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Types of People I Hate During Ramadan

I feel like venting out, it’s been a while since I did something like this. Ramadan is a month when we Muslims fast (no drinks no food) during daylight hours till sunset, also it’s a time to purify the soul … Continue reading

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Being Friends With Your Ex

Can you be friends with your ex … NO. At least my case I think so. Some people are completely fine in staying friends with their exes but I’m from the other side who can’t because no matter how much I try … Continue reading

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Being Nice ≠ Being Flirty

Couple of months ago I posted about me being too nice and mentioned some coworker who’s getting too comfortable with me and getting close and I wasn’t really comfortable with that. I decided write a follow-up about it and turn this post … Continue reading

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The Motherhood Rant

It’s been awhile since I wrote a proper rant post and since I’m already in my rage mode because one of my co-workers decided to stop talking to me for nearly 3 weeks now for no apparent reason, I’m the kind … Continue reading

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I Am a College Dropout

I am a college dropout. This title would usually mean that the person is lazy, a failure, too stupid to learn anything, can’t commit basically a stigma. I registered in an IT college called Middle East College and I was … Continue reading

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Why I Stopped Playing New Games

While everyone sits excited for a certain game to be released, I’ll be sitting on my own corner playing older games. To be more specific, PS1 and PS2 games -in fact- I can go all the way back to atari. … Continue reading

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Arab Husband Stereotype Guide

I’ve been married for a year and few months now and I don’t consider myself an expert but based on what I noticed and heard from other ladies, Arab men are alot more harder to deal with. I know the … Continue reading

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