What I Learned From GRIS


I know this review is long-due but I wanted to find the right words for this game, even though I’m going to use the word “Game” very loosely throughout this post. I would rather consider it as an Experience -atmospheric at most- and it’s definitely a pleasant one.

Gris is a hopeful young girl lost in her own world, dealing with a painful experience in her life. Her journey through sorrow is manifested in her dress, which grants new abilities to better navigate her faded reality.

I’m going to sum this game in a few words, it’s basically Art but playable. There’s a reason why it’s rated overwhelmingly positive on Steam. It showcases that perfect blend of art and music, the silence of an empty colorless world then dropping colors as they bleed in each screen where it matches the music and that’s mostly the premise of the game, coloring your world as you experience levels of grief.


Red: A wasteland where winds will push the soundless protagonist making here wait till it passes. I would say it could represent anger as the first level or reaction to certain traumas or grief, whatever the protagonist went through.

Green: Plants and animals -or what I can assume animals- start to show as the color green blends with the red. It felt like a refreshing breather moment like she’s in peace but also cautious from being in the woods.

Blue: It starts to rain and the protagonist starts going underwater where there will be little to none illuminated areas. I would say it’s more like sadness and drowning yourself as in underwater with no light but to go up to the surface.

Yellow: Color of light, I believe it’s like the end of your misery where you learned to accept the sadness, frustration and drowning in the darkness.


Every moment in this game made me take a screenshot, and every screenshot can be used as a wallpaper. The art of this game is simply gorgeous and it sort of reminded me of Journey but I can honestly say that I would choose this game over it. The game doesn’t offer any guides to the story which fascinated me because those colors of grief that you go through in each level is how you interpret griefing from a trauma.

This game is beautiful and it’s very atmospheric when it comes to the environment, the music compliments every animation, every color as the game seem like a simple side scroll puzzle one but in my opinion, it goes deeper than that and I would definitely consider it one of my favorite games.



Omani Talents: Nof Al Zadjali (Tami)

This month, I’m showcasing an Omani talent that I mentioned briefly before who honestly needs her own post. In my last interview, we got to know Zakiya who’s an amazing artist and a great person as well. Anyway today I’m interviewing Nof who has more achievements in her life than my Steam account and I feel proud as an Omani of how far she reached.

Nof_Landscape (2017)2

– First let’s start with introductions, tell us about yourself

Nof Alzadjali, Omani digital artist & graphic designer.

– How did you start?

I started drawing traditionally since 3rd grade but most of my artworks were random & I liked to redraw popular anime characters but never created my own. A few years later I started to create random Manga stories & original fictional characters, I was very inspired by Japanese Anime that I watched on European Channels and of course I never understood any word they say, but later I started to speak & understand the German Language because of Anime. At high school my art started to improve and I began to read more Manga & learn from the art masters online. I’ve only started digital art in 2013 which helped me improve & learn even more.

– How supportive your family and friends were?

At the start my parents were supporting my art as a hobby only. After high school I’ve decided to go to an animation or Art college. They were not very supportive at the beginning, saying that I won’t benefit much for my future but I insisted. Luckily there was only one college in all of Oman which had Graphic Design & animation courses, The Scientific College of Design. So I went for it and few years later I got into art galleries and won several prizes, so my parents started to realize how much I loved art and they supported me all the way.

– What’s your greatest achievement when it comes to your art?

Honestly, of all my participations, I have two achievements that I consider as my greatest:

  1. Finally created & self-published my own Manga (Living Dreams) in 2017. And currently working on Volume 2.
  2. Being chosen as my country’s representative in Japan to have my own Solo Art Gallery in the occasion of the opening of (Nara-Oman Friendship Association) And given the title of (Goodwill Ambassador) by the association.

– Tell us about the manga you created?

The story of (Living Dreams) was first written by me in 2008. The whole story was different, the characters were different, a lot of things changed until it was finally published. The main idea never changed throughout the process, it was about a boy who can merge into other people’s dreams and rescue lost dreamers from dark nightmares.

But before ever thinking about creating this story as a Manga, I wrote it as a novel and presented it to the cultural club in Muscat as they usually support Omani writers. Yet they have refused my story because it was fictional and not related to Oman’s culture or history. Sadly this made me give up on the story and I just left it for years.

After getting employed on my first job as an artist & designer, my friends knew about the story and supported me to create it as a Manga. It was exciting yet I knew that back then (in 2013) my art wasn’t that good and I needed to practice more.

