The Time a Bitch Tried to Ruin My Sister’s Wedding

Alright … I’m calm enough to do this.

Let’s pretend you are getting married, obviously you are nervous while getting your makeup and hair ready then all the sudden you realized your tiara and veil gone just like that. Of course you’d panic and it may ruin your day right ? Alright let me tell you what happened last week.

On the 4th of this month, it was my sister’s wedding day. We were all excited and happy for her and we all booked appointments for makeup and hair in the same salon (me and my sisters).


The girl who did our makeup was with us in college so we knew each other from before and she’s such a sweetheart (here’s her Instagram). Everyone was happy and we joked a lot while taking photos.


Anyway, my sister brought her tiara, veil and jewelry set in a small bag so the hairdresser would attach them while doing her hair. Now there was another bride getting ready in the salon and she had two ladies with her, her sister and a photographer who turned out to be a relative later on but we’ll get to that. Iman (the makeup artist) was feeling uncomfortable around them so that was the first red flag. By 6:30 pm we were almost done and my sister was getting her hair done, my other sisters were searching for the bag that has her veil and they couldn’t find it. We searched everywhere in that salon and we couldn’t find it. obviously my sister started panicking and wanted to cry.


My sister in law thought about the other bride who left an hour before, maybe she took it by mistake. The salon ladies got her number from the appointment date and we called her. The girl said that her photographer probably took it and she gave us her number, now this is where things got crazy.

Photographer: yeah I took it because I thought it was my relative’s stuff
Sister in law: Ok can you bring it back ? because it’s not her’s so return it to the owners.
Photographer (I mean Bitch): no it’s not my fault, I’ll just give the bag to my relatives and I don’t care.
Sister in law: It is your fault and you should return it back.

Bitch hang up the phone …



The salon workers were following all this drama and they were very angry because she’s a grade A bitch and disrespectful. We called her few more times and of course she didn’t answer, we called from different phones even and still no reply. My sister was on the verge of crying by this time because this girl is ruining her special day. We called the bride again to discuss this issue and it turns out they are from an area a bit further from us like 40 minutes drive.

We tried to make them agree to meet us at a middle point at least because we were getting late and I didn’t mind driving to get it, I just wanted my sister to be calm for her wedding. The lady kept refusing and didn’t want to deal with it, we decided to tell her that we’ll call the police because technically she took my sister’s belongings and refused to return them back. Obviously she got scared and she didn’t want to make this issue grow that big so she agreed to meet us at some park which is 20 minutes away.

So I went with one of my sisters and I remember that I drove so fast, I reached there in 8 minutes. When I parked in that meeting point, my sister said that bitch sent “If i didn’t find anyone there, I’ll throw the bag anywhere” …. I WAS LIVID.


I called her and was like “I’m here, where are you” honestly I was trying not to curse her and was holding myself not to punch her bitch-face when I see her. She came with a guy which I can assume for protection and I just pulled the bag off her hand aggressively without any word because I was too angry. I drove back to the salon again speeding because we were getting really late for the wedding.

Anyway, we reached the wedding later and my sister was happy. Everything worked out well after all that drama even though I honestly think that this bitch should’ve apologized for doing all this and also being really disrespectful.

What would you do if you were in this position ? Let me know in the comments.



The Time I Got Asked to Host a Radio Show

This might come out as a shocking post to the people who know me because this is totally out of my character.

I’ve been inconsistent in posting in the past 2 months as I mentioned before because of my work and recently I finally finished this project so this event happened during that time. We were updating all computers within the firm to Windows 10 and that took awhile since we had over 800 machines to work on, anyway this happened when I was working in the English Radio department.

As you may or may not know, I work in the Public Authority for Radio and TV so I work around studios and radio booths as everything related to this form of media goes through. I was working in the English Radio department as I mentioned and while I was working, there was an employee walking around helping me by opening the offices in that department so I can finish upgrading the computers faster by working on multiple machines at the same time. I’m a friendly person, I like getting to know people so I decided to start a conversation with this person and as the conversation went by, I asked him who chooses the songs for the radio.


