Toxic Family Members

When someone says the word “Family” it normally would mean a group of close people whom you can feel safe, secure and be yourself around. They will always love you and be there for you no matter what, but that’s not always the case. When you are younger you are taught that since kindergarten and your innocence back then would make you believe that and as you grow older you’ll come to realize that even family members can betray, harass or even bully you.

When I was 16 I found out an ugly truth about certain relatives I have, to be more specific members from my father side whom were once upon a time really close to me .. or so I thought. I found out most rumors that can hurt you, always starts from the family circle then to grows from there. It was hard to believe it was my own relatives saying such things behind my back while smiling and pretending to care in front of my face. I want to say hypocrites but I’m far too nice and forgiving to do so but that incident made me cautious in trusting anyone, I narrowed my trusting circle and never thought of expanding it ever since.

I honestly couldn’t cut them off my life because I will keep seeing them whether I like it or not because in the end they are family, however I reduced my contact with them just so I would give them less reasons to talk about me behind my back but having social media such as Instagram is making it somewhat harder. They’ll watch you behind their phone screens and like teenage gossipy girls will gather on a group in WhatsApp titled “OMG did you see what she posted” You’re probably saying just block them from your social media, the only reason I’m not doing this is because I don’t want to give them the satisfaction that I lost and feel like I’ve done something wrong when I’m just living my life normally.

For some reason, they are more focused on what others are doing and talking about it, even regarding parenting methods as if their children are perfect and this is where I drew the red line. I’m not obliged to be nice and caring to a person who holds such feelings for me and my sisters, talking about us as if we are the worst people. Why is it shocking that a college dropout like me got a job? Why is it surprising that two of my sisters got a full sponsorship from universities in USA? Is it because we don’t flaunt our achievements like you do? Is it because we live in the capital city that we are not supposed to be open minded?

If you are shocked while reading this, yes it reached to that point that they talk about this. Of course they have to add a lovely backstory to make the whole issue blow up between them. My father told us, don’t be silent to these rumors and speak up but not based on what you heard from someone else because cowards will always talk about you behind your back instead of lashing out on them based on a he said/she said scenario. I wish their harassment was only targeting us but it was going on also on my mother for years but she always stayed nice to them as she keeps telling us to do that as well but honestly this agitated me more because my mother is someone really precious to me and I really want to release my rage on them that I had for years from their bullshit but she keeps telling me not to step to their level.

I wanted to post this rant-ish post for awhile now but didn’t know how to organize my thoughts about it and I’m pretty sure it’s still all over the place anyway. If you are harassed or bullied by family members, you can cut them from your life simply you don’t need such a negative person in your life when you are just being yourself. You are not obliged to care for that person who keeps wishing you ill will because in the end -even though I hate saying it- might be jealous from you that’s why they do all that.

Have you been dealing with such a family drama? How did you managed yourself?

Why I Stopped Playing New Games

While everyone sits excited for a certain game to be released, I’ll be sitting on my own corner playing older games. To be more specific, PS1 and PS2 games -in fact- I can go all the way back to atari. As technology advances each month now with VR devices and new consoles being scheduled for release dates , I still seem to stray away. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love gaming in all consoles but new games doesn’t appeal to me anymore and here’s why.

Games started to heavily add the online feature not only in MMOs as before but all the games recently. The elements of ‘Sharing’ and ‘Connecting’ seem to take over everything not only in social media, and to prove my point the PS4 controller has changed with the Share button and it still irritates me. Apart from that, DLCs started to spread for every game as well and it just tempting for us gamers to buy them just because we want to continue playing our favorite game. Honestly without the online feature and DLCs I can beat the whole game -basic game as the cool kids call it-  in one or two days at maximum.

What also irritates me in new games are the new episodic genre. I’m not saying they are all bad, I just don’t understand the appeal of it. I honestly enjoyed Life is Strange which is an episodic type of game but I hate the fact that I have to wait two months to play the rest of the game. Take Dark Dreams Don’t Die for example such a weird yet fun game but season one ended back in 2014, now we wait for season two for how many more years ? Are game developers getting too lazy that they release games as small parts at a time ?

Let’s say we found a game without these disadvantages I mentioned, why I won’t still play it ? New games focus and rely too much on graphics that it overshadows the main storyline. I’m obviously not saying all new games are like that but the ones I did try. There’re so many good games with amazing graphics but can be beaten in few hours so this makes me wonder, why should I waste almost 60$ on game I can beat that easy. I rather spend 100 hours on a game that worth a price of nowadays’ games.

