Omani Talents: Sultan Al Sibani (Suly)

A lot of readers have been enjoying this series since I started it back in May where I feature Omani talents that I think deserves exposure and I really love supporting such talents. With that being said, today I’m featuring a videographer whom I’ve known since he was in school and I’ve been watching him grow and mature to be this talented person with a view.

f7Z_EGse– We’ll start with introductions, tell us about yourself 

I’m Suly, or Sultan Al Sibani if you wanted to know my government name. I’m 21 and currently enrolled in college as a software engineer. I like to consider myself as a visualizer for ideas. I want to be an inspiration for myself and others in the future.

– How did you get into video editing and photography?

I started photography at a very young age just for fun and nothing too serious. Over time I got fascinated by cameras and the different ways I can portray my ideas.  It was when I started college that I pursued it professionally. I didn’t enroll into any film school, instead every day I would I look up photography or videography related matters online. I asked the people around for clues and tips. Everyday I learned something new and I will continue doing so every day in the future as well.

– Did you get any support from family and friends?

My cousin was the first one to push me into videography eventually since he was in a similar situation as mine, he was going to college as well. Apart from that no one really liked the idea of photography as a career path. Many doubted me, but I held my head up high and pushed through.

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Do you have a preference in gear when it comes to photography?

At first, I started collecting every gear I could lay my eyes on, only soon to figure out that it’s not the gear that matters, but how I manifest everything I have to visualize my ideas. I currently own two cameras: Canon 70D solely for photography and GH5 for film-making.

– Apart from photography, what are your hobbies?

I’m currently involved in mixed martial arts, Muay Thai to be specific. I plan on competing in Mixed Martial Arts fights in the near future. Additionally, I like playing the guitar from time to time, thus giving a fluid flow of ideas. I’m an amateur fisherman. Finally, I like to play videogames and recently I got into competitive mode.

– Do you plan in implementing your skills in your future career?

I can say that I’ve learned a lot from this journey and continue learning. Many of the skills I acquired I can see myself using in my future career and my day to day life. I believe that over the years I’ve developed an eye for looking at things in a different perspective. I became very patient with my art which then translated to many areas of my day to day life.

– What obstacles do you face when you release a video?

The most annoying hurdle I come across when I release a video is probably the quality drop since Instagram doesn’t allow high quality videos in the platform. I plan on moving onto YouTube soon. A lot of my videos get copyrighted even though it’s right well under fair use.

– Would you consider this as a side job if it pays well?

I’m considering videography as a full-time career. I believe that I have the capacity to bring forth my ideas and help make the world a better place through my videos. I really want to do something also related to my major as well in the future.

– Do you have any future plans?

Currently, I’m planning for big shoots in the future that I’ve never done before. It will be completely different content from what I’ve produced before. I’ve already started working on some of those projects, but I will say it’ll take at least six months for the whole project to be completed.

– Where can people find your work?

Most of my work can be found on Instagram under the username: @mzesuly



Memories from Alila Jabel Akhdar


I was looking through some of the old photos on my phone and I found these pictures from a trip I had in an earlier period of my marriage. In my country, we have a lot of mountains and I think most tourists come to Oman because of that. One of the famous mountains we have is Jabal Akhdar and it literally mean Green Mountain, it’s such a beautiful place to go for hiking or camping. I thought of sharing these pictures of Jabel Akhdar and our visit to an amazing hotel there called Alila where we had lunch throughout this short one day trip.








Movies I’ve Watched Way too Many Times


When it comes to movies when you become a parent, you don’t really have that much of a choice. Most of the movies you tend to watch with your kids are mostly going to be animated and they’ll get replayed … way too many times. My son takes over the TV most of the time, sometimes we allow it and sometimes he just turn it on his own. You can’t really underestimate kids of this generation, they already know how to unlock your phone easily. Here’s a list of movies, my son forced me to watch with him way too many times to count but I have to admit that I enjoy the hidden adult humor in each one:

Chicken Little

I’m not sure why my son adores this movie but I was intrigued to see how interested he was in the music used. It has plenty of classics that would be considered too old for millennials but my son memorizes them, building his music taste a bit too early which I don’t mind.


Those yellow pill shaped creatures became the most lovable characters all the sudden from the movie Despicable Me, they look oddly cute and talk funny. My son discovered this movie from OSN channel and he’s been repeating it over 100 times, obviously took him time to say the word Minions so he used to call this movie Banana.


