Testing Pore Cleaner Vacuum

Originally I was planning to post March Glossybox but when I got it yesterday from Aramex office, I found out the packaging is really messed up and one of the items is missing. I’m sure one of Aramex workers messed up the packaging when he/she was checking the content of the box but I don’t know who to blame for the missing item. Anyway it was my last box before I cancelled it today since I’m getting overwhelmed with many products, I’ll reactivate it again soon enough.

I decided to post this review instead, it’s something I’m pretty sure you’ve seen floating on social media for awhile. I got it few months ago from LightInTheBox but it got discontinued, so I found it on eBay as well if you are interested.


How Does it Work ?

It’s a bit tricky and I would say it’s annoying, you have to gently press with your thumb on the cap that closes the battery area and it’ll stop working if you remove your finger so you got to hold it while using it.  While moving it around your skin, it supposed to have enough suction to clean the pores and remove blackheads.

Does it Actually Work ?

I have mixed feelings about it, it works but not as efficient as deep facials you get in salons. I would say it worked well on my T Zone but not as much as on my nose unless I keep my face in steam for awhile to keep my pores open. It’s more of a hustle to do that’s why I didn’t use it as much.

The Verdict

I don’t think it’s that useful if you’re looking for deep cleansing tools, the vacuum itself doesn’t have that much power to clean the pore without effecting the skin itself because it’ll give you red marks if you keep using it in one area.

Have you ever used this tools before ? What do you think about it ?



My Night Time Skincare Routine


I’m just going to flat out say it, you barely get some time for yourself when you become a mother. Motherhood is great and I feel like I’m running on my son laughter as a fuel through the day but it gets tiring and it shows on my face. That’s why I kept the night time as my me time  which I’m pretty sure every mother deserves. My face has been showing the tiredness signs ever since I gave birth, I’ve been too tired to actually do something about it. I’ve tried this routine for quite sometime now and it seems to be working well for me as my face looks more human now and less zombie-ish.

Step 1: Cleanser


I normally wouldn’t recommend a scrub to be used daily, maybe once or twice a week but Neutrogena was quite gentle on my skin specially this one.

Step 2: Serum


I posted about this serum before on the beauty finds post, it’s a Japanese product I got from a salon I used to go to and it works like a tonic but also refreshes my skin as it contains vitamin-c. It also removes any remaining makeup left on my face and neck.

Step 3 : Night Cream


For the last step I use this night cream, I love it because it moisturize my skin as it makes it softer. It makes my skin look quite radiant the next morning actually that I feel confident enough that I don’t need foundation or bb cream when I go to work.