The Time I Cancelled THAT Shipping Company

I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile now as I’ve been in a roller coaster of unfortunate events with this specific company which I’m not going to name. If you follow me on twitter, you’ll know instantly which company I’m referring to.


Let’s start from the beginning, I’ve been using this company for about 2 years now. I pay extra for their “services” when they ship my items that I bought online and I go to their office to receive those items when they arrive to my country. Sometimes their shipping payment is more than the actual item I bought, basically I’ve been paying way too much to this company for way too long.


Anyway I’ve been getting fed up lately since my packages has been coming a week late, sometimes even more and they don’t really provide a logical explanation to the customer at least informing us what’s going on. Fast forward to last month, I’ve got a notified that my package arrived to their office on 17th of May. On their website nothing was up on my account as if that package never arrived so I assumed the shipping address was mislabeled or something so I sent an email to THIS shipping company to check this issue. I described the package shape, what’s written on it, what’s inside it so they would know that’s mine.



I was like Ok, let’s try calling … No.One.Replied.

In fact the phones were off for days, I kept calling in morning and then evenings. No one answered…

I could’ve went to their office but it’s quite far from my location and their Ramadhan timing isn’t convenient for me and my current condition. I decided to contact their official Twitter handle and tell them about my package issue plus the poor customer service. They replied and said they’ll handle it don’t worry and give us 2 -3 days to add that package to your account so I could finally receive it. Guess what …



When finally someone replied to me when I called, I mentioned that my packages arrived last week and I need them to be delivered to my house since I’m pregnant it’s hard for me to come to the office. The guy wrote down my address and said they’ll be delivered today or tomorrow, then I mentioned about my package that hasn’t been added to my account for about two weeks now and I didn’t get any reply on email or call about it. The guy replied …. That’s another service which I’m not specialized in … wow wow wow


And then the next day, I finally got a reply for my emails that I spammed them everyday. While replying back and forth to the employee, I’ve honestly sent the tracking number almost three times to this person while he keeps asking me to send him the tracking number again. I don’t know if he’s just slow or I’m just super aggressive because I’m pregnant but that agitated me even more, and of course he stopped replying to me.

Meanwhile my packages that I mentioned earlier that was supposed to be delivered to my house got a status update that they are on the way. Six hours later, I see a status update “Customer not available, delivery rescheduled


I didn’t get any call and I was waiting the whole time for this delivery.


As usual I call for the next two days and I get no reply.

No update regarding my lost package and no one delivered my packages.

On the third day, I finally get a reply and I was livid and I wanted to lash on the employee who replied to me but I can’t put a blame on her when it’s a whole team who’s supposed to be working on this. So I told her everything and she was very sympathetic with me, in fact she was angry of how I got treated and how poor customer service has been. She pulled out the names of the people who updated my packages status that day when it was supposed to be delivered, she instantly took my packages to be delivered that day and she told the team to reply to my emails. Two hours later, my packages arrived to my house finally.


A day later, the lost package finally got added to my account. I’m very thankful for this lady who helped me, I really hope this company fixes this broken customer service team at least because these three weeks was very stressful for me to handle. Obviously I’m canceling this shipping company and I would never want to use them ever again, I rather pay extra for shipping with a different company than using them again.



Baby Stuff I Won’t Be Getting


On my first pregnancy, I was clueless and I was reading from books what items I would need when the baby arrive. I had plenty of stuff I never really used or even opened, I gave them as gifts for new moms maybe they’ll have use of them. I think the main difference between first and second pregnancy, is that you already know what’s going to happen each week as you read from those cute phone apps that tells you size of the baby and what organs has developed that week. Since you already got a toddler now, you don’t have that much time as before to read those things again but at least now you know your mistakes from the first pregnancy. Here’s a list of items, I won’t be buying this time.

  • Pacifiers
    I never really used them and I didn’t find the need of using them, my son was a quiet child and it was easy to calm him down.
  • Infant Car Seat
    Do you know the amount of time you need to make a child get used to a car seat? I remember how much my son was crying when I tried to get him in the car seat because I wanted to try going out with him on my own. I realized that day that it’s nearly impossible to do that, I rather sit in the back holding him while letting someone drive me which I’m also planning to do with my second child. Also babies grow fast so having an infant car seat would be a waste of money when the baby outgrows the seat itself then you’ll have to buy the bigger one which I’m currently using with my son since he was one year old.
  • Electronic Breast Pump
    I bought an electronic breast pump because I thought it’ll make the job easier but I was wrong, manual ones were the most useful for me. They are more portable and you can pump at your own pace instead of waiting for automated pumping with the electrical one.
  • Blanket Swaddle
    The difference between blanket swaddles and muslin swaddles is that blanket ones have flaps that makes it easier for you to know how to wrap your baby and you just stick it from point A to point B easily. For me I didn’t find them useful as my son found it easier to free his arms since it’s not secured that much and by night he would move his hands from the blanket and wakes up fast startled. That’s why I prefer muslin swaddles, I can wrap my child the way I’m more used to.
  • Changing Table
    I know they look so cute having them in the nursery but they take up pretty large space while having a crib, a closet and maybe a rocking chair. Eventually you’ll find yourself changing the diapers on the floor, it’s actually more safe so you can be sure your baby won’t roll in some way and fall.