Despicable Me

After he got introduced to the minions in the spin-off movie, I made him watch all three parts of the original movie and again he’s been repeating it over and over. Mostly being picky about the second part since the minions are more loud and purple, I mean I enjoy that part the most as well so it’s not all bad.


I don’t want to be the stereotypical mother and say boys must like cars and girls must like dolls but my son just adores cars, in fact he memorizes the car logos and says who drives that certain car regardless of size or color. Of course he’ll be fascinated about a movie that is all about cars and screams “MOM’S CAR” every time he sees the hippy VW car.

Toy Story

I was so happy to see that he got into this movie because it’s my all time favorite Pixar movie ever since I was young, I enjoy watching it with him. It made him question his toys if they move when he’s not around and he keeps asking me about it, it’s good to feed his tiny imagination.

The Incredibles

I’m surprised he got into this movie, he wasn’t into superhero stuff until he discovered Spiderman. Probably the red in their outfits that got him interested in this movie but he really enjoys it and sometimes imitates their fighting moves … boys will be boys in the end.

Hotel Transylvania

I made him watch the short movie that came out after the second part of Hotel Transylvania which was called Puppy! and since he’s an animal lover like me, that short movie made him love puppies even more. He recently found the full movie on Netflix and he watched it, and then started calling it “Bleh bleh bleh”


Let me know which movies you’ve watched way too many to counts and what have you been enjoying lately, I’d love to introduce my son to more movies.


Games to Revisit: Pepsiman


Pepsiman is an action video game developed and published by KID for the PlayStation. It was released in Japan in March 1999, and is based on American carbonated soft drink Pepsi’s superhero mascot with the same name, and focuses the player on avoiding obstacles by running, dashing, and jumping, while Pepsiman automatically runs forward through each of the game’s stages.

The game was made with a low budget, prompting the decision to make videos in-between stages that show a man drinking Pepsi, as they were cheap to produce. The game also features 3D cutscenes, which the future visual novel writer Kotaro Uchikoshi created 3D models for. While an American publisher did look into acquiring the rights to publish the game in the United States, it ended up being a Japan-exclusive game.

If you don’t know this game, you’re either too young or you have been living under a rock. This game can be considered as the great grandfather of Temple Run and Subway Surfers, I don’t think there was a game that followed the same game-play back then.

As cheap as the cutscenes are, the game is actually fun and I remember I spent hours on it. I’m not sure if I would consider the game actually having a story but my god the theme song gets stuck in your head for hours.

The game can be finished in one hour, it’s not exactly that long. There’s nothing much to say about this game but it’s a good time killer and I had fun revisiting it.


Two Years Later…


Couple of days ago, I was organizing the categories of older posts when I started this blog back in 2016. I had the time to revisit a lane of memories of my mental health back then, what I went through as a new mom and seeing how I’ve changed from that person to now was very interesting to me. Few posts stood out to me and I thought of reliving them and outline my thoughts now after I overcame some of my hardships.

But there’s something no one really told or warned me about, motherhood is beautiful yet lonely. As much as I had people around me, my family and my dear husband … I still felt lonely and some nights it made me cry. As a new mother, I didn’t know what is this feeling I’m getting and just considered it as baby blues, eventually it’ll somehow be gone. I didn’t want to call myself a bad mother for feeling this way but I still did and got drowned in my own negative thoughts.. Slowly became an expert in depressing myself and labelled me a Failure.

Motherhood is Beautiful Yet Lonely

I’ve always hated judgemental people, I thought I could deal with them but I forgot the most judgemental person of all was me. I’ve fed myself those ideas that I’m a bad mother because of the negative thoughts I’ve been getting and it caused me to create a bubble of isolation which I can assume that I thought would keep me safe but it only made me even more lonely. I was scared to open up about those thoughts because I thought others would judge me harshly just like the way I was doing to myself and that was wrong of me. For awhile I was scared that I would be getting those thoughts again now that I’m pregnant and it’ll be more of a cycle, but I realized it stems from a selfish feeling I had. I was selfish for not opening up about this with my husband whom I consider closest person to me, I was scared he would connect religion to mental health.

I told him about those thoughts I had and he was very supportive, it even got us closer more than before. Admitting my mistakes and talking about it helped me a lot during these two years after having our first child.

