August Favorites


Real Techniques – Expert Face Brush

Yes, I’m too lazy to write an introduction so let’s leave it at that. My first favorite item is a makeup brush, and it’s a game changer to me. I’ve been using a sponge ever since I started using makeup, when it was time to get a new one I decided to switch to brushes and try them out. This brush was recommended to me by my sisters and I’m in love with it, it gives an airbrush finish and I don’t even need to blend the foundation because it was already too perfect. It worked so well with my new favorite liquid foundation Bourjois Healthy Mix, so I highly recommend it.

TB Touchbeauty

The next item is my new best friend, I can say from now that I refuse to let go of this device. I normally use Smooth Away pads to remove my facial hair since I was fed up from threading and all the painful solutions. I saw this device on Amazon and thought of trying it out instead of buying refill pads for Smooth Away and I immediately converted. It’s quite small so you can carry it in your bag or while travelling, it doesn’t do any loud noise and glides smoothly on the skin and removes hair instantly. It doesn’t work well with larger areas and thick hair though so I would recommend it for facial hair and areas you missed after shaving.

L’Oreal Collagen Re-Plumper Night Cream

Oh collagen, how you made the ladies insane about you. I’ve been a fan of L’Oreal Perfect White Night Cream and I was originally going to buy it but I decided to go for this cream instead because of the word “Collagen”. It’s not because I have wrinkles or anything but honestly it’s because I needed my face to look more plumped and full since I’ve been looking like a zombie in the past month, and this cream did help. I’ve been using it for a month now every night as part of my skincare night routine.

Lapis Lazuli Silver Moon Necklace

I’ve been wanting to get this necklace for the longest time, I’ve been adding it to my wishlist on many websites and telling myself to order it but I keep forgetting it. I recently remembered this necklace when I saw Lise’s post of her favorite necklaces and found it while I was shopping, the store sold silver charms and gemstones. I never entered this store before and I was fascinated with it, I found a lot of beautiful necklaces and of course found the moon one that I’ve been wanting since ever. it also has my favorite gemstone, Lapis Lazuli so I was over the moon when I found it … Excuse the pun.

Song of The Month


July Favorites

When I started writing this post, I wrote the title “June” at first so clearly I’m not ready for August. I honestly didn’t try that many products this month to consider a favorite so I apologize from now that this post going to be short.

The first product is something mothers would appreciate.


I’m in love with this cup because no matter how many times my son flings it across the room, it never spills. It’s called Wow Cup and I found it in Mothercare, decided to try it with my son. At first it was a bit difficult for him to understand how to drink from it but after few tries he’s enjoying it now. I would definitely recommend this to all mothers.

The next item is something I got from Sephora recently, I will post more about it in the next post of course so for now I’ll mention my first impression.


Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara is love from first use,  it was recommended to me by a worker in Sephora actually. She used it on her eyes and showed me how beautiful her lashes became after applying it. If you are looking for a mascara that separates the lashes and lengthen them, this mascara is for you.

Like I said this post going to be short, I’m sorry for that. Here’s the song of the month.

The Time I Met a Creepy Hairdresser

I mentioned before that I had a weird encounter at the salon before Eid in my previous posts so let’s talk about that. I made an appointment for hairdye, waxing and facial, and I’m already used to the ladies working there as they know exactly what I want so I trust them with my hair and skin.

Now I reached at 8 pm and proceeded to start with my hair, so while the dye settle in my hair, they could working on the other parts.


The lady who works on my hair is a beautiful Pakistani girl and she has the most gorgeous hair I’ve seen (This part will make sense later so keep that in mind)

While she was sectioning my hair to start applying the hairdye, some lady entered the room and I didn’t recognize her. Later she approached me saying hi and all, introduced herself as a new worker in this salon. I don’t want to comment about how she looks and sound shallow but I can say that I got a really bad vibe from her, also I started to notice that the Pakistani lady face started to change from smiling to annoyed.

giphy (1)

She tried to help my hairdresser but she was completely clueless about managing my hair so it was clear to me, she never done this before and I started to panic. In my head I was thinking “Oh god she’ll mess up my hair” Thankfully my hairdresser stopped her and told her just to hold my hair if she really want to help, and I can see that she was getting annoyed.

I tried to be friendly, asking what she’s specialized in and she said threading, facial and henna. If she’s clueless about hair that much, I’m scared to trust her with my face. While I was debating myself in agreeing to let her do my face, she started saying weird stuff.

Here’s how the conversation played out as they both were working on my hair..

Weirdo Lady: So where will you go after Eid ?
Pakistani Lady: Umm .. Dubai
Weirdo Lady: I’ll come with you, take me with you
The Pakistani Lady just smiled still looking annoyed.
Weirdo Lady: I’ll come with you to Pakistan as well but don’t leave me there alone, I’ll stay with you and your husband. You know I’ll just wrap myself on your car so I can always go with you and your husband
The Pakistani Lady still silent and pretending to be busy with my hair

Mind you, she was completely serious while saying those words and I was hoping she was just joking with her coworker. 

Weirdo Lady: (In Arabic) I really love this girl, too bad her husband took her from me. I want to be with her, I really love her.

My eyes just stayed wide open and I was about to shout WTF WTF WTF. The Pakistani lady looked confused because she doesn’t know Arabic well so asked me to translate and I was stuck on how to explain this .. weird .. person words. Honestly I got creeped out and understood why the Pakistani lady was annoyed and seemed uncomfortable around this lady.

I don’t know why I felt so uncomfortable around her and I just wanted her to go away, I don’t want to judge her but the way she talks was too creepy and weird. That’s why I left the salon without doing facial since I don’t want that lady to be anywhere close to me.

What would you do if you encountered all the sudden an inexperienced hairdresser in your favorite salon who’s making the other workers uncomfortable like this situation, I’d love to know what you guys think.


