3 Things That Makes Me Happy

The definition of happiness varies from person to person, while I honestly consider it as a temporary feeling or bless, as some would say, I still carve a mental note in my mind saying ‘proceed with caution’. We all hate disappointments –while we try to get over the recent Moz update- so we find a coping strategy and techniques to find our desired happiness. This post is part of a collaboration with the lovely Karalee from Tales of Belle be sure to check out her post.


  • Reading

    I read a line in a book recently –which I conveniently forgot the name of- that goes like this “Read the first page of a book, if you can’t stop continue till you can” and it resided with me. You know it’s a good book if you can’t stop reading it but you also can’t judge a book from the first page so you continue reading it past the first page anyway, that’s why I think it’s cleverly placed in symbolism.
  • Discovering a new hobby

    Our priorities seem to shift as we grow older, being adults has made our attention mostly focuses on our families, careers, personal achievements and we strayed from our hobbies that we enjoyed when we were younger. I find that self-discovery journey to enjoy a hobby one more time very liberating, let alone finding something new that we might actually enjoy, for example, I did not know I liked those crafty projects until I began creating something simple as a friendship bracelet and now I find myself wanting to learn how to create small figurines using resin.
  • Music

    I don’t like to consider myself old but I refuse to update my 10-year-old playlist, Britney Spears and Spice Girls songs still make me happy. On serious note music in general makes me happy not just “Oops I Did It Again” I’m held at gunpoint by an angst teenage me to post this. I appreciate music in all genres.

I’m pretty sure I have plenty of other happiness-inducing methods but I had these in mind since they are on the top shelf of the happy pills, let me know what are yours.

Shuffle The Music Tag


First of all I want to say thank you for all the birthday wishes, it feels weird being 28 and still I’m not exactly living my age. I should be an adult and more responsible by now but … I got no regrets ❤

Secondly, I want to thank Lise and Michala for tagging me in this music tag, be sure to check out their blogs they are my favorites. It’s been a while since I did blogger related tags so this sounded fun to post. Also I needed an excuse to stop playing Stardew Valley and schedule more posts, I just can’t stop playing this game.

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog
  • Shuffle your entire music library and talk about the FIRST FIFTEEN songs that come up
  • Mention the songs as well as the artists
  • Tag 7 people or more to do this tag and let them know

The Music:

  1. Tied Down – Jaymes Young
    This track was recommended to me by a friend of mine. I don’t know why I like it but I guess it’s that possessive kind of love lyrics attracted me with his strong vocals. it’s a great song though.
  2. I Am The Fire – Halestorm
    I love Halestorm, I think they are the only female leaded rock band that I follow. I love this track because I feel it’s empowering lyric-wise and of course Lzzy’s vocals are on point.
  3. Give Me a Sign – Breaking Benjamin
    I have a special memory with this track, everytime this song plays I hesitate to skip it because it reminds me of that certain person but other than that I really love this song.
  4. The Devil Within – Digital Daggers
    If you watched Pretty Little Liars, I’m sure you are familiar with this song. This song introduced me to Digital Daggers and the Alternative genre, I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite from them but I definitely don’t hate it.
  5. Hurricane – Halsey
    This song would be my favorite from Halsey’s first album, I really enjoyed that album probably more than newest one.
  6. Free Radicals – Our Last Night
    I highly recommend checking Our Last Night, I feel they need more exposure. This track is from the newest album Selective Hearing, I absolutely love it.
  7. Close Your Eyes – All-American Rejects
    All-American Rejects are my guilty pleasure, I feel I can’t ever grow from punk rock bands. This track is from their newest single, I like this song because it’s mellow and laid back compared to their usual songs.
  8. Insincerely Yours – Lily Allen
    I love how honest and in-your-face Lily’s lyrics are, I love her songs so much.
  9. idfc – blackbear
    I found this song from Discover Weekly on Spotify. Honestly this song is pretty repetitive but I do like the music of it.
  10. Second Chance – Shinedown
    I need to confess this, I’m obsessed with this song. Don’t ask why, just listen to it.
  11. In Too Deep – Sum 41
    It’s a classic, you can’t really skip it without singing along.
  12. December – Neck Deep
    This track was also recommended by a friend of mine, it’s chill and it’s nice to play it in the background while I work on something.
  13. Moving On – Asking Alexandria
    I found this song while creating a playlist for an episode for the radio show and I’ve been in love with it since I first heard it.
  14. Here With Me – Dido
    I’ve been listening to Dido in like forever, and this song is one of my favorites. It’s soothing and it relaxes me when I want a background music while I work on something.
  15. Daydream – Ruelle
    Another song from Pretty Little Liars, I mean honestly the music they choose for every episode is on point. It’s a slow type of song but also gives a haunting dark vibe which attracted me to this song in the first place.



Weird Finds, Rock Show and Messy Tables

I know I’ve been milking this but I wanted to share some weird stuff I found in Thailand in my last visit.


I would actually buy a penis soap as a joke for a friend, it was really hilarious for me when I saw penises, butts and boobs as soap.


Coming from an Arab country, we use a water spray which is always next to the toilet. Basically this was a spray but from below and it freaked me out, you can control the water pressure and heat as well. My son was in the bathroom pressing the buttons of this butt spray thing and he increased the heat to maximum and I didn’t realize it till I used it.

