Games to Revisit in August

I didn’t think much about today’s post because I’ve been thinking about replaying this game for the longest time but didn’t have the time to. This game is my all time favorite, because of it I got into the Japanese culture and got introduced to the Japanese music.


Fatal Frame II is set in the fictional Minakami (皆神) region of Japan. The region is home to Minakami Village (“All God’s Village”), an abandoned town where the majority of the game takes place. The player learns that Minakami Village was host to the “Crimson Sacrifice Ritual”, the failure of which caused the settlement to vanish—thus earning it the name “The Lost Village”. In the game’s present, there is an urban legend about the Lost Village, where people who become lost in the Minakami forest will become trapped forever in the village.

I absolutely love this game, it’s my forever favorite. I wrote a post about it last year, I had fun writing that. I was deeply invested in this game for months, I remember beating it over 20 times just to unlock the outfits. This game was the first one from the series I tried and from it I bought the first and third part.

I love the storyline, I’ve always been interested in Japanese folklore stories specially ghost related. What I like about this game is that it doesn’t rely on traditional jumpscares for the horror element which makes it unique in my opinion.

I highly recommend trying this game if you want a unique horror experience with a rich story.



Games to Revisit in July

How’s summer treating you ? 

Let me just say that part of me is slowly turning green from jealousy because apparently everyone on my Snapchat is travelling somewhere that the map is becoming connect the dots game at the moment. I mean really, go and have fun but stop spamming us with pictures. I might just block everyone at this point, I need to go out more often. Anyway moving on from my unnecessary rant, let’s talk about games. Now I’ve been obsessed lately with Crash Bandicoot obviously but I didn’t realize that I made my in laws stay up all night gaming since I brought this game home. It’s funny that we finally bonded over games, I’ll probably leave few of my favorite games there so we can talk about how awesome Bioshock is.

Which games do I recommend trying for July?

SIM – Sara is Missing


You found a phone belonging to a missing person. What would you do?

Sara has disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and your only lead is her mobile phone.

Search for clues by investigating Sara’s personal messages, notes, emails, pictures and videos while trying to piece together her final days. Unlock password protected files, uncover hidden messages and decrypt lost data and figure out where she went, what she did, and how someone can disappear without a trace so suddenly.

Now this game grabbed my attention because it looks so real, I mean in a sense how it’s represented. The game is released for Windows, Android and iOS for free, I tried the android version and it felt too realistic. The game basically gives you an interface of a phone and it looks so real, the characters are real people with pictures and videos. It made me feel uncomfortable reading the messages and checking the gallery because it felt like I’m snooping around in someone’s phone even though it’s not exactly real.

The story itself is very interesting, I like how the game is somewhat guided but also gives a slight freedom for the player so to speak. It’s quite short though and can be finished in 30 minutes but I highly recommend trying it out.



Games to Revisit in June

This month, I feel like playing something laid back with no exact end goal and just go on with it. You would say something like The Sims and to be honest I would go for it but I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this game, I love it because it makes me create and I can go with my imagination into it but I hate it because I just create and that’s it I end the game after creating a family or a house, I don’t really play after that. I need that sort of game but also has a gameplay and at least a story so I chose one game for this month ..


The basic plot is similar to several previous Harvest Moon games: the main character, a young man, inherits a somewhat run-down farm after the death of his father, The game takes place in the small village of Forget-Me-Not Valley.

True to its name, the game progresses through the main character’s entire adult life, from young adulthood to old age, NPCs in the game, including the main character’s child and wife, also grow older as time passes,

However, numerous years are skipped as the game is progressed.

I love Harvest Moon games and this one was my first to try. It still holds a place in my heart and I still remember that I made my character marry Nami and she was goals to me. I loved her hair and she talked almost similar to me so I chose to marry her obviously and our child was freakin’ adorable. I would definitely return to this game today, I really miss playing it.

I would choose this one game for this month since it’s Ramadan and I don’t really have time to play as before. If you want to recommend games for me, be sure to mention them in the comments below I’d really love to read what you think. Hope you’re having a great day and have a nice day.