My Mom Hacks (Fails)


No matter how much books you read about parenting, or even listening to other mothers advises … You’ll still go through few fails that I consider achievements, I mean at least I tried. I originally saw Geek Mama’s blog post which I really enjoyed and I’ve been thinking to post my own mom fails/achievements.

  • Sleeping – I think any mother would beg for a 6 hour sleep time with no interruptions so we try to make our children learn to sleep on their own. I did that … But for some reason he started waking up randomly at night and won’t sleep unless it’s with me and my husband. I tried giving him his favorite toys to lay down and sleep with him if that makes sense, it worked for about a week then he went back to his old habit. Recently, I’ve put a mattress on the floor with a pillow and a blanket. To my surprise, he tucks himself in that blanket and tells me “Mom, close the lights” and HE  SLEEPS. I’m not sure if he hates his crib that much or just want more of an open bed with no bars to hold him but he’s been sleeping well lately and that what matters to me I guess.
  • Potty Training – I hate it .. I REALLY HATE IT. Again I’m going to refer to Geek Mom’s post because it was hilarious, but let me talk about my experience. My son is confused why all the sudden I’m trying to get him to the toilet, he just gives me that confused look asking “What is this” “What am I supposed to do here” “You made me stop watching Minions for this ?” We stay in the bathroom for almost half an hour, singing all the nursery rhymes he memorizes and then read books. I sometimes get his toys to make him stay longer but nothing happens and he would look in the toilet bowl to see his invisible achievement. I would let him stay without a diaper so we would try again later, 5 minutes after that he pees his pants. It’s frustrating and it takes a long time to do but I can say there’s progress for sure, can’t wait for this to be done hopefully before giving birth.
  • TV Time – I love reading about all those researchers that advises against letting children have an extended tv watch time but at the same time I’ve seen so many parents let their kids watch tv for long time because it keeps them silent? Also I’ve seen so many parents give their children phones and pads to watch videos on YouTube to keep them calm while they finish shopping peacefully or just sit in the restaurant. I’m guilty for few of these incidents, honestly my son is obsessed with Minions so I let him watch the movie along with Despicable Me movies probably everyday. I also let him watch some videos on YouTube if we go to a restaurant and I just want him to sit and wait till the food arrives, I feel my son isn’t that loud or noisy so I don’t always use this method.
  • Broken Language – You might know that I’m Arab, so my son speaks Arabic but also English and he switches because some words in Arabic are hard for him to pronounce so he says them in English. Of course I constantly get judged by this because … I don’t think there’s a reason to justify that part, I wish I can just tell them shut up at least he knows two languages at a young age. I just think it gives a child a good base to start with bilingual background before going to school. It gets uncomfortable when my son for example says Hi or Hello to older people instead of السلام عليكم  (A’ssalam A’laykum) which is more of an appropriate greeting we have.

Okay I didn’t expect this post to be this lengthy, I guess I have plenty of fails to redeem with my second child.  signature

Life Update, Bracelets and Possible Career Change

Happy Mother’s Day

In my country we celebrate mother’s day on the 21st of March, I know some countries have different dates for this occasion. I wanted to use this day to announce something I’ve been keeping from everyone for awhile now and I thought now it’s the perfect time for that.


I’m almost in my 4th month at the moment and I can’t wait to pass the first trimester, the past weeks were really tiring and it’s been such a challenging time for me. This pregnancy is definitely more different than my previous one, it’s been more tiring and the nausea was making me hate myself. This is why I couldn’t post as much as before, I was dizzy and feeling nauseated for weeks and I kept throwing up from time to time. I’m very excited for this new chapter of my life, upgrade my name from Mom of One to Two.

During these past weeks, I also decided to return to making bracelets. I used make them and sell them on Instagram when I finished college, I made them for fun and people enjoyed that.


Recently I started making them again and it’s making me happy honestly.


