing this line on twitter for awhile now, I thought it was quite funny so when I found it on this jumper I instantly bought it. It’s definitely my favorite item from this haul, I got it in size XL because I love over-sized sweatshirts but since it’s a Chinese website I would say it’s between M and L so giving you a warning before choosing your size. It’s quite thick so it’s good for colder climate and the print of the letters seem in a good quality.
Rate: 5/5

SVH031268-1Pokemon GO Women Ladies O-Neck Raglan Long Sleeve Hot Game Print Slim T-Shirt Tops

Price:US$ 4.01
Color: Black
Is Pokemon GO still a thing ? I know I still play it to be honest, I don’t mind being late in leveling up. I bought this top with the Mystic team logo on it because why not, I’m in team mystic and proud to be. The shirt is a normal jersey type long sleeved shirt, had few loose threads but other than that it’s great. The print of the logo is in good quality so I don’t think it’ll fade anytime soon.
Rate: 5/5

Overall total with shipping: US$59.95

Dresslink Haul

Hey Everyone,

So couple of weeks ago, I tried shopping from Dresslink and I posted my impression of it last month. I decided to buy more items from them and it somehow became a haul, I’m quite a shopaholic so expect more posts like this.

SV005966-7Newest Women Flower Loose Japanese Kimono Wide Sleeve Blouse Tops Cardigan Coat Jacket

Price: US$ 5.12
Color: Black
I don’t understand why Dresslink always use such random words of clothing as titles for their items. It’s a long cardigan with buttons going all the way down so it can be a long top. The material is quite light so it can be worn in summer and it comes in many colors so I wanted to try the others as well. I love the feel of this top, I chose black to fit most of my outfits.
Rate: 5/5

SV005036-1Fashion Love Tree Printing Cotton T-shirt Women Loose Short Sleeve Tops Blouse

Price: US$ 3.56
I’ve been seeing this top for quite awhile in many websites and I really wanted it. I finally found it in Dresslink and it’s just beautiful. It was free sized but I would say it’s definitely size L. The quality of the material is great and I love how loose it is, it would look great with a pair of leggings or shorts.
Rate: 5/5 
*The item is no longer available.


No One Cares Shirt 4Meaneor Women Casual O-Neck Short Sleeve Letter Print Basic T-Shirt Tops

Price: US$ 5.49
Color: Gray
First time I saw this shirt was on snapchat sent by my sister who studies in US and I instantly loved it. Luckily I found it on Dresslink but the size wasn’t available to the color I wanted which was white so I got it in Grey. I love it but the material seemed a bit thicker than what I expected.
Rate: 4/5

14273-1New Maxi Long Bohemian Restore Women Shinning Chiffon Long Skirt 7Colors

Price:  US$ 6.04
Color: Dark Green
Now this skirt seemed really pretty in pictures but it’s definitely not the same as you receive, you can check here to see how it actually looks like. It’s a maxi chiffon skirt with two layers, the outer one is longer than the inner one which seemed a bit off for me so I didn’t like it that much, it’s pretty though.
Rate: 3/5

YC001429-4FINEJO Women V Neck Handkerchief Hem Line Lightweight Knitting Tunic Top

Price:  US$ 8.58
Color: Watermelon Red
This would be one of my favorite items in this haul and also the most expensive one between the clothing I chose, it’s a long tunic top with a pretty comfy material. I chose it in size L to be safe, the sleeves doesn’t reach the wrists though. I guess you can say it’s an orange-ish colored so I don’t know why it’s called watermelon red, but it does come in other colors.
Rate: 5/5

SV001529-8Women’s Top Lace Patchwork Shoulders Skull Prints Front T-Shirt

Price: US$ 4.35
Color: Gray
No matter how many times I repeat to myself that I’m an adult and I should be over the whole skulls thing, I still buy tops that has these designs. So I got this shirt in gray color and obviously size L, the material of it is really nice and comfy. The shirt is a bit long and would go slightly under my rear, the lace detail is pretty and has no imperfections.
Rate: 4/5

NP000439-4Fashion Women Sleeveless Letter Print Casual Tank Top T-Shirt

Price:  US$ 3.92
I’m honestly obsessed with tops with funny saying on them, of course I should add one more to my massive collection of these shirts. This tank top only comes in one color which is black but I got size L obviously. It’s stretchy and quite comfy to wear.
Rate: 5/5



SV028126-1Stylish Ladies Women Casual V-neck Long Sleeve Patchwork A-line Mini Dress

Price: US$ 6.04
I’m absolutely in love with this gorgeous dress but I really wished that I got it in size XL because the bust area and sleeves were a bit tight on me, still it’s wearable. The dress itself looks quite fancy for it’s price, the lower part has a different material than the upper part almost like velvet/leathery material and quite thick.
Rate: 4/5


20196-7Women’s Elegant Chiffon Dot Vest Maxi Full Long Dress Sleeveless With Belt

Price: US$ 6.60
Color: Red Wine
The next item is another gorgeous dress, it’s made of chiffon and it comes free sized. It’s actually quite roomy and comes with a belt if you wanted to wear it as well. I honestly haven’t tried it yet but I really liked the material of it, it’s quite soft. The neck area has a ribbon that goes on shoulders if you are planning to have a looser neck line or even tighter.
Rate: 5/5

15411-3Women Candy Color Stretch Waist Plain Skater Flared Pleated Mini Skirt

Price:  US$ 2.18
Color: Black
I’ve been into wearing mini skirts with leggings or tights under them so I decided to try getting the black colored one to check if it’ll fit me because it was free sized and my hips aren’t as slim as I was before pregnancy. The skirt is full circle type and the waist has a rather stretchable material and it gets wide pretty well so it did fit me and I’m happy for that but the skirt isn’t exactly that long as it barely covers the rear area.
Rate: 5/5


Overall total with shipping: US$52.05

The order came pretty fast, I made the order on 19th of July and it reached aramex shop and ship Hong Kong account on 21st. Overall I loved every item I received, Dresslink is like my new guilty little pleasure that allows me to enjoy my shopaholic side without spending much money.

