Wireless Car Charger Mount (DesertWest) Review


If we are being honest, being a parent makes your multi-tasking skill level up instantly. You could be doing simultaneous things at the same time while keeping your attention on the children, I could honestly say that I learned I could be using one hand for various things while holding the baby with the second hand. It gets hectic though while you are driving and having two children, and I tend to avoid using my phone but sometimes I have to use the Map or GPS apps to know where I’m going and it’s pretty dangerous to hold your phone while driving in general. I was considering getting a phone mount that could hold my phone while driving instead of getting it from my side and keeping my eyes off the road.


The mount itself is pretty sturdy and held my phone firmly, it didn’t budge till I pressed a button from the back to release the side. The mount can be rotated and moved from side to side using a ball jointed part which I appreciate because I can switch from horizontal to vertical view.


The mount held on the air vents and it has two gears as shown in the picture to choose from (I. 2mm and II. 1mm) So you could choose how tight it’ll hold the air vents.


My phone doesn’t support wireless charging so I had to use my sister’s iPhone X to test it out, be sure to check if your phone supports wireless charging before ordering the product. The mount has an opening to plug the USB wire, can be used if your car has a USB opening or you can plug it to a power bank. Charging-wise, I could consider it fast enough definitely not slow. My only problem with this product is the wires, I think it looks messy but it might be just me not knowing how to manage it.


Considering my phone doesn’t support wireless charging, I think the mount alone is useful for me. I think it’s a great charger and very useful, sadly I wouldn’t use the “charger” side of it.


Trying Out Pokémon Go

I’ve been waiting for this game for quite sometime now and I was so excited to try it out. Last night I received a tweet from a friend that it was released in Australia and New Zealand, of course me being so impatient got it anyway. In my defense I wasn’t the only one and I was mind blown the hype of this game.

My starter Pokemon was


Who appeared in the dinning room at my family house.

Then I’ve been running through walls while trying to catch more pokemons around the house.


The game is super fun even though it’s a bit glitchy at times and the servers were down couple of times now. I saw few tweets of people finding others walking around the neighborhood trying to find pokemons as well so I guess the game serves the purpose of connecting with others in real life. Have you tried the game yet ? What Pokemons you caught so far ?