The guy told me about two employees who chooses the songs and also hosts the radio shows they air regularly and they both aren’t Omanis, so the guy was amused in my interest in music and he said “Why don’t you create a playlist for us of 60 minutes” and honestly my eyes lit up from excitement.


If you know me, I’m addicted to music so I was REALLY happy when he asked me. I instantly agreed and we exchanged numbers so he can contact me later for the details and all because it’ll be like a part-time job for me. Later on he made me meet the managers and they asked me to speak to them in English so I did, they were impressed and all the sudden asked me to create a playlist and host a radio show with these tracks.


Obviously I freaked out because one of my fears is public speaking, I don’t know how many times I tried to escape presentations in college since I get nervous I sweat and talk too fast and I start shaking. Then they said they ALSO want me to read the news on the radio as well because apparently I have a good voice and accent for it, which made me MORE scared. They tried to calm me down by saying we’ll help you to develop that side of you, we really like supporting such talents and we believe you’ll do great with us.

And here I am now, confused about this whole thing because it’s out of my comfort zone. I really want to do it because of that reason actually, it’ll definitely build my confidence and also strengthen my character. Hopefully I’m going to start by creating playlists and we’ll see what happens from there.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.


The Time I Created a Game

In the previous post, I mentioned that I want to return to developing games because recently I’ve been getting requests to finish a certain game and I honestly didn’t think it would have that amount of attention so let’s talk about The Game.

Chronicles Of My College 15-Aug-17 11_36_59 AM

I started making this game as a joke and to vent my frustration from college so I’m ashamed to say it had so much vulgar language that I wouldn’t want my children to find it. I created it for me and my friends, and added them as characters in the game and used our actual conversations as dialogues in it.

Chronicles Of My College 15-Aug-17 9_21_40 AM

So the main character Yuki was born from a weird conversation I had with my friend Sue and we thought why not use her in a game. We were brainstorming how Yuki should look like and we ended up choosing this chibi design.

The NPCs were regular Omani characters wearing abayas or dishdasha (Omani costumes) and the dialogues were a bit of stereotyping and I might get in trouble for it.

Chronicles Of My College 15-Aug-17 9_24_58 AM

I hated this teacher so much for everything he made me go through and I had to make him in the game, I feel bad now that I’m older and seen these dialogues but I actually had so much fun creating this game.

Chronicles Of My College 15-Aug-17 9_27_10 AM

My friends enjoyed it because of all the inside jokes and how I created the chibi form of them based on how they actually look.

Chronicles Of My College 15-Aug-17 11_16_40 AM

So the game screenshots somehow ended up outside our friends group and I started getting tweets from people asking me about it and it was overwhelming because they were actually enjoying it, and asking me if I’ll continue making it.

Chronicles Of My College 15-Aug-17 9_29_37 AM

It feels nice going back to this game, it made me feel nostalgic and sort of miss college days … a little bit. When I ran this game earlier, it made me want to return to developing games as I mentioned in the previous post and I’m planning to do that.

Have a great day dear readers.



The Time I Asked my Mother to Kill Me

I’m one year late in posting this, but in my defense I wasn’t over it and I needed time to settle on it. In case you’re lost, this is my labor and delivery story because my son’s first birthday was couple of days ago so it’s fitting to talk about it now I guess.

It all started on 5th of January when I was having my weekly checkup and I’ve been feeling slight cramps like period but not really consistent so I said it’s Braxton Hicks contractions but I was around my 38th week so I mentioned that to my doctor just to make sure anyway. Let me just say that I hate the whole finger sticking up in my vagina, I seriously feel uncomfortable with that.  So she found out I was in early labor and my cervix was dilated even though the plug hasn’t dropped yet but because I have asthma she decided to keep me in the hospital in the first stage room till I properly start labor while they keep an eye on my asthma problem. Now in that room, all the ladies are going through labor and all the doors near that room where the whole delivery process is going are opened so I could hear all the screaming, crying and cursing, and it really made me nervous.

