Arab Girl Problems

I posted before a guide of a stereotype Arab husband which was for fun and giggles, didn’t really mean it in a serious way because obviously not all Arab men are like that. I thought of posting about problems and struggles us Arab ladies go through in our daily basis but I would like emphasize that it’s just for laughs before some Muslim sjw starts attacking.


  • Finding a hijab that matches your clothes. You can have over 20 hijabs in different colors and styles but somehow getting one that fits your current outfit is nearly impossible so you gotta change your whole outfit just for that.
  • Taking a selfie while you avoid showing your face. Most Khaliji ladies (Ladies from Oman, UAE, Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain) do this, we don’t show our face just the lower part because we’ll get in trouble if someone finds our photos online.
  • Strangers you meet in Eid are somehow related to you. Your family is huge and you have no idea how big it is till Eid rolls and you meet those strangers.
  • Have over 100 selfies and no one to show. Like any girl we take a lot of selfies but we can’t really post them online unless we block certain relatives.
  • Get a new haircut or dye our hair and no one to show. We wear hijab when we go out so we can’t really flaunt and flip our new amazing hair in public.
  • Parents keep repeating that you can travel with your husband. Whenever you ask your parents for something, the first excuse they come up is “you can do that with your husband” and that builds an image in our head that a husband is a genie that will do every wish we want. Nope.
  • Blocking male relatives on social media. It’s easy for them to find anything wrong with you online and just start a rumor about you.
  • Family members keep hinting of new potential grooms. The annoying part is constantly hearing about potential suitors coming because they heard about you from a relative and didn’t exactly see or met you.
  • Going on a date requires a lot of planning. Now this might freak out few extremists but yeah we go on dates and it requires a long time of planning of the time and place because you’ll need to avoid any place you know a relative might show up and see you.
  • You can’t have male friends. It’s easier not to talk about them before parents start annoying you about this, or just say colleagues.
  • Parents keep comparing you with other daughters. “Your cousin can do this and that while you just stay home laying down” Even if you do well in your life, your parents will forever compare you to others like you are a bad daughter.
  • People assume you are related to a certain person just because you have the same last name. We are not related now move on with your life.
  • If you reach 25, your marriage chances are slimming down. I have no idea how to explain this logic but social standards made us start freaking out when we reach 25 and we are still single because for some reason when you get older from there, you might end up single forever.
  • Something bad happens, blame it on evil eye. This one I find hilarious, whenever something bad happens it means someone didn’t say mashalla and we got hit with the evil eye.
  • Juice bars are only for taking pictures for snapchat. We go to juice bars to take pictures of our amazing nails with the drink, pretty much that’s it.
  • Freak out when you see another girl wearing same bag or hijab as you. I mean honestly any girl would freak out if she sees someone wearing same clothing as her.

I hope these points made you laugh, I don’t want to make it sound like we are oppressed or something since mainstream media likes to show how bad Muslims are. If I missed out any point let me know in the comments and let’s share the laughs.



Truths About Having Unnatural Hair Color


I’ve dyed my hair unnatural hair colors way too many times, I tried turquoise, blue, purple, orange and pink. Recently I did a dark blue ombre and I thought of writing this post to whoever thinking to dye their hair unnatural hair colors.

  • People will stare at you. You have an unnatural hair color so obviously people will stare at you like you are some sort of alien, if you don’t mind the staring and of course judgmental people go for it.
  • No more white bed sheets and towels. Stains, stains everywhere and you can’t really do something about it because that’s how these dyes work. Try getting darker colored towels and avoid white bed sheets because the color will stain your pillow case when you sleep.
  • Monthly touch ups. These hair dyes are usually semi-permanent so after few washes the color usually fade out, if you are planning to keep the color you’ll need to go to a salon every few weeks and that means you’ll need to pay every time. If you are confident of doing it by yourself, there’re plenty of YouTube tutorials to check out.
  • It’s okay to dye your hair without bleach. One of the things that makes us hate the hair coloring process is hair damage, bleach damages the hair it’s a universal fact. It’s okay to dye your hair without bleach but it won’t be as vibrant as a bleached hair would look.

These are the points I can currently think of from my experience in dying my hair unnatural hair colors, hope you enjoyed this post.


October Blogging Challenge – Week 4


Day 22. Hairstyle of The Day

My hair is usually on two states, either loose untied or a messy bun. Since I can’t really show my hair, I chose an image that looks almost similar to my current hair color and how I do the messy bun


Day 23. Recent Purchases

Oh boy my favorite topic, I recently ordered online few items from Dresslink which I’m going to include in a haul post some time soon. Also I wanted to try an Android TV Box which I ordered from LightInTheBox.


Will post my review about it once it gets delivered.

