Four Seasons of Pregnancy Fashion

One of the reasons I love being pregnant is having the excuse of refreshing my wardrobe. I love shopping for clothes, it gives me a rush of trying different styles and having something new basically. I don’t necessary always choose maternity clothes, plus size and larger sized clothes are good enough for me. The best part about them, I could reuse them after I give birth but in a different way, like adding a belt and showing off how your waist slimmed down after pregnancy.

When it comes to pregnancy clothes, I always choose dresses. I feel they are more comfortable to wear for everyday more than pants, like I said before I can use them later on after pregnancy but as for maternity pants I feel they are only useful for few months then that’s it. I think dresses are more adaptable for body changes compared to pants, I’ll say it’s a preference in the end.

On the journey of 9 months, you go through seasons worth of clothes so I decided to list dresses appropriate for each season during your pregnancy. All the dresses listed in this post are offered in many sizes from S to 4XL so whether your pregnant or not, you can easily find your size.

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When you think of Spring, you always have a floral designed dresses in mind.

I personally go for these dresses online because it’s very comfortable, the lace ribbon can be tied on the chest area leaving space for your belly to grow. If you’re going for more of a modest style, you could wear a pair of leggings and it’ll still look pretty nice.


For Summer, I always go for bohemian maxi dresses or beach dresses maxi styled dresses.

I think polyester is a great material, mostly because it’s stretchable. Like this dress, it’s gonna help you cool down in the summer heat and won’t make your bump feel uncomfortable since the material would be stretchable.


I think fall got a stigma of having more of a dark colored clothes, it somehow feels more fitting with the weather getting colder.

This dress is one the examples I mentioned earlier, you could use it after pregnancy when you add just a small accessory like a belt and it’ll look something different. I would wear this with a thick pantyhose, and I think it would be good to wear even in winter.


The transition from fall to winter fashion isn’t much, if the climate get more colder you could always wear something on your dress. I would personally go for a cotton cardigan, I feel they fit pretty much any style.

Now I would go for this gorgeous dress because it’s long enough to keep my legs warm and I can adjust the tight waist part to go above my pregnant belly. It can be used as a formal dress as well while staying comfortable.

I hope you enjoyed this selection of dresses I would recommend getting whether you’re pregnant or not, the site Talever offers those dresses in all sizes so I’m sure you’ll find your size in something you like. Let me know what do you think in the comments below.



Baby Stuff I Won’t Be Getting


On my first pregnancy, I was clueless and I was reading from books what items I would need when the baby arrive. I had plenty of stuff I never really used or even opened, I gave them as gifts for new moms maybe they’ll have use of them. I think the main difference between first and second pregnancy, is that you already know what’s going to happen each week as you read from those cute phone apps that tells you size of the baby and what organs has developed that week. Since you already got a toddler now, you don’t have that much time as before to read those things again but at least now you know your mistakes from the first pregnancy. Here’s a list of items, I won’t be buying this time.

  • Pacifiers
    I never really used them and I didn’t find the need of using them, my son was a quiet child and it was easy to calm him down.
  • Infant Car Seat
    Do you know the amount of time you need to make a child get used to a car seat? I remember how much my son was crying when I tried to get him in the car seat because I wanted to try going out with him on my own. I realized that day that it’s nearly impossible to do that, I rather sit in the back holding him while letting someone drive me which I’m also planning to do with my second child. Also babies grow fast so having an infant car seat would be a waste of money when the baby outgrows the seat itself then you’ll have to buy the bigger one which I’m currently using with my son since he was one year old.
  • Electronic Breast Pump
    I bought an electronic breast pump because I thought it’ll make the job easier but I was wrong, manual ones were the most useful for me. They are more portable and you can pump at your own pace instead of waiting for automated pumping with the electrical one.
  • Blanket Swaddle
    The difference between blanket swaddles and muslin swaddles is that blanket ones have flaps that makes it easier for you to know how to wrap your baby and you just stick it from point A to point B easily. For me I didn’t find them useful as my son found it easier to free his arms since it’s not secured that much and by night he would move his hands from the blanket and wakes up fast startled. That’s why I prefer muslin swaddles, I can wrap my child the way I’m more used to.
  • Changing Table
    I know they look so cute having them in the nursery but they take up pretty large space while having a crib, a closet and maybe a rocking chair. Eventually you’ll find yourself changing the diapers on the floor, it’s actually more safe so you can be sure your baby won’t roll in some way and fall.