*This post isn’t sponsored


CNDirect First Impression



Online shopping is my favorite bad habit, I love finding new things not available in my country and just brag about it. I recently tried shopping from Dresslink and posted a review about it, so I decided to check other websites that offer cheaper clothes just like it and I found CNDirect.

First look on the website shows that they offer almost same as Dresslink but I noticed they got more categories like men clothing, home & garden, and automobile things as well. They have more options than Dresslink with almost same price range so I chose few items to try out this website. This post isn’t sponsored, I bought all this items on my own.SV029050-3-cndirect

Lady Fashion Women Long Sleeve O Neck Loose Lace Trim Solid Casual Sexy Mini Shift Dress

I got this top because I thought it would look cute with leggings and I loved the color. The top came out exactly as the image but the color was slightly darker, I wasn’t bothered by that I still liked it. I got it in size L because asian sizes makes me feel insecure about my body.
Price: US$ 6.48

Rate: 5/5 



Green Women’s Loose Batwing Top Dolman Multi color Stripe Strand Vest Tops Blouses

This top came in two pieces, a tank top and a chiffon sheer top. The tank top was tight but it’s stretchable, the chiffon top wasn’t exactly the best material I came across. It looked cheap if I’m gonna be honest but I wasn’t keeping my hopes high because the whole website sells cheap clothes so I expected that. I can say it looks nice to take pictures with because from further angle it doesn’t show the material.
Price: US$ 4.78

Rate: 3/5


Drawstring Bag Shoulder Messenger Bag Women Handbag Chain Bag Diagonal Package Canvas Totes

The last item I got was this super cute bag which I’m gonna say my favorite item from this haul. I love this type of bags so I instantly chose it and it came out exactly as the picture. The outside of this bag looks great and colorful but the inside had a cheap looking material. I haven’t tried the straps on it yet to check how durable they are, will update this section once I do.
Price: US$ 3.99

Rate: 5/5

I made the order on 09/06/2016
Received on HK aramex account on 11/06/2016

FedEx delivered the package on the date I mentioned but didn’t mention the account number for my aramex account so the package sat there for quite sometime till I messaged both CNDirect and Aramex about it. The package was later sorted out on 02/07/2016 which annoyed me because they took this long time to get it right.

The total price of these three items: US$ 15.89
I chose (Expedited Shipping without tracking number) by accident but I got a tracking number either way: US$ 6.49
Shipping Insurance US$ 1.12
Total: US$ 23.50

Overall, despite the whole delay that happened I liked the items I bought from this website. I’m still reluctant about buying from it again but I might because the website has more items than Dresslink.

Dresslink First Impression


I’ve been hearing about this website for quite some time now from youtubers I follow, where you can buy clothes and other things for crazy cheap prices like $0.01 USD and I kid you not. So I thought is this website for real or a scam, I mean surely there’s some sort of catch in this website. I decided to try it out and bought few items to test out the quality of these clothes.SV027765-1

Stylish Women Casual Loose Round Collar 3/4 Sleeve Contrast Color Lace Patchwork Tunic Tops Blouse

Price: US$ 5.59
Color: Blue
This blouse was my favorite from the items I chose, it’s super comfy and the fabric quality is really good I was surprised. I bought it in size L just to be safe because I know asian sizes are a bit smaller.

Rate: 5/5


New Women’s Stylish Hollow Out Back Round Collar Short Sleeve T-shirt Tops 2 Colors 3 Sizes

Price:  US$ 2.33
I got this shirt because I loved the wings cut out. The shirt has a light cotton material and the cut out was exactly as the picture. I also got this in size L again because I don’t trust asian sizes but it fits me well.

*the item is no longer available

Rate 5/5 


Women’s Lady Jeggings Stretch Skinny Leggings Tights Pencil Pants Jeans

Price: US$ 1.65
Color: Black
These leggings were free sized so I skeptical that it would actually fit me since I recently gave birth and my thighs aren’t that slim yet as before but they actually fit me well, I can say it’s slightly see-through when stretched. The leggings basically got jeans print on them and they are comfy actually.

Rate 4/5

9533-2Women’s Girls Long Sleeve Bottoming Shirt O-Neck T-shirt Solid Top

Price: US$ 3.68
Color: Khaki
This shirt is also free sized, I can say it seems M size to me. The material is thicker than the other items so it’s good for more colder climate. It was tight fit to my body shape but I didn’t mind although I would’ve chosen a larger size.

*the item is no longer available

Rate 4/5

I made the order on 06/06/2016
Received on US aramex account on 20/06/2016

The total price of the four items: US$ 13.25
I chose ePacket Rates with tracking number: US$ 9.39
Discount Cash Coupon for new members:US$ 1.99
Overall Total:US$ 20.65

Overall, the items I received were in a really good condition and the quality is pretty good. I’m thinking to try buying other things from them like shoes and bags and I might post my review as well. Did you ever buy from website before ?