Arab Girl Problems

I posted before a guide of a stereotype Arab husband which was for fun and giggles, didn’t really mean it in a serious way because obviously not all Arab men are like that. I thought of posting about problems and struggles us Arab ladies go through in our daily basis but I would like emphasize that it’s just for laughs before some Muslim sjw starts attacking.


  • Finding a hijab that matches your clothes. You can have over 20 hijabs in different colors and styles but somehow getting one that fits your current outfit is nearly impossible so you gotta change your whole outfit just for that.
  • Taking a selfie while you avoid showing your face. Most Khaliji ladies (Ladies from Oman, UAE, Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain) do this, we don’t show our face just the lower part because we’ll get in trouble if someone finds our photos online.
  • Strangers you meet in Eid are somehow related to you. Your family is huge and you have no idea how big it is till Eid rolls and you meet those strangers.
  • Have over 100 selfies and no one to show. Like any girl we take a lot of selfies but we can’t really post them online unless we block certain relatives.
  • Get a new haircut or dye our hair and no one to show. We wear hijab when we go out so we can’t really flaunt and flip our new amazing hair in public.
  • Parents keep repeating that you can travel with your husband. Whenever you ask your parents for something, the first excuse they come up is “you can do that with your husband” and that builds an image in our head that a husband is a genie that will do every wish we want. Nope.
  • Blocking male relatives on social media. It’s easy for them to find anything wrong with you online and just start a rumor about you.
  • Family members keep hinting of new potential grooms. The annoying part is constantly hearing about potential suitors coming because they heard about you from a relative and didn’t exactly see or met you.
  • Going on a date requires a lot of planning. Now this might freak out few extremists but yeah we go on dates and it requires a long time of planning of the time and place because you’ll need to avoid any place you know a relative might show up and see you.
  • You can’t have male friends. It’s easier not to talk about them before parents start annoying you about this, or just say colleagues.
  • Parents keep comparing you with other daughters. “Your cousin can do this and that while you just stay home laying down” Even if you do well in your life, your parents will forever compare you to others like you are a bad daughter.
  • People assume you are related to a certain person just because you have the same last name. We are not related now move on with your life.
  • If you reach 25, your marriage chances are slimming down. I have no idea how to explain this logic but social standards made us start freaking out when we reach 25 and we are still single because for some reason when you get older from there, you might end up single forever.
  • Something bad happens, blame it on evil eye. This one I find hilarious, whenever something bad happens it means someone didn’t say mashalla and we got hit with the evil eye.
  • Juice bars are only for taking pictures for snapchat. We go to juice bars to take pictures of our amazing nails with the drink, pretty much that’s it.
  • Freak out when you see another girl wearing same bag or hijab as you. I mean honestly any girl would freak out if she sees someone wearing same clothing as her.

I hope these points made you laugh, I don’t want to make it sound like we are oppressed or something since mainstream media likes to show how bad Muslims are. If I missed out any point let me know in the comments and let’s share the laughs.