Tips on Road Tripping with a Toddler

Whether it’s driving a few hours away to visit friends and family, or traveling to a new place to go sightseeing, road trips are supposed to be a fun way to travel, but with a toddler they can be downright awful. Toddlers have a very short attention span, so even a few minutes, much less a few hours, of sitting still can be near impossible for them. Usually that means they start kicking and crying, doing anything to get your attention. When you’re driving, a toddler’s antics are not only annoying, but dangerous. I’ve been going to UAE from time to time by car and it’s about 5 hours, sometimes more and that depends on the traffic or how many stops we have to take. Of course my first time going was really tiring because as a first time mom I was already clueless and I didn’t know what to do, my son was around 4 months by that time. With time I’ve gained experience and it’s been a lot smoother lately, also because my son is old enough to behave now. I’ve already posted about flying with a toddler, if you’re interested you can check it here.

So, here are a few tips on how to travel with a toddler that will make a road trip much smoother.

First off, always make sure you have taken proper safety measures before hitting the road. Toddlers accidentally hurt themselves all the time, but if you’re prepared then this will only be a minor setback instead of a major one. Check that your car seat is installed properly and that your toddler is buckled in. Bring a first-aid kit, plenty of water, and a flashlight just in case you have car trouble. In my country there are no strict rules about child safety and that just irritates me because I’ve seen so many parents put their children on their lap while they drive. Only recently those rules has been forced and it’s going to take time for people to understand child safety is very important, of course you would want your child unharmed and safe so please always use a car seat.


My next tip is to drive at night. There are usually less cars on the road which can make your trip easier, but most importantly, your toddler will sleep through the trip instead of being wide-awake and making a fuss. If you can get your toddler to sleep for most of the drive, you’ll have a very easy time. In my case, me and my husband always choose times around afternoon because it’s easier for us to have lunch on the road and then my son would have his afternoon nap, so it works well both way as long as you know your child’s sleeping times. If you have to drive during the daytime like I do, be prepared for pit stops. Plan to stop at least every thirty minutes on your journey for bathroom breaks and to let your little one stretch his or her legs. I would suggest mapping out stopping points before you leave, so you’ll know you are stopping at safe and sanitary places.

Another tip is to relax on the normal rules you have. Keeping your toddler happy is very important during a long road trip, so if that means he or she gets to have a few more sugary snacks or gets to play on the iPad a little longer than usual, it’s okay. Like I mentioned earlier, toddlers have a very short attention span so it’s really not their fault that they can’t sit still for extended periods of time. It can also help to have one parent in the backseat, playing with your toddler to keep him busy. You and your partner can take turns driving and playing with your young one throughout the trip.


If you are looking for road trip inspiration, check out this guide on the longest roads in the world by


Pregnancy Then and Now


They tell you each pregnancy is different and a totally unique experience, I’ve been comparing my previous pregnancy to my current and it’s definitely different. I’m currently 18 weeks pregnant which means I’m in my 5th month, I’ve experienced things I’ve never had in my first pregnancy so to me it feels like it’s my first time.

The nausea didn’t end, even the vitamin supplements they gave me makes me sick so I have to take them before I go to bed so I wouldn’t feel like I want to throw up. My first pregnancy was definitely much smoother and easier, I was actually pretty active and energetic when I entered my 4th month. Now I can’t even apply makeup before I go to work, I don’t feel like going out as before. To ease my nausea, I found out chocolate worked well with me so I had to buy this …


I was fearing diabetes but if it helps my nausea, I don’t care.

Recently I started getting pain on my right leg, I even started limping. When I’m laying down or sitting, I feel fine but when I stand up and start walking, I feel the uterus pressure on my right side and it effects my leg. It was very painful, I had to go to my doctor and ask her about it. She told me the uterus is growing more to the right side and that’s common, with time it’s pressing on the nerves on my leg which is causing me the pain. There’s no solution to it since the uterus grows as weeks pass and eventually it’ll be more centered, what I can do is add more protein to my diet so it would help the nerves to bare this.

At the same time, I wanted to know the gender of my baby … but …


Me: Honey, please turn so I can see your beautiful face
Baby: No … you want to see my privates

My baby was holding the umbilical cord with hands and legs like it’s her/his comfort teddy so it blocked the vision, but we did manage to see the gender after all and I want to keep it private till I give birth. I feel excited to meet my new baby, my son keeps checking my belly and repeating “baby”. I want to see his reaction when he feels the movement on my belly, should be interesting.


My Mom Hacks (Fails)


No matter how much books you read about parenting, or even listening to other mothers advises … You’ll still go through few fails that I consider achievements, I mean at least I tried. I originally saw Geek Mama’s blog post which I really enjoyed and I’ve been thinking to post my own mom fails/achievements.

