Postpartum Woes

So I passed the baby blues phase and then my mild depression later after giving birth, now mentally I’m feeling alot better but I still hate seeing my body in the mirror. They keep saying “Your body did an amazing job, you created a new life and it needs time to recover” I feel proud that I tried the whole experience and going through what I called the worst pain ever but I miss my old slim body. I don’t really like the sagging loose skin on my belly and it makes me feel insecure around people at times, I can’t just suck it in and take short breaths just to look slimmer. img_2808Even when I go shopping, my body seems slightly disorientated in balancing body fat in some areas, waist can be slimming down but hips are still wide so finding clothes is actually a hard task and honestly I’m still scared to try jeans.

I can say I noticed that I’ve been slimming down slowly, I reached 77kg in my pregnancy last weeks and now I’m currently 58kg so I figured I am doing something right at least so here’s what worked for me:

  • Breastfeeding: It helps because you feel slight contractions of the uterus like it’s shrinking, might not work for some ladies but it definitely did for me.
  • Moisturizing and exfoliating: I read before that this helps getting the skin in healthier state and making stretch marks disappear, this is why I became obsessed with bathbombs that has natural oils and shea butter as ingredients. It helped getting some of the loose flab more firm on my thighs as I noticed.
  • Planking: This one is by far worst exercise I tried, my sister suggested it because it tightens the belly and first time I tried it I couldn’t last for more than 6 seconds. Right now I can do at least 20 seconds thankfully.
  • Just being active: I chose to do the house chores on my own instead of depending on a maid, keeps me moving and active around the house at least.

I recently bought a postpartum belly band from amazon which is a bit expensive but I figured maybe it’s worth a try. I’ll be using it for a month and only taking it off at night before sleeping as a challenge to see if they actually work in making loose skin more firm and just return the belly shape to pre-pregnancy state, I’ll post an update about it when this month is done.

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