I spent the night there and there wasn’t any progress so my mother convinced the doctor to let me return home and stay there till the actual labor starts because I was really getting nervous and scared in that environment, maybe that’s why nothing happened. Anyway back at home, I was miserable and I just wanted to get over with it I was doing everything I know about inducing labor. That night my husband was feeling sorry for me so he took me out on a small date just to walk on the beach and relax for a bit, that’s when I started feeling the contractions coming more frequently and it was getting stronger. We returned home and the cramps were getting stronger but still bearable, I felt something’s gonna happen that night so I asked my mother to keep her phone on since I was staying at my family’s house that day.

I stayed awake all night because of the cramps, I spent my time walking around the living room or watching TV. I was laying on my back around 5 am and then when I stood up to get something from kitchen, I heard a pop and it was loud since it was coming from inside me and then I felt the water running. I started panicking and wore a pad because I don’t want to mess the place with my water, then I called my mother. She came down and calmed me down, took me to the hospital and that’s when the actual real pain of labor started and I had no idea it was going to be THAT painful. Couple of hours later after being monitored by the nurses for my contractions and cervix dilation, I was ready to be moved to the delivery room. I remember that I was going through so much pain, I didn’t had time to actually scream and all like what the movies show but that’s when I told my mother “Please kill me, I can’t do this anymore I don’t want to do this” 

The time passed really slowly as I was trying to push my baby out and I remember seeing the nurses bring 4 types of surgical scissors thingies to do a episiotomy and from the amount of pain I was going through I didn’t feel it when they did the cut. Eventually I felt the baby was being pulled out and I heard his cry for the first time and that’s when my mother just broke down crying next to me and I thought something happened to my baby but my poor mother was crying because I was going through so much pain and baring it all.

The moment I held my son on my arms for the first time, I forgot every pain I went through. It was such an amazing feeling to hold this child who spent nine months inside me and never met me but looks deeply in my eyes like he knew me in like forever, while I was falling deeply into my son’s eyes the nurses was doing my stitches and it wasn’t that painful.

I honestly feel so blessed to be a mother, I didn’t think I would ever experience such feeling and it’s quite hard to explain it. If you are expecting a baby, please know that the whole child birth experience is different from lady to lady and I know part of you is scared about the whole pain during labor but it’s just a stage from the process and it’ll pass. I originally wrote this for my friend who’s 34 weeks pregnant at the moment and thought of sharing it on my blog.

Hope you enjoyed this long post, have a great day.

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The Time I Was Catfished – Dramatic Ending

I totally forgot to post about my catfishing story for awhile as I seem to have milked it for way too many parts.

  1. Introduction
  2. He Had Amnesia for 3 Hours
  3. Survived a Bullet Through The Head
  4. The Ex Showed Up
  5. He Came to See Me

I decided to post how it all ended since I stretched it out for quite some time and trust me the ending is more dramatic than jaws theme music – I have no idea if that theme was actually considered dramatic. Anyway, so by the time this all happened I was already fed up from all the dramatic stories he keeps making up as I posted about them before so I was already considering leaving this insane person and move on with my life. I needed one more last trigger in this so-called relationship to just snap and it happened …

Now I’m already on the verge of blocking this human and it’s been almost a year since we started talking with all this madness fantasy shit he’s doing, a girl messaged me saying I need to talk to you about X guy. Why am I not surprised ? I replied “What now ?” and here’s what she said that made me quit using this app forever because everyone using it have some sort of mental disorder and insane “I’ve been sick with a disease and I might die soon, I cough blood and the doctor said I have only this week to live. I love X guy and I want him to be mine till I die then you can have him and forget about me. He’s been really nice to me saying he’ll be my boyfriend in the past 3 months and I was happy but I needed to tell you this because you deserve to know”



giphy (1).gif

Let me tell you about this dying girl, for about a week prior to all of this, she was updating her status every day counting down the days before she commits suicide, why ? Because all the people in that app need some serious therapy session. And that’s not her first time to do such a stunt that’s why when she told me this whole I’m dying from such illness, I obviously knew she was lying. But hey I needed to add my drama part to this whole game.