Games to Revisit in May

I totally forgot to do an anniversary post since I’ve been blogging for a year, I also know that I’m quite late in posting this but hey at least I’m still posting. For May I didn’t really have time to try games since I was quite busy also I finally played Bloodborne, I enjoyed it more than Dark Souls honestly. Anyway I thought of choosing one game for this month and it’s one of my favorite games.


The game is narrated by Wreden and takes the user through a number of incomplete and abstract game creations made by a developer named Coda. Wreden challenges the player to try to come to understand the type of person Coda is from exploring these spaces in a first-person perspective. Within the narrative, the player discovers that Wreden had tried to force meaning onto Coda’s games, causing them to end their relationship. Wreden has stated the game is open to interpretation: some have seen the game as general commentary on the nature of the relationship between game developers and players, while others have taken it as an allegory to Wreden’s own personal struggles with success resulting from The Stanley Parable.

I went through many emotions while playing this game because it’s unique and interesting. The narrative of this game drives you to think and find a deeper meaning through the games developed by this unknown developer Coda and I find that fascinating because we usually rely on expressions and body language to understand a person.

I highly recommend trying it out, hope you enjoyed this short post. I’m really sorry for the lack of posts lately, trying to get back at it.

Have a great day.



I’m Mae from Night In the Woods

I wrote an article recently on about this topic and I thought about writing it in a more personal context and speak about myself. I relate to quite a number of video game characters but right now, it’s definitely Mae from Night In The Woods.


College dropout Mae Borowski returns home to the crumbling former mining town of Possum Springs seeking to resume her aimless former life and reconnect with the friends she left behind. But things aren’t the same. Home seems different now and her friends have grown and changed. Leaves are falling and the wind is growing colder. Strange things are happening as the light fades.

And there’s something in the woods.

I played this game couple of weeks ago and I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know – well everyone I know who plays games. It’s not your typical level progress type of game which makes it unique in my opinion. It’s how you socialize with the characters around the town, it’s quite colorful and I love how every character has their own personality which makes you imagine how they sound as you play.

Mae-GifNow let’s talk about the main protagonist Margaret Borowski, better known as Mae.

“No like when your body is like ‘Uh whoa I almost died,’ and you get all hyper because you’re filled with dolphins.”

I’ve mentioned in a post before that I’m a college dropout and apparently Mae is as well, and then I started noticing her words and sarcastic behavior … SHE WAS ME. I relate to her so much that I can see myself walking in her cute boots and socializing with her friends and family.

“I’ll unlock you ass”

meaI honestly love the layers of her personality, it shows how deep she is and also I love how realistic the conversations are. Honestly the conversations what appealed to me the most because I know I would have such conversations like these with my friends.

“Just because that online test said that your best chance at being happy is a situation where everyone already likes you, but they mostly leave you alone except when they’re delivering food to you . . . that doesn’t mean you can hide in your room and wait for that to happen. That’s how Hermits are made, Mae, and they die alone in the middle of Winter, waiting for pizza from friends they don’t want to see.”

Now about her mental health, the way she depresses herself when she looks in the mirror is something I think we all do deep inside. We all have some insecurities that makes us overthink and down ourselves because of it. Take me for example, I’m forever insecure about my body shape and also the ability to socialize with people, I try to improve myself but that stupid inner voice keeps depressing me just like Mae in some scenes.


I highly recommend checking this game, it’s really atmospheric and will definitely amaze you of how relatable the characters are.

Hope you enjoyed this post and have a nice day.



Games to Revisit in April

I’v been posting a lot less than before I know that but I’m going through some life bumps I could say and I’ve been trying to get my old self back, I miss me honestly and I also miss blogging.

Anyway on to the main topic of this post, GAMES. This month I decided to choose games from Nintendo 3DS since it needs a little bit of love like any other console.