So only in 2016 I’ve started to re-write & create the Manga with a whole different concept and better ideas. Until finally I’ve self-published it at Comicon Dubai 2017.

– Is it sold anywhere?

Sadly no, I still haven’t found a publisher, but I plan to release it again (vol.1 and 2) in one book after getting a publisher or I might just sell it online.

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So happy about the readers reviews 😢 سعادتي لا توصف لما اقرأ آراء القراء لقصتي شكرا لكم ❤ __ #Repost @laila.alsibani with @repostapp ・・・ #livingdreams _____/// 📖 \\\____ مانجا/ قصّة مصوّرة لكاتبة ورسّامة عُمانية ، تدور الأحداث عن الأحلام الغامِضة التِي تراود فراس-بطل القصّة-ومحاولاتِه فِي تفسير ما يَرى إلَى أن يُصادِف مَن قَد يجِد مخرجَا له وتفسيرَا لتِلك الكوابيْس -هادي-ليس ذلك فحَسب وإنّما يجرّه إلى مَن حبَستها الأحْلام عن عيْش واقِعها…، مِن العميْق إلى الأعمَق تحملنا الأحداث. أعجبني خيَال الكاتِبة/الرسّامة وطريقة انتقالها مِن مشهد إلَى آخر والرسم معبّر ومتقن إلى أبعد حد ماشاءالله ،كأول عمل اعتبره انجاز كبيْـــــر تحيّة @nof.zadjali ، كلّي شغف لمتابَعة الجزء الثانِي مِن القصّة ______/// 📖 \\\______ لمَسات شدّتنِي_✨😃_ _ ارتداء بعض الشخوص للدشداشة العُمانية _ استخدام الكلمات (الكرك ، البيان، سلام…الخ) التي تثبت الهويّة العربيّة هدية مع النسخة ( صائدة الأحلام)_😁_ #تصويري_كانون

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– How do you develop your art-style?

I watch a lot of videos, I read manga and follow many great artists from around the world. These days it is easy to learn and develop your skills in any field, the world is connected and everything is within reach.

– What inspires you to draw?

Seeing other artist’s work inspires me. And it is very exciting that everyday we earn a new skill, or we find a new drawing tool, software..etc. Art is also my way of expressing myself, sometimes I don’t find the right words and I just draw what I feel.

– Do you prefer using a software or a traditional pen and paper?

After getting into Digital Art, I rarely use pens and papers (unless I’m just randomly scribbling ). I prefer digital art for many reasons.

– Does your art life effect your personal or career life?

Yes, in fact I still work as an Artists & designer in an Omani company. And I plan to continue participating in art galleries and events whenever I can, to meet other artists & learn from them.

– What’s your favorite anime?

It’s a long list, on top of it Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

– Do you play videogames?

I used to, but not so much these days sadly I miss playing though. I like RPGs and adventure games.

– Are you with using art like yours to get money or you’re against it?

I prefer not to allow anyone to use my art in any way unless we agree on it initially. For example, sometimes I open Art Commissions so that people can get their own personal artwork according to their taste. And for a fair payment they get the open file of that artwork and can use it freely as they please. But as most artists we struggle to make people understand that they can’t simply copy any artwork and print it or use it or sell it. This happens A LOT and we get tired chasing them around and stopping them. I know some artists who should be millionaires by now for all the artworks that got stolen and sold without their permission.

– which artist you look up to?

My favorite Manga Artist is Yukiru Sugisaki (author of D.N.Angel Manga) I really love her art style and I have learned a lot from her. There is a long list of other inspiring artists I follow online.

– What’s your motto in life?

The world is your canvas.

– What are your future plans?

Currently working on Vol.2 of my Manga. As well as another big project that would benefit all artists/designers in Oman Insha Allah.

– Where can people find your art?

Instagram: @nof.zadjali
Twitter: @nof_zadjali

I also have a behnace profile yet it isn’t updated : Behance.net/nof_zadjali


I feel I should also mention that she participated in a show along with her husband called “Qumrah TV by Ahmed alshugairi” and it was aired on MBC 1, and here’s their submission.

I hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I did, be sure to check her links if you want to support her. I would probably buy her manga because I personally love supporting artists from my country and if I can give them a platform like this post to talk about themselves, I’ll gladly promote them.