Que dramatic music … I sent to him “You’ve cheated on me and I can never forgive you” and other shenanigans I’m too embarrassed to mention here so let’s just skip this part and get to his side. He called .. crying .. Oh god I made a guy cry. I deleted the whole app and moved on with my life but he didn’t and found me on Facebook, so I blocked him from every where he can ever find me and had a two months social media detox therapy.

And that’s how it all ended ..

I hope you enjoyed reading about my catfishing story and maybe got something to learn from all of this insanity. People can create their own persona online and you don’t know the real parts of this person aside from what he/she shows you.

Be safe …


The Time We Created an Ouija Board

So I wanted to post this during Halloween season but it totally slipped my mind and now I decided to just throw it out there.

I grew up with my cousin being my bestie ever since we were babies, we used to cry to our parents just so they would take us to meet up.


Planning how to take my doll

We used to have slumber parties every once in awhile in each other’s houses and that time it was in my place. We were four girls by that time, me and my sister, she and her sister and I remember I was 16 or 15. We decided to try something for fun which was an Ouija board because back then everyone was talking about it. Now we didn’t have an actual board, we created one with a piece of paper and a coin. We wrote all that letters and everything else basically, think of it as the arab version of it … clearly cheap one.


One of us kept her index finger lightly on this coin and glide it over the letters of this paper, we took turns in keeping our finger. We can easily fake this but for some reason we were too terrified of this .. game as we called it.

We started talking to a ghost/demon/entity whatever you want to call it and it revealed that his name was Asad (which means Lion in Arabic) and we were asking random questions for fun. Anyway by the end we decided to stop and we were about to close the gate or whatever it’s called, the coin spelled “Kill” and we totally freaked out and left the room with that piece of paper and coin.


Basically we noped the f@#$ out of that room and didn’t enter it till the next day. We decided to burn the paper because we were so convinced that some weird things has started to happen in that room like random knocking on the closet door at night, was because of this paper. Honestly I think we were just scaring ourselves because when you think about something as if it’s the cause of this, you won’t get any other excuse else than that.

The gist of the story, I realized I didn’t have that sensitivity to paranormal activities from this issue because others would be seeing, hearing and feeling things happening around them .. except for me. Ghosts hate me …


The Time I Almost Lost My Temper At Work

It’s been awhile since I posted a story from my I-think-not-so-boring-life so I thought of sharing one that happened to me during my first months of my current job. If you read my post about my amazing coworker, you would know that I work in the IT department so we get calls quite frequently from employees basically whining that their PC not working but in the end it turns out they forgot their passwords.

So on this day, I got a call from a manager needing some assistance so instead of working  on his machine remotely I went to his office to see what’s his problem exactly. I thought people would know at least basic English skills and know how to function a PC since it’s 2016 but I was so wrong because ever since I got the job, I found out that hiring idiots is still a thing and let me give you an example, once an employee called me asking how to add an image to a document on MS Word.


I went to his office and he was an elderly man who seriously need to retire and stay home. I sat on his desk as I opened his PC while he was explaining what’s wrong. He was still using Windows XP OS and refuses to change it because … he doesn’t want his work to be transferred to a newer machine, he got two freakin’ machines next to each other and he plugs which one he wants  to work in either Windows 7 or Windows XP. His problem (As he kept repeating even though it’s not exactly a problem) was just installing some software he used in the Windows XP machine to the newer one. Anyway while I’m waiting for this god forsake machine to boot up as I worked on it, he kept demanding things endless and I was trying to calm myself not to rage on him because he’s … old… And I’m trying so hard to respect him.


While he continued demanding like I’m his personal maid or something, he handed me his phone and asked me RUDELY “Install WhatsApp for me” 


I almost lose all my temper and was about to throw the phone to his face and just leave because this was getting ridiculous and I don’t think this was part of my job requirement in any way. I phoned the ladies at the IT department basically saying “Come here before I do something that might get me fired”.

The gist of the story is, I don’t want to deal with these type of bossy people again because I might flip the table on their heads.