Day 24. Favorite Quote

This was stressful to think of because I have so many but after meditating for hours and then getting drunk with Mountain Dew I chose two, one from Bioshock Infinite


and one from Fran Bow


Day 25. Dream Job

I feel like this question was repeated way too many times when we were in school, I honestly still don’t know how to answer it and I’m afraid if I do, it’ll be easier to pass the security questions from my emails.

When I was younger I’ve wanted to be a science teacher because I really loved that subject … back then … when life was easier. Later as the years passed and I’ve come to realize that science isn’t that easy anymore, I wanted to work on computers and be a programmer (which is my job at the moment) but I wouldn’t say it’s my dream job.

If it was possible, I’d say play games for a living or take care of cats.

Day 26. Ways to Win Your Heart


I’m being serious here. I love when people ask me out to hangout and that involves food .. obviously they are paying not me.

Also I would say music, I love sharing playlists with others, it’s easier for me to describe my feelings through music since I’m really bad with words.

Day 27. Bedtime Outfit

Day 28. Manicure of The Day

I’m a mother, it’s impossible to do that at the moment.


LightInTheBox Haul

Choker necklaces are becoming a trend recently and I just had to jump on the bandwagon not because I want to stay relevant and pretend I’m cool .. Yeah, that mostly. Anyway I wanted also to share my thoughts about a website similar to Dresslink which I posted few hauls in the past of it, so this website is called LightInTheBox and here’s my first impression of it.

The website basically has EVERYTHING you can think of from clothes to house ware even electronics and their prices are cheap just like Dresslink and CNDirect so I had to test out the quality of the items. I didn’t choose clothes this time since I order them online way too much so I chose these three chokers.

ltlnxn1465198816817Necklace Choker Necklaces Jewelry Halloween / Party / Daily / Casual Double-layer / Fashion Alloy Black / White 1pc Gift

Price:  USD $1.99
The first choker is double layered with gem hanging on the lower part. I absolutely love it, it’s my favorite from this haul. The material is sturdy and doesn’t seem it gonna snap anytime soon.



beccdd1459750736650Necklace Choker Necklaces / Torque / Gothic Jewelry Jewelry Halloween / Wedding / Party / Daily / Casual Fashion Lace / Fabric Black 1pc

Price: USD $1.99
I’ve always been a fan of gothic fashion so this choker grabbed my attention instantly. The fabric is almost velvety and the pearl is secure in it’s spot, for this price it’s a really high quality item.



dyfwrh1467698999801Necklace Imitation Pearl Choker Necklaces / Pearl Necklace Jewelry Halloween / Daily / Casual Adjustable Pearl / Alloy / Lace Black-White

Price: USD $2.99
The last item is definitely my least favorite item and I don’t know why it’s priced higher than the previous two items. So the material of it is exactly like the cheap ribbons that can’t be straightened after it gets wrinkled from the packaging. The choker itself is long enough to hang lower as a necklace then a choker that’s why I didn’t like it as much as the other two chokers.

Shipping cost & Insurance: USD $11.72
Overall Total: USD $18.69

The processing of the order took almost a week and few days till I got an email that it got shipped, even though I chose a shipping option with tracking number (S.F Express) it kept showing ‘Not Found‘ which I can assume it’s the shipping company fault since it didn’t even work with their website so avoid that option if you want to track your order.

Overall, I like this website and I would definitely continue buying from it and maybe try out the clothes and dresses they offer.


Would You Rather Beauty Tag

I feel like doing a beauty tag because they are so much fun to post about so I found this tag of Would You Rather. If you want to do it too feel free to take the questions and put the link of your post in the comments so I can check it out.

1.Would you rather go out with messy hair and nice make-up or Nice hair and no make-up?

I don’t mind a messy hair but I also don’t mind being without makeup because I’m comfortable with the way I look. I would choose, I’d rather have a messy hair and nice makeup since I wear hijab so it’s easier to hide anyway.

2.Would you rather shave your eyebrows or have your eyelashes fall out?

Oh god this is hard, I focus on both too much to be honest. I’d rather have my eyelashes fall out because I can use false lashes or even extensions.

3.Would you rather be forced to shop at only MAC or Sephora for the rest of your life?

Obviously Sephora even though I had a bad experience with their website last month.

4.Would you rather wear lipgloss/lipliner look or 80’s perm?

I was into the 80’s perm lol but I don’t see myself having that type of hair so I would rather wear a lipgloss/lipliner.

5.Would you rather leave the house with an obvious foundation line or overdone blush?

I feel stressed just thinking about these two choices because we usually joke about girls who does these. I normally don’t focus on blush so I would rather have the obvious foundation line because I can manage myself with that.

6.Would you rather wear MC Hammer pants or biker shorts in public?

I don’t know why these are a trendy thing in the first place, this is hard to choose. I’ll regret it but I rather wear hammer pants because we ladies in the middle east usually wear abaya which  hides anything we wear anyway.

7.Would you rather have a bad orange-y spray tan or really weird tan lines that can’t be covered?