Omani Talents: Zakiya Al Waili (Kazuna Yoshida)

I’ve been getting a lot requests to post interviews after I posted about Omani Talents that I really support so I decided to interview one of my favorite artists Zakiya Al Waili.


-First let’s start with introductions, tell us about yourself.

I am Zakiya Al Waili, 24 years old and recently married. I am a self taught artist, I graduated from Oman nursing institute, yes! I am a nurse, currently working in a government hospital.

-How did you start with your art?
When I was in kinder garden basically, but I got deeply in it when I reached 7th grade which is around 13 or 14 years old I guess.

-How supportive your family and friends were?
At the beginning  I really didn’t get that support from my friends or family. My family used to stop me from drawing by saying its “haram” (Forbidden by religion) and I am not supposed to draw what I see on TV like cartoons. My colleagues on the other hand, used my art for their art assignments at school or just picking me as a partner for any art project. With time, my family got tired from trying to stop me so they gave up, I went wild for a period of time just to show them what I can do and how far I can reach, alhamdulillah (thanks to god).

-What’s your greatest achievement when it comes to your art?
I don’t see that I have achieved something yet, even though I gave workshops and participated in exhibitions, I still want to do something grand.

-How do you develop your art-style?
I used to have these moods to draw and get inspired from what I see, what I go through but even so, my way to develop my style is trying new things everyday. I experiment new colors and try new types of art styles, and basically go out of your comfort zone and step by step, you will realize you have your own.

-What inspires you to draw?
Other artists, I feel impressed by seeing how artists grow and improve their art and I really love that.

-Do you prefer using a software or a traditional pen and paper?
It depends, I usually go for traditional style just for fun, playing like a kid to relieve pressure. I do that in a software as well, but it’s more serious.

– Does your art life effect your personal or career life?
Well, I hope it does affect my career in a better way since my career specialty and my hobby are extremely different. Whenever I’m on duty, not many care about my artworks, and if they know, they will be like: “amazing! can you draw me?“. It doesn’t have much of my personal life as a part of a family I’m still social as ever, though my new life as a wife made my responsibilities as secondary comparing to what I love.

-Clearly your art is more anime influenced so what’s your favorite anime?
I love Ghibli animations like: Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle. I have lots of favorite anime series such as Himouto Umaru chan, Sword Art Online, Blend S and a lot more.

-Are you with using art like yours to get money or against it?
To be honest I used to do that, I used to work as an artist to get money in college days, but I stopped all kinds of trading later on. I still do it but very rarely, and with less amount for commission, I don’t aim for money. I want everyone to use my art in a proper way, and my advice to all artists who do art business, please be careful not to ruin your imagination like I did, enjoy exploding it all on your paper or tablet but don’t let anyone force you to do what they want just for the sake of needing money.

-Which artist you look up to?
There are several of artists I look up to, I don’t consider myself to be that good so I follow millions of them. I love to get inspired by their art and to try their style once or twice as practice. I look up to whoever of an artist they are, whether it’s a famous artist, international animator, Omani artist or even kids in school.

-Your motto in life?
No pain, no gain.

-What are your future plans?
Short term future goals is to participate in a convention in Oman by end of this year, and probably GCC (Gulf Continent Countries) too, yeah why not.

-Where can people find your art?
Anywhere with the name @kazunayoshida, mostly Instagram :3


I hope you enjoyed this interview as it’s a first for me, I would love to know your feedback. Don’t forget to check out Zakiya’s Instagram and give her support, she’s an amazing person and fun to be around.


Omani Talents I Support

I feel bad for not giving people from my country enough credit, I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know them through social media during these couple of years and I thought of showcasing them to my readers as I feel that they need to be appreciated more.

Nof Al Zadjali

I’ve been a fan of her work for awhile and recently I had the courage to contact her, as you may know I’m quite a shy person. She drew a chibi art-style of myself during a commission period and I’ve been in love with it.


Her art-style has more of a variety not only chibi and she’s also an author of a manga named Living Dreams.

Here’s some of my favorites from her.


Mohammed Al-Attar

I’ve known him through mutual people I knew through twitter and I’ve been following his work for awhile now. Along with being a talented artist, he’s also a gamer and part of a gaming group called Press Start.

Here’s some of my favorites from him.

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The silence of growing things 🌿

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I’ll probably make this a series to showcase more of those hidden gems of talent that deserve more recognition, I might also post interviews since it’s something I’ve been thinking to do for awhile. Let me know your thoughts and comments if you are interested, thank you for reading this post.