Arab Husband Stereotype Guide

I’ve been married for a year and few months now and I don’t consider myself an expert but based on what I noticed and heard from other ladies, Arab men are alot more harder to deal with. I know the common saying that women are complicated but I can say it’s the complete opposite and here’s why:

  • Don’t expect anything romantic after getting married.
    So he swoon you with sweet words and stayed all night talking on the phone during the engagement phase, and you just love to brag to all of your friends that he’s so romantic and treats you like a queen. Well that’s gonna end so fast when you get married and move in together, you’ll slowly realize how a different person he is after seeing all other sides of him.
  • Giving a cold attitude is considered manly.
    For some reason Arab men think they are manly and tough when they don’t show any emotion and just be cold. I don’t understand how that equals manly to be honest.
  • Will try to control you.
    He’ll try to control you like it’s his main task in life, will try to control what you wear, how to walk, how you wear your hijab if you wear one, how you talk with other men, which outfit to wear when you go out, how you’ll cover up and who you hang out with.
  • Will share your interests only during engagement period.
    Like I mentioned in the first point, he’ll share your interests and be romantic only during engagement just to show you he’s interesting in knowing you then later totally go opposite way.
  • Going out shopping groceries is considered a date.
    My idea of a date is a romantic dinner in a fancy place where both can enjoy themselves and forget all life problems, but no if you say you want to go out he’ll take you grocery shopping if you didn’t specify what do you mean by out.
  • Watching football with him is boring but at least you are sitting together.
    Sometimes you’ll get frustrated that you two don’t sit together as before so you’ll find yourself watching football with him just for the company and take a chance of a small talk between goal replays and half time.
  • He’ll flirt with you on rare unexpected moments.
    So you gave up on hearing anything sweet now that you two are married but he’ll surprise you with few flirt lines on such odd moments that it’ll make you freeze in place questioning his sanity.
  • Doesn’t bother wearing a wedding ring.
    Us women get so happy that we are married and so we wear our wedding ring as a trophy to brag with while men will just wear it in the first months then doesn’t bother wearing it ever again.
  • Will expect you to cook.
    The forever stereotype of a wife will haunt you as he’ll expect you to cook for him because women should do that.
  • Dropping hints won’t make him understand what you mean.
    If you want to say something indirectly to him expecting him to understand your hints is a lost cause, I don’t know if he is naturally dense or acting stupid.
  • Gets super moody when hungry or sleepy.
    Beware of men period if he didn’t sleep well at night or he is hungry, he’ll go on full rude attitude the whole day.
  • Hates hearing you complain but it’s okay for him to do that.
    He can’t handle hearing you complain, sometimes he’ll just say it to your face “don’t hurt my head” but when he wants to complain, you gotta listen to him from the beginning to the end.
  • Will ask for your opinion just to allow you to say it but chooses his opinion otherwise.
    He’ll ask you what do think about something just to say “well I asked your opinion” but in the end he’ll still stay on his opinion because he’s always right.
  • You’ll remind him of things while he acts he didn’t forget.
    He hates being wrong so if you remind him of something he forgot, he’ll act like he didn’t forget but only asking you to make sure.
  • You’ll name him Love or Sweetheart on your phone while your name will be just literally your name in his phone and in some cases “the mother of (your child name)”.
    I’m not even gonna explain this, it’s depressing as it is.
  • Will comment on your appearance as a joke.
    Most of us women has insecurities regarding our looks basically our bodies, men however likes to point it out as a joke and makes you think about it more than you should.
  • When you say “I love you” he’ll reply okay.
    Probably feels too proud to actually reply to you but deep inside you know he loves you without even saying it.
  • Fighting over the blanket will become a routine.
    The epic battle of who takes most of the blanket will become a routine with a winner each night.
  • Hates talking about work so don’t ask “how was your day?”.
    He absolutely hates talking about work unless he opens up to you which happens rarely.
  • Won’t ask you to teach him something if he needs help.
    Again with the manly pride, he doesn’t need anyone’s help because he knows everything.
  • It’s okay for him to stay late but if you are still out by 10:30 he’ll turn into your parents and call you like you are on curfew.
    Because he’s a man, it’s completely fine for him to come home late but if you were late, he’ll call you like he became your parents and you’re a teenager again.

Please don’t take this too seriously, I’ve wrote it for humor mainly. I would love to know what do you think.

Types of Girls in Ramadan


I was considering posting this when Ramadan started 15 days ago till I saw Caffeinated and Opinionated post and I thought I don’t want to write something similar to it so I decided to write it based on my observation on girls specifically. I’ll admit that I’m guilty of few of these types honestly.

  •  The “I gotta tell everyone I’m not fasting” Type
    These girls have their periods so they are not fasting but they don’t keep this to themselves, they have to tell everyone in subtle context or by snapping on Snapchat that she’s eating or drinking.
  • The “Look I’m cooking” Type
    One of Ramadan best things is the food, and some foods are only made during this time so we gotta cherish this moment by showing everyone that we are cooking which only happens during this time. Some girls would cook and just take a picture after they are done but some likes to record the whole thing with ingredients and all even though I can tell you for sure it’s gonna be a dessert because it’s the easiest thing for them.
  • The “I’m turning extra religious just for Ramadan” Type
    These girls are so dedicated in showing everyone how religious they are by changing their WhatsApp display picture to something related to Ramadan and also posting on social media verses of Quraan and Duaa’s. Some would take that further step by snapping on snapchat an opened Quraan like ‘look at me I’m reading’ 
  • The “I’m gonna sleep all day” Type
    This type of girls would stay up all night eating and watching series till dawn then sleep after the sun raises till sunset. I used to be like that before I got married, me and my sister would stay up all night watching horror movies till the sun raises.
  • The “I’m hungry therefore I’m angry” Type
    I absolutely hate this type of people not only girls, I get it we all are fasting and tired as our energies getting drained but some would be a total jerk and get impatient over small things. Like when I’m going to work, people would abuse the car horn just because there’re traffic jams, seriously what do you expect me to do ? Squeeze my car on the side so you would TRY to pass other stopping cars ?