I’m an Arab, I don’t even tan because my complexion is that color anyway. I would rather have a weird tan lines because being orange is horrifying to imagine.

8.Would you rather have a bad haircut or bad hair color?

I rather have a bad haircut because I can manage a way to style it.

9.Would you rather have youtube or twitter taken away forever?

I would rather have twitter taken away because watching YouTube is like my TV at the moment.

10. Would you rather give up using makeup brushes or mascara?

I would rather give up using brushes because I’m obsessed with mascaras and I can’t live without them.

Hope you enjoyed this fun tag, if you want to do it be sure to link me what you answered because I’m interested.


My Daily Makeup Routine (Sort of)

I wanted to post more of makeup related entries and I keep forgetting about it so I decided to post my usual makeup routine which I normally do whenever I go out hence the ‘sort of’ in the title because I don’t do that much makeup everyday when I’m just chilling at home. I’m not exactly a makeup professional artist, I just do it my way.

So I start of with contact lenses, I wear them sometimes not always.


These are my current favorite lenses, Desio the two shades of grey in Darker. They are quite comfortable and I love the color, I mostly go for grey.


Next I use the primer, here I’m using the NYX photo-loving primer. Then apply the foundation and use a sponge blender to spread it on my face and then use a brush to apply the concealer and then pat on it with a sponge as well.


After that I use the eyeliner on my upper lid and a bit till the half of my lower lid, I usually fill out the area at the end of my eye to make it seem larger. I later use a brow pen and brush, I decided to use the one I received from Glossybox.


Now for my upper lashes, I use the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara because it makes them look more fuller and bold and for my lower lashes I use Yves Saint Laurent Shocking mascara because it gives a more natural look and I don’t want to look like a creepy doll with massive lashes.


For contouring I use the Kat Von D Shade + Light palette in sombre because I have a defined face so I don’t heavily contour. As for highlighting, I always go for the Balm Mary-lou manizer, I absolutely love it.


For my lips, I tried the lipstick I also got from Glossybox which is Korres Twist Lipstick in Allure. It’s too red for me to be honest so I even it out with a tissue and then applied a Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Volupte in 20 Nude Carat.


img_4639_fotorFinally I use a makeup setting spray and that’s pretty much it. these are the products I used yesterday when I went out and I wanted to test out the products I got from Glossybox.

This might be the first and probably last time I’ll post a selfie unless I feel confident enough to do more of these.

Hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading.


Favorite Makeup Products

I’ve been inspired by a blog post by The Chic Community of makeup must haves, and I decided to list out makeup products that I can’t live without. Think of it as my ultimate favorites until something wows me as these did.

To start out, here my favorite foundation and primer.


Bourjois – Air Mat (05 Golden Beige)
This is my new favorite foundation, I love how it leaves my face totally flawless with an airbrush effect. I wish the tube was a bit larger but either way it was worth it.

Maybelline – Fit (130 Buff Beige)
This foundation has been forever with me, I’ve been using is ever since I started wearing makeup and I used to hate makeup because it was like rocket science to me back then.

NYX – Photo-Loving Primer (Clear)
I was reluctant between this one and Smashbox primer, I like both honestly.

Next, my favorite mascaras


Maybelline – The Colossal Go Extreme
Between all Maybelline mascaras this one is definitely my favorite, it makes my lashes appear fuller and has more volume.

Yves Saint Laurent – Shocking
This mascara was a gift from my husband before we got married and I’ve been using it when I go to work. It gives my lashes a natural look but also bold.

Too Faced – Better Than Sex
I know this mascara is considered overrated but I honestly love it the most from all of my mascaras. It makes my lashes appear long and voluminous like a false lash effect.

Moving on to my favorite eyeliners


the Balm – Shwing
This eyeliner was my favorite for quite sometime till it got the second place after Kat Von D tattoo liner. I love the precision of it even with my shaky hands, might take a while to dry though.

Kat Von D – Tattoo Liner
I can’t live without this eyeliner, I absolutely love it. It made my life so much easier and because of it I finally mastered the winged liner. It dries super fast so I always use it if I’m in a hurry.


And finally my favorite lipsticks


Maybelline – Vivd Matte Liquid (Nude Thrill)
I posted about this lipstick in a haul before and I’ve been loving it ever since. I love the color because I usually wear a similar shade for my everyday look, the only downside of it is that it takes a while to dry to get the matte effect.

Inglot – 125
I bought this when I was in Malaysia because I normally don’t go for such bold shades since it seemed like it’s too flashy right in your face type of color but it fitted me pretty well and I’ve been using it for special occasions from time to time.

Anastasia – Liquid Lipstick (Kathryn)
My cousin challenged me to get this shade because like I said before I’m too shy to try bold colors. I was too shy to go out with it at first but it got easier later as I’ve built my confidence to go out with it, love the matte effect obviously and this is definitely my favorite shade.