Pokémon Shuffle


Pokémon Shuffle, similar to Pokémon Battle Trozei, is a puzzle game in which players fight against various Pokémon by matching three or more of the same Pokémon on their bottom of their screen. Players accomplish this by swapping around Pokémon on the bottom of their screen. Players can take up to four support Pokémon with them, some of which can deal additional damage depending on their type (e.g. matching water-type Pokémon causes extra damage to fire-based opponents). Players progress through each stage by defeating the opposing Pokémon within a set number of moves, after which the player receives in-game coins and their Pokémon gain experience. Upon clearing a stage, players will have a chance to catch the Pokémon; the quicker the player defeats a Pokémon, the higher probability they have of catching it. If the player fails to catch it with their first Pokéball, they can spend coins to use Great Balls with a doubled chance of success, or retry the stage at a later date. Defeating Pokémon trainers earns Mega Stones, which allow certain Pokémon (if they have been successfully caught) to undergo Mega Evolution once a player has matched enough of them during a stage, granting bonus effects when matched. Players can also unlock Expert levels, which require the player to defeat a Pokémon within a time limit using unlimited moves.

This game was released on iOS, Android and 3DS, best part it’s FREE. I would say it’s my favorite time wasting game ever, it’s fun but can be frustrating when you run out of hearts which integrates micro-transactions at this point. Unlike Pokémon GO, this game gives you a reason to return to the game each day because it offers daily rewards. I personally would prefer this game over Pokémon GO.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call


As with Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Curtain Call is a rhythm video game. Players use characters from across the Final Fantasy series to navigate through songs in rhythm games. Players go through the various stages and modes collecting Rhythm Points: the better the player performs, the more Rhythm Points the player gains at the end of the stage. The game is split up into three different gameplay modes: Field Stages, where the player controls one character, Battle songs, where teams of characters face off against enemies and bosses, and Event Stages, which features songs played against a full-motion video background of the game or film the music is drawn from. A new Versus mode is included where two players face off against each other in multiplayer using the game song.

Easily one of my favorite games ever because one, it has Final Fantasy characters and two, it has over 221 songs from the franchise. I absolutely love Final Fantasy music so I wouldn’t mind staying for hours playing this game.

Hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully it’ll motivate me to post more like before. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.



Games to Revisit in March

First let me say that Resident Evil took over my gaming schedule, and I normally don’t get into DLCs but for this game it was worth it. I highly recommend checking them out, great game. Secondly, I want to mention an article I wrote on Creators website about 3 RPG Maker games that gave “weird” a new definition if you are interested please give it a read and let me know what you think of it.

Now onto the main topic of this post, last month I chose games with cutesy love stories which are mostly JRPGs for the sake of the month. This month I decided to choose something I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite genre but worth to waste time on which is Dating Simulation games. I don’t really play them often in fact it’s more like rarely but I decided to choose them for this month so I could try new things.

Mystic Messenger


You were looking for an app, just to kill some time, and stumbled upon an app called “Mystic Messenger”. It sounded interesting so you downloaded it.

Once you opened it, you found yourself chatting with someone nicknamed “Unknown”. They persuaded you to go to some studio apartment.

As soon as you walked into to the apartment, your app is suddenly connected to a mystic group chat with attractive guys!? After a long chat, they ask you to join their secret party planning association called RFA…

This game has made me check my phone every 5 seconds because it’s honestly too addicting and I like the concept it looks and feels like an actual chatroom app with messages, emails and calls. I really enjoyed playing it but I also hated the weird timings those chatroom starts because it gives you a notification about it and after an hour or two I guess it becomes unavailable like you missed it, which annoyed me since I get notifications about a chatroom at 3 am every night. I liked the characters because they were quite relatable and fun to talk to even though the replies are programmed, it gave them a more realistic human element.

Hustle Cat


You are Avery Grey, the newest employee at a popular cat cafe called A Cat’s Paw. The coffee’s good and the staff is friendly (and kinda cute!) but mysterious. One day, you find a strange book in the basement, with letters you can’t quite read…

I’m a cat person so this game easily grabbed my attention. It goes into a visual novel style of game with the traditional routes of each character where it also gives the player a choice of being “he” “she” or “they” which is something new for me to see in any game to be honest. I highly recommend trying this game if you are into visual novels.

Hope you enjoyed this post, I tried choosing games out of my usual selection since I played way too many games and I love sharing my thoughts about games. Thanks for reading and have a great day.