June Favorites

June ended, Ramadhan ended, Eid ended and we’re back to the normal daily flow. It was a rather interesting month, I got involved in a project related to my work which is keeping me quite occupied as the time-frame of this project goes on till the end of August so I wonder how I’ll manage myself during that. Anyway long story short, I’m trying to balance my life between work and personal issues but thankfully life is still great.

Onto my favorites this month …


I mentioned this face mask in the last haul post and I had to make it my favorite this month since it returned my face to be more radiant and moisturized, check out my review on it in the last post if you are interested.


I absolutely love Harvest Moon games, I recommended one of them in the Games to Revisit post for June. Animal Parade is definitely my favorite one, I like the story and also the gameplay. It offers more customization to the character, not much for appearance but for clothing and accessorizing it has more options which gives the player a way to keep the character more personalized. It has more side quests as well as the main storyline so it didn’t make me bored while playing it.


The nostalgia this game offers is … overwhelming. I know it’s not exactly released yet but some gaming shops started selling this game quite early and I had to get it because I technically grew up playing Crash Bandicoot on PSOne. The game levels are exactly the same as the original one but more enhanced in graphics obviously and it’s so much fun to play, don’t think much just go for it and get this game.

Song of The Month

May Favorites

Ramadhan started, everyone is going insane on the road and driving recklessly. I mean really is it hard to use the indicators when you want shift from one lane to another ? Have some decency to learn road etiquette, anyway leave this rant aside May has ended so how’s your new year resolutions going ?

Lately I’ve been too busy with life mostly work and it’s making me stressed, I try to have time for myself every once in a while so the first item I’ve been loving in May is L’Occitane Peony Perfecting Cream.


It’s definitely one of the best face creams I’ve used and it’s been part of my daily skin care routine ever since I bought it. It hydrates the skin which is quite useful nowadays the temperature in my country reaches 47 c plus fasting so my face needs such love and nurturing.

Next item is a mascara I got from the last box I got from Glossybox named Doucce Maxlash Volumizer Mascara

Maxlash-Mascara (1)

I am in love with this mascara because it makes my lashes look fuller and gives them more volume, looks completely natural so I’m seriously in love with it.

Lastly, I had to include this as my favorite this month which is these cute cookie plushies made by my friend who runs a home-made cookie business Baskoota.


I highly recommend trying her cookies if you were in Oman because honestly they are out of the world, so delicious and tasty.

and finally song of the month …

April Favorites

So Rei what have you been up to lately ?

Absolutely nothing but I can tell you I’m keeping myself more occupied by going to the gym. I can finally go out alone with my son and that feels so good, I feel more confident that I can depend on myself when I go buy groceries or taking my son to play alone without my husband. As for my anxiety as I mentioned before in a previous post, I bought this stress relief toy that for some reason went viral recently and everyone is playing with it but it’s one my April favorites.


I found these spinners oddly satisfying and it’s great for stress relief. It’s my favorite toy to play with when I’m over thinking. Moving on to my next favorite which is the nail polish I received from Merlady box.


Love the shade, it’s my favorite color and I love the shimmer in it.

As for my next favorite is also beauty related, it’s ColourPop Ultra Matte lip in Speed Dial shade which I received in my last Glossybox before cancelling it.


I honestly loved Glossybox but it became more of a burden to keep paying aramex every month, hopefully I’ll return to it soon after settling my money issues since I’m a total shopaholic. Anyway the color is absolutely beautiful it’s more of a peachy shade and it looks so natural for an everyday look.


So I got this necklace as a gift from my sister since I’ve been wanting it since I laid my eyes on it, so happy I finally got it and I had to choose it as one of  my April favorites.


Finally my last but not least favorite, Outlast 2. I’ve been so into this game lately, it’s disturbing and fucked up but quite entertaining that my son got interested. No worries I don’t play with him around because it’s seriously too messed up.

Song of a Month


March Favorites

I want to apologize for the lack of posts this month but I’ve been quite busy and regaining my life in some sort, I want to also apologize that I won’t be posting Glossybox reviews anymore because I need a break from subscription boxes but I’m still keeping OwlCrate and MerLady Box for now.

Recently I’ve been challenged to play Dark Souls 3 by a close friend of mine, let me just say that I hate Dark Souls because I’m a quick temper person and I already broke two controllers before while playing it.


I hate this screen so much

I chose this game to be in my March because I actually enjoy it. I like how challenging it is and how frustrating it makes me, it took me about 12 hours to beat it so I’m quite proud with that.

I bought three poetry books few weeks ago and I’m going to choose them all as my favorites for this month because they are just too good.


Broken Flowers by R.M Drake

I’ve always been a fan of R.M. Drake poetry, I bought all of his books and this one is the newest addiction to my collection. I highly recommend reading his poetry.

Born to Love, Cursed to Feel by Samantha King

Honestly I was attracted to this book by its’ cover even though I shouldn’t be, but the content of it is absolutely amazing. I could easily relate to every piece written in this book and I keep rereading it.

Stuff I’ve been Feeling Lately by Alicia Cook

Probably my favorite book off these three, I love the format it’s written in, mostly because it’s like a playlist of emotions and it’s all the thoughts a person go through. Its divided in two parts, the A side talks about all human condition while B Side is the remixes and it’s by far my favorite because it’s blackout poetry and the words are definitely too haunting.

The last item is running shoes actually. I’ve been thinking of joining a gym for awhile now because I still have some baby weight still floating around so I decided to motivate myself and buy sporty gear.


Funny part, I didn’t even join the gym yet and I bought the clothing like couple of weeks ago. I promise myself to start going to the gym everyday starting now, hopefully I’ll keep that promise.

Song of The Month