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Makeup Haul

It’s been awhile since I posted something related to makeup so here’s a little treat for you. We don’t really have Sephora store in Oman, there’re some ladies who sells them on Instagram but for higher prices, of course we … Continue reading

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Truths About Having Unnatural Hair Color

I’ve dyed my hair unnatural hair colors way too many times, I tried turquoise, blue, purple, orange and pink. Recently I did a dark blue ombre and I thought of writing this post to whoever thinking to dye their hair … Continue reading

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ACW All Cosmetics Wholesale Haul

I recently posted about a website that I would consider a Sephora alternative, I mentioned that I’ll do a proper haul post of the things I bought from this website. I have few comments about some products I got from … Continue reading

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Sephora Alternative

Few weeks ago I tried ordering from Sephora website and paid almost $117. A day after placing my order, I logged in to check my order status and it was showing “Unsuccessful Authorization” so they basically cancelled my order without … Continue reading

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Would You Rather Beauty Tag

I feel like doing a beauty tag because they are so much fun to post about so I found this tag of Would You Rather. If you want to do it too feel free to take the questions and put … Continue reading

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My Daily Makeup Routine (Sort of)

I wanted to post more of makeup related entries and I keep forgetting about it so I decided to post my usual makeup routine which I normally do whenever I go out hence the ‘sort of’ in the title because … Continue reading

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´╗┐Favorite Makeup Products

I’ve been inspired by a blog post by The Chic Community of makeup must haves, and I decided to list out makeup products that I can’t live without. Think of it as my ultimate favorites until something wows me as … Continue reading

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