Stress can drown me easily because I’m quite an emotional person, I still wonder how my husband is keeping up with me. When my feet get tired from marching back and forth just to ease the baby colic days and I already know how many steps from the beginning to the end of the carpet. There were days when I couldn’t hold the burden of pressure and I just fall apart and cry, I’ve always stopped myself from talking about it to my husband which was a mistake.

The Me Time

I already admit it was a mistake but I went along with it for quite sometime. I think it’s pretty common for new moms to cry along with their babies from stress and all the unknown thrown at them during the first months, also hormones … never been a fan of you.

They keep saying “Your body did an amazing job, you created a new life and it needs time to recover” I feel proud that I tried the whole experience and going through what I called the worst pain ever but I miss my old slim body. I don’t really like the sagging loose skin on my belly and it makes me feel insecure around people at times, I can’t just suck it in and take short breaths just to look slimmer.

Postpartum Woes

Dealing with my body shape was one of the hardest tasks I faced when I became a mother, I wrote a post about it before when I was venting. I’ve been thin almost my entire life and it wasn’t exactly the healthy side of thin, but being with that body shape for a long time makes the process of accepting a new body shape really hard. It took me time to accept it but I can honestly say now I do, I love seeing my face having cheeks and I love seeing actual skin and fat without any bones sticking out.

Throughout these two years, I’ve learned plenty of lessons about motherhood. I could never ask for a better life, I found my purpose in life and I love every moment of being a mother.  I feel blessed having the honor of being called a mom of two …



My Experience With Livar Argan Oil Hair Products


Ever since I went back to my original hair, I’ve been using sulfate-free hair products and I’ve stopped dyeing hair for one year as a healing period. I’ve been using more natural products with less chemicals involved and of course Argan Oil has been my favorite since it’s good for hair and skin as well.

Livar Argan Oil Shampoo

If you’re not familiar with sulfate-free hair products, you should know that the shampoo doesn’t really bubble like normal shampoos would. The shampoo itself leaves your hair a bit dry so I would suggest to use a conditioner right after rinsing the shampoo, it leaves your hair clean that’s for sure but slightly dry. I kind of miss seeing the foam build up on my hair and I would randomly create weird hairstyles with it, and see myself as a diva, maybe it’s time to buy those normal shampoos.

Livar Argan Oil Conditioner

I always recommend using more conditioner than shampoo, it moisturizes and leaves the hair with a healthy shine. Now this conditioner is like a step two to the shampoo I reviewed earlier and I feel they should go together, The dryness you get from the shampoo completely disappears after using this conditioner. I’ve been using those two products for about 4 months now and I’m honestly very satisfied with them.

Both products obviously contain Argan Oil and as amazing this ingredient is to our hair and skin, I really don’t like the smell of it. It’s not a strong smell actually, I just didn’t like how my hair smelled after using them. I would use a hair mist while my hair is still damp and that is the last step of my hair washing routine. Other than the smell, I loved those two products. I would highly recommend it just like Nashi Argan products I reviewed before, mainly because I believe Argan Oil is so great with hair as I experienced in plenty of other hair and skin products.


Product of The Month

This post might bring out the nerd in me, so I’m going to throw this warning from now before I start. I’ve been using MSI Ghost laptop for couple of years now, I’ve played plenty of games on it and of course with time it began to get old if you know what I mean. I think the fans gave in eventually and it somehow damaged the hard disk which resulted the laptop being really slow and I also want to blame Windows 10 updates … I HATE THEM.

Anyway, I’ve started my research in finding a new gaming laptop. I’ve been contacted by HP before through my blog about HP Omen which I briefly mentioned in a post about choosing a gaming laptop and I was honestly considering getting it. It had most of the specs I was aiming for and it was within my budget but before I press add to cart button, I saw Acer Predator Helios 300 and I fell in love.


I instantly bought it. Luckily, Amazon allowed me to pay in installments for 5 months which was very convenient for me. I chose this laptop as my product of the month as I’ve been using it for almost a month now since I bought it and I haven’t faced any problem with it yet and I’ve been able to play pretty heavy games on it, it was also cheaper from MSI and HP Omen.


I bought Seagate Firecuda Gaming 1TB SATA Hard Disk along with it since the laptop only include 256GB SSD, obviously I’ll need a larger capacity for my games and it was easy to plug into the laptop.


I highly recommend this laptop if you’re looking for a gaming laptop with great specs and stays within budget, not insanely high priced.