I Bought a Useless Box …

If you are confused from the title, let me explain. There’s this item I’ve been wanting for a while and it’s called a Useless Box, I remember seeing it on twitter and I instantly said I want it.

I don’t know why I wanted it, I just thought “I need this in my life” so obviously I went to LightInTheBox and found it for about $8.90 and here how it looks ..


It’s well-made and I was honestly surprised from the quality of it, it’s made out of sturdy wood. So you open up the box to insert batteries to make it function and that’s it, you switch it on and it turns itself off. I get it, I pay for weird stuff I find online but I thought it would make a funny office toy. Honestly I’m having fun with it, it’s not exactly that useless.

Hope you enjoyed this short post and have a great day.



The Time I Got Catfished – He Came to See Me

In the midst of this person insanity, he actually came to see me .. or so he pretend to be and here’s how it happened. If you need a little of a backstory of my catfishing story, be sure to check out first, second, third and fourth part.

It was the weekend morning and I was checking my phone for new messages from this totally sane person. He started off with quite a cheerful mood in his messages which was weird to be honest and all the sudden he sends “Guess where I am ?” I was confused because it came out of the blue so I answered “Where ?” He said “Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque” (In case you didn’t know, it’s the main mosque in my country. Quite known and also a tourist attraction)  So obviously I freaked out saying OMG HE’S HERE!!


I should’ve really question that part because Grand Mosque is like a main tourist attraction so he could’ve googled it easily but alas younger me didn’t get slapped enough by friends – what friends ? Anyway I was trying to calm myself because I got excited and he told me last night after I slept, he took a plane from UK to Oman – how sweet .. ‘A’ class boyfriend. He asked me to suggest a decent hotel for him to stay in and I thought of a 5 star hotel since he’s clearly royal and all so I said Holiday Inn or Intercontinental Hotel, can you guess what he replied ? “Oh they seem expensive” No joke your royal highness.


Anyway he said he’ll settle in Holiday Inn hotel and asked me if I knew a car renting place because he wants to drive around in Oman .. with me. I gave him the number of a place nearby my house that I knew and he said he chose a Mercedes, I mean of course it’s practically a Ferrari or a Bugatti for him but being in a five star hotel is too expensive for him. We decided to meet in the afternoon and he wants to drive me around, we’ll finally go on a first ever date and I’ll finally see this dude face to face … I was wrong obviously.

By noon he sent to me “My father found out I left my apartment in UK and came to Oman, he got furious” I knew it “He sent men from the embassy to pick me up from the hotel and they literally held me like a criminal in cuffs” Oh the drama, the scandal “I’m right now in the embassy and I’ll be sent back to UK in an hour .. I was looking forward in meeting you, I even told the guy working in the hotel to clean the Mercedes so we can properly go on a date”


Of course he’ll do this whole lie, what was I expecting ? I don’t even think he was in Oman in the first place, these places can be easily searched online but wow how I did get my hopes so high that it hurt so bad like I’ve fallen face first from that height.


The Time I Got Catfished – The Ex Showed Up

You thought my catfishing story was done ? Nope there are more stories I want to tell. If you never came across my catfishing story be sure to check out the first, second and third part to have a little of a backstory of how insane this person really is. The stories doesn’t have an order, I write them as I remember.

So it was a normal day as I’m wasting my time with this person who constantly want to talk to me and doesn’t want me go for some reason. This guy showed me that he can create random user names and start talking to me easily, he called it hacking but I honestly think it was a mod in the app since it was popular back then. One day I got a message from a person not in my friends list and it was a girl name, then things started getting weird.


So this new person was being all friendly, trying to get to know me and all. Then all the sudden this person revealed to be X Guy ex girlfriend whom he told me before he was so in love with her but she was forced to get married and leave him for family differences – I should’ve expected a Romeo and Juliet story from his side.


Now get ready to hear her side of the story – ahem – “I was so in love with X and we were building big dreams to live together and get married, escape from tradition chains and be ourselves in a world that doesn’t want us to be together” Sure why not, I mean he’s from a royal family, am I right ? then she continued “I cried so much when I was forced to get married and my tears were too much that I suffered from dehydration”


That’s when I died laughing because I’m pretty sure crying doesn’t cause dehydration, I mean it can give you a headache but dehydration ? Seriously ? I think he forgot to google this before typing. Anyway I continued reading this poor girl story “I was admitted to the hospital so many times because of dehydration, always hooked on IV fluids. I turned pale and skinny because I stopped eating, my husband treats me badly and I’ve been miserable ever since” And of course me being such a cold heartless bitch was like “And what do you want from me ?” She said “I want him back, I miss him”

Of course I knew this was one of his tricks as he’s using his ‘hack’ of generating random usernames to talk to me and try to make me jealous, I had to play along because this was getting epic to be honest. I made myself like I’m upset that she contacted me and blocked her like I’m a good girlfriend. Ironically he somehow seemed more relaxed like he knew about this encounter, it became too obvious that he was doing all these dramatic stories day by day.


