I Bought a Useless Box …

If you are confused from the title, let me explain. There’s this item I’ve been wanting for a while and it’s called a Useless Box, I remember seeing it on twitter and I instantly said I want it.

I don’t know why I wanted it, I just thought “I need this in my life” so obviously I went to LightInTheBox and found it for about $8.90 and here how it looks ..


It’s well-made and I was honestly surprised from the quality of it, it’s made out of sturdy wood. So you open up the box to insert batteries to make it function and that’s it, you switch it on and it turns itself off. I get it, I pay for weird stuff I find online but I thought it would make a funny office toy. Honestly I’m having fun with it, it’s not exactly that useless.

Hope you enjoyed this short post and have a great day.


Fictional Character Crush: The Spiky Haired Blonde

We all had a crush on a fictional character at some point of our lives, don’t try to deny that. I know I had plenty … ahem still do. So I thought of starting this series after I posted about games I recommend trying for November, of all the character I had a crush on and believe me I had many.

Cloud Strife


Everyone who knew me back in school days, would know how obsessed I was with Cloud. I was married to him in my mind and I had his pictures all over my room, my notebooks and anywhere you can think of. To be honest, I was obsessed with any guy who had a mysterious aura around him, barely talks and gives that sad melancholy look. I would literally be fangirlling all over them.


My obsession with him increased after I watched Advent Children movies and screenshot most of his scenes basically, I don’t know how many times I repeated that movie. I think I’m over this crush but it sort of popped back when I found out about the remake release so I’m all excited again.


I would love to know who’s your fictional character crush, be sure to comment below. Thank you so much for reading and have a nice day.

The Time I Used a Videogame Reference For a Homework

It’s been awhile since I posted a story from my school days so I remembered this incident when I was in the 12th grade. So as you know I love videogames and back then I was into Fatal Frame series and I mean totally obsessed that I want to live that videogame even though I’m going to probably die from the atmosphere and not from a ghost.


I had a subject called English Skills which was an elective along with the normal English subject but it had more assignments and homeworks to do. The teacher asked us to write an essay about a city or a town, explaining facts about them and what makes them interesting. Of course me being all cheeky and want to think out of the box, I wrote about Minakami village (All Gods Village) from Fatal Frame 2 saying this a real cursed village and I included images from the game like these:

In my defense, some people had few points that this village is real and of course I really wanted to believe it. So here I was submitting an essay about a videogame gameplay area with CGI pictures of this place – Wow you must be trying too hard to prove you’re a gamer.


Naturally the teacher gave me a WTF look the moment she read the introduction as she finished reading, she was absolutely confused and asked me “Are you sure this is real ?” Are you doubting a gamer ? Eventually she made me rewrite this essay with an actual real city because she refused to believe that village existed but hey I tried sliding it like it was real, can’t blame me for trying.

The gist of the story, if I could turn back time to that moment I would’ve used real images of some random village and slap on them the label Minakami Village because I still believe it exists.


The Time I Cussed a Teacher to Her Face

I’ve been in different schools throughout the years, and during my time in 11th grade I was in a public school and it’s slightly more strict than private schools. By 10th grade we had electives to choose from based on what we want to study when we graduate to college and I chose Chemistry just to fill the gap of subjects to choose from, obviously it wasn’t my favorite subject but I survived.

I have to confess, I wasn’t the smartest student in this subject that I actually needed a private tutor who used to come to my house to teach me 3 times a week. Anyway we had a test and for the first time I decided to study just to prove the point that I wasn’t dumb in this subject. The day of the test came by and I was confident in my answers, I had a great feeling about this.

A week later the grades came out and I got …. 8/15 and obviously I got furious.


While I’m imagining various scenarios which are trying to justify that is socially acceptable to punch a teacher on the face, I was walking furiously to the bus since it was the last period and the teacher gave us the result by the final minutes. My two best friends caught up to me since I was walking with fumes coming out of my ears I didn’t exactly wait for them till we stopped at the parking space.

They asked me what’s wrong and why I’m melting everything in my way like this. I said “This (bleep) (bleep) teacher gave me a bad mark unfairly when I’m pretty sure my answers are correct” and that’s when things started getting in slow motion, a figure passes by next to me and stood in front of us, turned her face to me and surprise it’s my chemistry teacher and she heard me say those lovely words.


I’ve kept my derpy face for what seems forever while part of me is saying earth please swallow me, she was in shock for quite awhile. After that long awkward pause, she finally broke the silence and said “Meet me tomorrow before your first period and bring your test paper, we need to talk”

Of course this made me tense the entire time till the next morning and I actually felt so bad, I was convincing myself what happened wasn’t real and it was all in my head. The next morning I felt like I’m a zombie walking to her office and my legs were giving in as I approached the office. I wanted to get over with this issue so I stood there and I started “Umm, I wasn’t referring to you .. umm .. yesterday” She said calmly “Forget about that and give me your test paper” and I did. She changed my grade to 10/15 … why ?