Moving on to the next topic, the rock show I wrote got aired on the 5th and I felt so proud of myself.


I had to rewrite the first episode though because I wasn’t happy with the content flow and we got the idea of making every episode focused on a band or an artist. I was so nervous hearing it on the radio even though I didn’t record myself as the presenter and just wrote it but I felt this is my baby, I created this show and chose the songs. I was happy that people actually listened to it and enjoyed the music, I told the director to include listeners suggestions in the next episodes which should be fun to show engagements, and friends tell friends and so on.

And finally on the motherhood update…


My son apparently likes eating on his own now and leaving the table this messy, I could say it’s a progress. Hopefully I’ll start teaching him how to use a spoon and fork soon.

Hope you enjoyed this small life update post and have a nice day.


Creating a Radio Show


Recently I mentioned how I’ve been asked to work in the radio station, it was something out of my comfort zone so I was nervous to accept it. Everyone was literally pushing me to go for it so I gave in and started working there as part time. I felt it’s a good opportunity for me to do something different and go out of my character for once, part of me was burned out from being the IT field for so long.

The producer contacted me few times to suggest songs to air, I didn’t know he was making me choose to play it live instantly. I said few and he sent me a picture that the songs are live at the moment.


It was evening and I tuned my phone to the station frequency and heard my playlist being played and obviously freaked out. The producer later informed me that his boss wants us to create a show to be aired and I got so excited to work on this.

In the past week, I was working with this guy on this radio show. We were choosing the name of it, writing scripts and I created a playlist for the demo episode so we can record it and show the big guys.

So clearly the radio show was going to be about Rock music and it diverse from there to punk, soft and alternative. It was an interesting idea to them because they’ve never done something like this, basically the head of that department has that principle of “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” that’s why they never thought of developing it.


Everything is going well so far and hopefully I’ll have a date for my show to be aired, I’m very excited about this.

Here’s the second playlist if you are interested.


The Happiness Tag

I don’t know why I got all smiley when I read the word Happiness, well I hope it does the same to you. I’ve been tagged by the Lise to do this posts, be sure to check out her blog because she posts some really awesome stuff regularly.

The rules for this tag

  • List five things that makes you happy
  • Share five songs that makes you happy
  • Tag at least five bloggers that makes you happy

Things that makes me happy

    1. My family. I know it’s not exactly a creative answer but my son and husband are my true happiness, I can’t imagine my life without them.
    2. Music. Music always have some effect on me, I connect certain songs to memories so whenever I listen to the song, I remember what happened.
    3. Gaming. I’ve been a gamer as long as I can remember, games makes me happy and also relaxed (specially Harvest Moon)
    4. Writing. Writing always helped me vent my thoughts either through posting here or my poetry blog, It makes me happy because I can express myself easily through words.
    5. Books. I love reading, always been since I was a kid but I drifted from that after college because of having a busy life, I got married and then have a child I didn’t have time as before that’s why I subscribed to OwlCrate.

Songs that makes me happy

I normally don’t choose songs that makes me happy for the lyrics so the songs I chose based on how the make me smile or dance in the car when I listen to them.

Bloggers that makes me happy:

I know some of them already did this tag but … you make me happy so I got to list you again 😃


July Favorites

When I started writing this post, I wrote the title “June” at first so clearly I’m not ready for August. I honestly didn’t try that many products this month to consider a favorite so I apologize from now that this post going to be short.

The first product is something mothers would appreciate.


I’m in love with this cup because no matter how many times my son flings it across the room, it never spills. It’s called Wow Cup and I found it in Mothercare, decided to try it with my son. At first it was a bit difficult for him to understand how to drink from it but after few tries he’s enjoying it now. I would definitely recommend this to all mothers.

The next item is something I got from Sephora recently, I will post more about it in the next post of course so for now I’ll mention my first impression.


Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara is love from first use,  it was recommended to me by a worker in Sephora actually. She used it on her eyes and showed me how beautiful her lashes became after applying it. If you are looking for a mascara that separates the lashes and lengthen them, this mascara is for you.

Like I said this post going to be short, I’m sorry for that. Here’s the song of the month.

May Favorites

Ramadhan started, everyone is going insane on the road and driving recklessly. I mean really is it hard to use the indicators when you want shift from one lane to another ? Have some decency to learn road etiquette, anyway leave this rant aside May has ended so how’s your new year resolutions going ?

Lately I’ve been too busy with life mostly work and it’s making me stressed, I try to have time for myself every once in a while so the first item I’ve been loving in May is L’Occitane Peony Perfecting Cream.


It’s definitely one of the best face creams I’ve used and it’s been part of my daily skin care routine ever since I bought it. It hydrates the skin which is quite useful nowadays the temperature in my country reaches 47 c plus fasting so my face needs such love and nurturing.

Next item is a mascara I got from the last box I got from Glossybox named Doucce Maxlash Volumizer Mascara

Maxlash-Mascara (1)

I am in love with this mascara because it makes my lashes look fuller and gives them more volume, looks completely natural so I’m seriously in love with it.

Lastly, I had to include this as my favorite this month which is these cute cookie plushies made by my friend who runs a home-made cookie business Baskoota.


I highly recommend trying her cookies if you were in Oman because honestly they are out of the world, so delicious and tasty.

and finally song of the month …