These are the types I can currently think of but I’m sure there are more that I missed. If you have more types to add, let me know on the comment section below. Have a blessed Ramadan.

Just Saying


Lately I’ve been noticing new terms being used online, some I would understand and some I have to google it while convincing myself that I’m not that old. Not only words but also few YouTube channels that is based on trolling or roasting as some would say. Being in a different generation, I find this new territory quite harsh.

We were raised in an environment without being connected to the internet and it gave us an advantage of developing normal social attributes and being nice. One of the things that irritates me with the current era is that we are becoming really mean and cruel to each other. While we hide behind screens when we type things we normally won’t say in public, it’s easy to insult others and bully each other. Now that everyone even kids are exposed to these terms and actions, they think it’s okay to tell someone “Kill yourself” which I think it’s incredibly cruel.

For some reason we think that hiding behind a screen gives us an armor that we won’t get hurt, the more known a person is, the more acceptable for us to insult and be judgmental in regarding looks or personality. Does such acts satisfy us in a way we think it’s acceptable now ? Have we shed the nice attitude when we are online because to us they don’t deserve it ? And in the end we’ll title this freedom of speech and just want to say our opinion even if it was useless or mean.

The Generation Talk


Recently I’ve been noticing few tweets and memes comparing this generation and the 90s generation, as an epic battle in things the new generation won’t understand. I was born in 89, I guess that makes me a 90s kid so I want to jump on that bandwagon. I honestly call this generation the iPad generation because lately I just see kids gluing their eyes on iPad screens and I know I’ll say I won’t let my child do that but in the end it’ll happen eventually. It also irritates me when these kids complain about things they should be thankful of, for example:

  • Slow internet. Have you tried dial up connection ? I actually remember the tone the machine did when it connected to the internet using dial up and obviously get scolded by my parents later because they want to use the phone.
  • Feeling bored. I hate when I hear someone says this sentence specially kids, I’m not generalizing but few would repeat this as they just lay on the couch holding their phones switching from app to app.
  •  Phone too old. Kids these days get phones so freakin’ early and just like showing off their gadgets to other kids, obviously they start comparing. Later you would hear them complain and cry that their phone too old and want the latest “new and cool” phone.
  • Complain how life is hard. When I see tweets of these kids who’s barely 12 or even in their intagram bios where they mention something about life and being all deep, I want to flip a table on their faces. I’m twenty something and I haven’t lived life that long to say what they say.

Apart from their complaining, some of them grow up being disrespectful and ungrateful. In the past, parenting was a bit strict compared to now, parents were fine in disciplining their children by spanking them as punishment and I mean light not extreme abuse. Now that we are parents, have we gone soft saying we want to give our kids a better life than what we had ?



People Who I’ll Never Understand

yes I’m basically showing off my new mug

I’m not going to deny that I’m an easy person to get angry over anything, I’m actually known for that by close people. But honestly some people I just don’t understand that I just want to be blunt and ask them “What are you thinking”

Those random perfume sales people who pops up out of nowhere and just be like ‘excuuuuuuuse me’ and basically forcing you to stop and smell the perfume they are promoting and chances are that it gonna smell so good later when you are away from them. I don’t understand when they decide to be persistent even when you say politely no thank you, I mean I know you’re doing your job but you don’t have to be annoying. Just passing by shops like Paris Gallery or Areej is like a minefield of these people to me and I try so hard to avoid them, my cousin says “I feel those people take a special course of how to be annoying and stubborn before taking this job” 

Other people I don’t understand are the people on Snapchat, those who sends a snap of them in a hospital or snaps medicine on a table then caption it “I’m sick *sad face emoji*” but some would take it far by posting their hand hooked on an IV. I don’t understand what are you trying to get from this, if you are sick you don’t have to show how sick you are just to get people attention or sympathy.

I don’t understand people who likes to change their status in whatever social media or even change the display picture in any messaging app they use to something indicating they are either sad or angry if they get upset from someone. For example I know some ladies who change their display picture or write a sad poetry line if they had a fight with their spouses, seriously why do you have to show everyone that you are mad. If you are mad from someone just face them and talk about it, you don’t have to make your apps work as a subtweet for them to notice.

On Instagram there are those kids with professional cameras, and for some reason think they are most expert photographers ever. I know few who are actually talented in this but recently I just see many kids walking with a professional camera hanging on their neck. I don’t understand these so-called professionals, they don’t really post anything with that camera, they basically pose with it. Also kids who think they are super models of Instagram with heavily edited photos and caption it with something deep or a poetry line, I don’t understand these kids.


I know it’s mostly a rant-y post but I just felt like throwing it out there, I just don’t get these kind of people.