Eid, Son Photos and Chibi Goodness

Hey Everyone

Sorry I haven’t posted anything these few days, I’ve been busy because of eid with family visiting and foooooooooood obviously.


I’ve tried changing my hair color yet again because I’m really tired of getting the brassy orange every time I go for my usual ash blonde, and I don’t want to bleach it. This time I went for ash brown but from the Olive section so I’ll see how that goes. After I was done from the salon I went for lunch … alone and that was fun … I guess.


I never really posted a picture of my son anywhere online because I was scared of showing too much of my life, if I would put it that way. But I decided to post some photos in this entry.


Apparently he wasn’t amused of the new haircut but he was happy and smiley after leaving.


On the first day of eid, we’ve decided to make him wear the traditional Omani outfit for men and he looked really adorable.


I didn’t take any photos of what I wore like what I posted last eid sadly.


Today I’m featuring one of my favorite Etsy shops BluePotionUK. I bought these cute covers and mug for USD 82.51 and it’s totally worth it. Amazing quality and the packaging was great as well, I instantly started using the Kingdom Hearts phone cover right after I took this picture. Check out her designs, there’re many other items with chibi designs from video games and others on her page.

Hope you enjoyed this small diary entry of what I’ve been up to in the past three day, will be back in posting more.

Have a great day =D

First Day of Eid Outfit

First day of Eid is a huge deal to us ladies as it’s the perfect chance for us to show off our elegant clothes and makeup. Sending selfies on that day is also acceptable because -obviously- we look so fly we gotta show off.

So here’s what I wore yesterday

I wore Anesthesia Lenses (Miami Blue) which looked super pretty with my outfit because it wasn’t too flashy.

I declare these lenses to be my absolute favorite because they were really comfortable, I barely felt them on my eye like what I normally feel when I wear lenses. I wore them for 12 hours and they didn’t hurt my eye and I wasn’t aware of them the whole time.