I enjoyed it because it would be easier to expose him later when things start clashing. Hope you enjoyed this part of my crazy catfishing story, I’ll post more in the upcoming days.


The Time I Got Catfished – Survived a Bullet Through The Head

Welcome back to my series of unfortunate events featuring the one and only my online ex boyfriend. If this is your first time reading this, I suggest checking out the first and second part to get a little bit of a back story of how I got catfished by this crazy person.

As usual it started with a simple argument and me deciding not to talk this X guy, so he all the sudden decided to move out from his apartment because … add a little drama ? Anyway, as he leaves this apartment – he has to describe word by word what he’s doing and I mean even the part ‘dramatically turning to see his friend named Jessica saying “No … don’t go” wait wait who’s Jessica ?


This Jessica is a fellow colleague from his university and she’s blonde with blue eyes – I mean yeah of course that’s how British people supposed to look, right ? This Jessica character was created to stir some jealousy whenever I go against him, too bad it never worked.  It was at night and the wind was slowly blowing the hero’s hair, Jessica stood in front of him and said “No, don’t go” she paused and then continued “Why are you doing this ?” He stepped forward, leaving the door of the apartment behind and stood shoulder to shoulder next to the blonde-haired teary eyes girl without a single word. She turned to face him and grabbed him while sinking her lips against his but he pulled back … And walked away.


That’s exactly how he described the encounter by the way, let your imagination flow because this legit happened in his mind. So he continued messaging me of course still describing the situation and somehow he said “I kicked a car, I hope it’s not a black guy’s car” apart from being racist about this – surprise, he stopped talking to me for about 5 hours. What happened you ask ?

I got a message from the lovely Jessica saying, the car was owned by gang leader and they found him, shot him in the head and he’s in the hospital now. This was getting ridiculous and I was skeptical – finally Rei your mind started working, praise the lord. I asked her to send me a picture of him in the hospital and this Jessica kept making up excuses that he’s in the surgery room at the moment, and she’s outside waiting and crying because she’s the friendzoned girl who is jealous of me, his girlfriend whom he never seen or met. During this conversation she sent me a picture of the room he’s supposedly in and it just showed doctors’ back, later on I found this picture on google.


Few hours passed by and this Jessica was still messaging me telling me what’s going on and apparently he survived, wow shocking. By this point I understood his facades and decided to play along to see where his stories would end. Then later he was messaging me normally like nothing really happened and life goes on.

The Time I Got Catfished – He Had Amnesia for 3 Hours

So I posted a couple of days ago about how I got catfished and I’ve been getting requests to post more about this. So here’s one the stories he made up after I decided to stop talking to him that day.

I remember it was during first days of Ramadhan and some issue happened and it escalated to the point when he said he would swallow rat poison or drink bleach and of course I thought he was joking about this. Hours passed by and he didn’t really reply and I was genuinely concerned about this person, you don’t threat to kill yourself as a joke it’s not funny at all. I honestly started crying, what if this person actually killed himself. I have a habit in blaming myself for everything happens a lot, I know I shouldn’t but I always do that. So I was beating myself about this and crying till I got a message from this person and apparently it wasn’t him messaging me, it was his uncle. At that point I would believe anything from him since I was oh-so in love with this guy.

So the message says he was found in his apartment unconscious because the idiot swallowed rat poison. This uncle wasn’t the only person who messages me EXCLUSIVELY to tell me that, there was a girl I knew from the app who said that he drank bleach so I don’t know. I was hysterical by that time, I was thanking god this person was okay – ah I need to slap myself more often. Anyway later this uncle took X guy to the hospital and because it’s completely normal to give a person who almost killed himself the phone to message me – totally normal. He started messaging me in a sense that he totally forgot who I am and he had amnesia (wow Rei you actually continued believing this person ? Ummm … yes…) He was typing differently to show that he had amnesia and still continued messaging me like it’s his first time talking to me.

And it gets better, so this uncle casually left this person who has amnesia in the apartment alone – that was pretty much a warning sign that this person was lying and wow I was still believing this whole lie. I actually continued talking to my online boyfriend who had amnesia for 3 hours as he’s trying to remember anything from his life till he all the sudden remembered everything and then everything was okay.


So here’re some signs younger me should’ve seen but god bless that naive mind of mine.

  • The supposedly uncle messages me of all people to tell me this
  • The uncle giving the phone to a person who almost killed himself
  • The uncle leaving this suicidal person alone in the apartment he tried killing himself in
  • Cured from amnesia all the sudden after 3 hours from talking to a person he never met in real life .. like ever

Again, this is one of the many stories that he made up throughout the whole time me and him were having this online relationship.