The gist of the story is … mouth filter should be turned on at all times I’m outside the house.

Hope you enjoyed reading this story, I’m planning on writing more of these every once in awhile. Have you ever had a similar situation like this during school ?

Arab Husband Stereotype Guide

I’ve been married for a year and few months now and I don’t consider myself an expert but based on what I noticed and heard from other ladies, Arab men are alot more harder to deal with. I know the common saying that women are complicated but I can say it’s the complete opposite and here’s why:

  • Don’t expect anything romantic after getting married.
    So he swoon you with sweet words and stayed all night talking on the phone during the engagement phase, and you just love to brag to all of your friends that he’s so romantic and treats you like a queen. Well that’s gonna end so fast when you get married and move in together, you’ll slowly realize how a different person he is after seeing all other sides of him.
  • Giving a cold attitude is considered manly.
    For some reason Arab men think they are manly and tough when they don’t show any emotion and just be cold. I don’t understand how that equals manly to be honest.
  • Will try to control you.
    He’ll try to control you like it’s his main task in life, will try to control what you wear, how to walk, how you wear your hijab if you wear one, how you talk with other men, which outfit to wear when you go out, how you’ll cover up and who you hang out with.
  • Will share your interests only during engagement period.
    Like I mentioned in the first point, he’ll share your interests and be romantic only during engagement just to show you he’s interesting in knowing you then later totally go opposite way.
  • Going out shopping groceries is considered a date.
    My idea of a date is a romantic dinner in a fancy place where both can enjoy themselves and forget all life problems, but no if you say you want to go out he’ll take you grocery shopping if you didn’t specify what do you mean by out.
  • Watching football with him is boring but at least you are sitting together.
    Sometimes you’ll get frustrated that you two don’t sit together as before so you’ll find yourself watching football with him just for the company and take a chance of a small talk between goal replays and half time.
  • He’ll flirt with you on rare unexpected moments.
    So you gave up on hearing anything sweet now that you two are married but he’ll surprise you with few flirt lines on such odd moments that it’ll make you freeze in place questioning his sanity.
  • Doesn’t bother wearing a wedding ring.
    Us women get so happy that we are married and so we wear our wedding ring as a trophy to brag with while men will just wear it in the first months then doesn’t bother wearing it ever again.
  • Will expect you to cook.
    The forever stereotype of a wife will haunt you as he’ll expect you to cook for him because women should do that.
  • Dropping hints won’t make him understand what you mean.
    If you want to say something indirectly to him expecting him to understand your hints is a lost cause, I don’t know if he is naturally dense or acting stupid.
  • Gets super moody when hungry or sleepy.
    Beware of men period if he didn’t sleep well at night or he is hungry, he’ll go on full rude attitude the whole day.
  • Hates hearing you complain but it’s okay for him to do that.
    He can’t handle hearing you complain, sometimes he’ll just say it to your face “don’t hurt my head” but when he wants to complain, you gotta listen to him from the beginning to the end.
  • Will ask for your opinion just to allow you to say it but chooses his opinion otherwise.
    He’ll ask you what do think about something just to say “well I asked your opinion” but in the end he’ll still stay on his opinion because he’s always right.
  • You’ll remind him of things while he acts he didn’t forget.
    He hates being wrong so if you remind him of something he forgot, he’ll act like he didn’t forget but only asking you to make sure.
  • You’ll name him Love or Sweetheart on your phone while your name will be just literally your name in his phone and in some cases “the mother of (your child name)”.
    I’m not even gonna explain this, it’s depressing as it is.
  • Will comment on your appearance as a joke.
    Most of us women has insecurities regarding our looks basically our bodies, men however likes to point it out as a joke and makes you think about it more than you should.
  • When you say “I love you” he’ll reply okay.
    Probably feels too proud to actually reply to you but deep inside you know he loves you without even saying it.
  • Fighting over the blanket will become a routine.
    The epic battle of who takes most of the blanket will become a routine with a winner each night.
  • Hates talking about work so don’t ask “how was your day?”.
    He absolutely hates talking about work unless he opens up to you which happens rarely.
  • Won’t ask you to teach him something if he needs help.
    Again with the manly pride, he doesn’t need anyone’s help because he knows everything.
  • It’s okay for him to stay late but if you are still out by 10:30 he’ll turn into your parents and call you like you are on curfew.
    Because he’s a man, it’s completely fine for him to come home late but if you were late, he’ll call you like he became your parents and you’re a teenager again.

Please don’t take this too seriously, I’ve wrote it for humor mainly. I would love to know what do you think.