My last update is regarding my job, since I’ve been asked on twitter about this I’ll explain it here. I’ve studied software technologies so my career route was fixed in the IT field, and  I understand it’s an on-going developed field and something new happens all the time but working in my position for almost 3 years it doesn’t add to my knowledge anything new basically. My job is considered a routine drived one, 8 am to 2:30 pm and go home. I love learning new things, experiencing something out of my comfort zone like what I did few months ago when I produced a show on the radio.

I’ve been offered two jobs in two separate departments in the same firm and I have seriously considered changing my career route completely. I’ve submitted my cv for one of the jobs and now waiting for a reply, I always search for ways to develop myself career-wise and achieve more skills. Because of my pregnancy though, I don’t want to push and try for that job more till I give birth and then I’ll be in my full-focus mode. We’ll see how that goes and hopefully it goes for the best, my sanity needs that honestly.


My 2017 in One Post

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah nothing happened.
Alright I’m rolling with this intro … 

2017 is wrapping up and I feel this year has passed by pretty fast. To sum it up, for me it was a year of self-discovery. I’ve had massive personality changes throughout this year as well, I guess it’s also called growing up.

Here’s a lesson I learned about marriage. First year it’ll be all lovey-dovey, romantic words and all the cheesy love you can possibly handle. Second year, it’ll be full of arguments and tears. Basically on the verge of splitting up because you’ve finally seen each other’s good and bad habits, this is where patience come in place. By the third year, this storm should’ve passed and now you know your spouse pretty well, his/her likes and dislikes and the habits.


I’ve got into makeup more which is something completely surprising to people who knew me since I’ve always hated it.


Aside from makeup, I’ve revived my old steam account and I got into gaming again. It feels so good to get back, I’ve been playing older games for quite some time.


I’ll post more gaming content, that’s for sure. I was thinking to post about a free game I tried every month, should be fun to try different games that are not normally within my usual choice range. My greatest achievement in 2017 was creating a radio show and airing it for three months now. It was definitely a huge step for me out of my comfort zone, I feel very proud that I did it.

Speaking of change, I decided to go back to my original hair color which is dark brown -almost black, it’s been nearly 3 years since I’ve seen my real hair color as I stayed blonde during these years. I also removed some of my piercings and kept my ears looking more simple and less … gothic ? I feel like I’m ready to change myself and return back to the roots when life was less hectic.

change is good

Happy new year everyone ❤


4 New-Mom Problems


I recently had a short conversation with my friend Yuna whom inspired me to write this post. My son is almost two years old and I think I’ve grasped the whole new mom lifestyle and I thought of listing problems I personally faced during those two years.

  • Buy everything you may or may not need

The whole motherhood concept is a bit overwhelming from the pregnancy phase and for that obviously I was completely clueless on what I may need when the baby is here so I bought plenty of things that I didn’t really need. If I had a second child, at least I would learn from this mistake.

  • Possessive Love

Most of the new moms I talked to, admits this problem specifically. We get super possessive with our children and I would say selfish as well. This child is mine not anyone else and only mine, I don’t want to leave my child with someone for more than 2 hours.

  • Aggressive to nosy advice givers

Parental advises are the sworn enemy to any new parent, there’s a limit where you can handle those advises but it gets irritating when those nosy advice givers don’t really stop forcing it in your face.

  • Over-protective

When your child gets sick or hurt, you always wish it’s your pain to handle not your child. Obviously you’ll be over-protective from anything that could harm him, sometimes even from socializing with other kids because you’ll be afraid they might push or hit him/her.

These are mostly the problems I faced and other moms talked about, I guess I could say you learn as you grasp motherhood everyday and it gets better.


Parental Guilt


I recently came across an interesting post by 16-bit Dad about this topic and I honestly can relate to that post, I highly recommend checking his blog. I do feel guilty from time to time mostly because I don’t sit with my son as much as I’m supposed to.

There are times when I get frustrated when he refuses to eat even though I know he’s hungry, the solution was honestly too simple which is let him try to hold the spoon or fork on his own and encourage him. I feel guilty for all the times I was frustrated because of that and didn’t understand that he just wanted to depend on himself, I’m taking my time realizing that children grow up fast specially in that age.

I recently noticed that I stopped going out with friends and have fun, even going to a beauty salon to pamper myself and have my me time. I guess it stems from the guilt that I should be sitting with my son more during weekends since I’m not away at work. I’m always thankful that my husband helps, I always find myself appreciating him more whenever I hear others complain about their spouses.

I know this is a messy unorganized post, what I wanted to say is … Parental guilt is a common issue we all go through since we want to be the best parent for our children and not let them down, and in some cases call ourselves a bad mom or a bad dad. Also appreciate what you have in your life, it’s not always greener on the other side.

What makes it all worth it, the moment I open the door when I’m back from work. My son would run to me and hug me while saying “I love you mommy”