  • Sleeping – I think any mother would beg for a 6 hour sleep time with no interruptions so we try to make our children learn to sleep on their own. I did that … But for some reason he started waking up randomly at night and won’t sleep unless it’s with me and my husband. I tried giving him his favorite toys to lay down and sleep with him if that makes sense, it worked for about a week then he went back to his old habit. Recently, I’ve put a mattress on the floor with a pillow and a blanket. To my surprise, he tucks himself in that blanket and tells me “Mom, close the lights” and HE  SLEEPS. I’m not sure if he hates his crib that much or just want more of an open bed with no bars to hold him but he’s been sleeping well lately and that what matters to me I guess.
  • Potty Training – I hate it .. I REALLY HATE IT. Again I’m going to refer to Geek Mom’s post because it was hilarious, but let me talk about my experience. My son is confused why all the sudden I’m trying to get him to the toilet, he just gives me that confused look asking “What is this” “What am I supposed to do here” “You made me stop watching Minions for this ?” We stay in the bathroom for almost half an hour, singing all the nursery rhymes he memorizes and then read books. I sometimes get his toys to make him stay longer but nothing happens and he would look in the toilet bowl to see his invisible achievement. I would let him stay without a diaper so we would try again later, 5 minutes after that he pees his pants. It’s frustrating and it takes a long time to do but I can say there’s progress for sure, can’t wait for this to be done hopefully before giving birth.
  • TV Time – I love reading about all those researchers that advises against letting children have an extended tv watch time but at the same time I’ve seen so many parents let their kids watch tv for long time because it keeps them silent? Also I’ve seen so many parents give their children phones and pads to watch videos on YouTube to keep them calm while they finish shopping peacefully or just sit in the restaurant. I’m guilty for few of these incidents, honestly my son is obsessed with Minions so I let him watch the movie along with Despicable Me movies probably everyday. I also let him watch some videos on YouTube if we go to a restaurant and I just want him to sit and wait till the food arrives, I feel my son isn’t that loud or noisy so I don’t always use this method.
  • Broken Language – You might know that I’m Arab, so my son speaks Arabic but also English and he switches because some words in Arabic are hard for him to pronounce so he says them in English. Of course I constantly get judged by this because … I don’t think there’s a reason to justify that part, I wish I can just tell them shut up at least he knows two languages at a young age. I just think it gives a child a good base to start with bilingual background before going to school. It gets uncomfortable when my son for example says Hi or Hello to older people instead of السلام عليكم  (A’ssalam A’laykum) which is more of an appropriate greeting we have.

Okay I didn’t expect this post to be this lengthy, I guess I have plenty of fails to redeem with my second child.  signature

4 New-Mom Problems


I recently had a short conversation with my friend Yuna whom inspired me to write this post. My son is almost two years old and I think I’ve grasped the whole new mom lifestyle and I thought of listing problems I personally faced during those two years.

  • Buy everything you may or may not need

The whole motherhood concept is a bit overwhelming from the pregnancy phase and for that obviously I was completely clueless on what I may need when the baby is here so I bought plenty of things that I didn’t really need. If I had a second child, at least I would learn from this mistake.

  • Possessive Love

Most of the new moms I talked to, admits this problem specifically. We get super possessive with our children and I would say selfish as well. This child is mine not anyone else and only mine, I don’t want to leave my child with someone for more than 2 hours.

  • Aggressive to nosy advice givers

Parental advises are the sworn enemy to any new parent, there’s a limit where you can handle those advises but it gets irritating when those nosy advice givers don’t really stop forcing it in your face.

  • Over-protective

When your child gets sick or hurt, you always wish it’s your pain to handle not your child. Obviously you’ll be over-protective from anything that could harm him, sometimes even from socializing with other kids because you’ll be afraid they might push or hit him/her.

These are mostly the problems I faced and other moms talked about, I guess I could say you learn as you grasp motherhood everyday and it gets better.


Parental Guilt


I recently came across an interesting post by 16-bit Dad about this topic and I honestly can relate to that post, I highly recommend checking his blog. I do feel guilty from time to time mostly because I don’t sit with my son as much as I’m supposed to.

There are times when I get frustrated when he refuses to eat even though I know he’s hungry, the solution was honestly too simple which is let him try to hold the spoon or fork on his own and encourage him. I feel guilty for all the times I was frustrated because of that and didn’t understand that he just wanted to depend on himself, I’m taking my time realizing that children grow up fast specially in that age.

I recently noticed that I stopped going out with friends and have fun, even going to a beauty salon to pamper myself and have my me time. I guess it stems from the guilt that I should be sitting with my son more during weekends since I’m not away at work. I’m always thankful that my husband helps, I always find myself appreciating him more whenever I hear others complain about their spouses.

I know this is a messy unorganized post, what I wanted to say is … Parental guilt is a common issue we all go through since we want to be the best parent for our children and not let them down, and in some cases call ourselves a bad mom or a bad dad. Also appreciate what you have in your life, it’s not always greener on the other side.

What makes it all worth it, the moment I open the door when I’m back from work. My son would run to me and hug me while saying “I love you mommy”