Types of Visitors … That I Don’t Like


In the past three weeks, I’ve been quite hectic trying to balance my life with two kids. With a new family addition, comes greetings, gifts and visitors. It’s something I can’t really control, a lot of people came to visit me and of course we are talking about family members, friends even neighbors. I’m grateful don’t get me wrong but there are certain types of visitors that I cannot tolerate.

  • The ones that shows up without a warning
    I absolutely hate it when someone just shows up like that without letting me know, and it happened plenty of times while I was sleeping in my first week after giving birth. I’m really tired and barely sleeping from the baby crying along with the aches that comes after birth from stitches and back aches. I’m supposed to wake up and smile for them when I’m supposed to spend my time resting and healing ?
  • The ones that come at wrong times
    I hate when guests texts you that they are coming at a certain time because that’s convenient for them only not for me, for example couple of guests came early in the morning. I’m supposed to bathe my baby and then feed her so she won’t cry while I go to take a shower and be ready for those guests. Sometimes I can’t be ready on time if my baby wants to feed longer or randomly cries because she needs cuddles and hugs, and that stresses me out.
  • The ones that stay for too long
    I’m already trying to manage my time in dealing with two kids, some guests don’t understand that I cant sit with them for long and it gets awkward when I leave to feed my daughter and they just sit there in the living room apparently waiting for me. Keep your visit short and understand that I can’t be with you for long when I’m needed by my child more.
  • The ones that like to comment about your choice of the baby name
    Mostly older people would do this, they’ll comment about the name you chose for your baby like their opinion is very important. I feel names are more of a personal choice between the parents and others should understand that.
  • The ones that keeps commenting about the baby

    “oh the baby is crying, it must be because she’s hungry”
    Thanks for telling me, I didn’t know that

    Those know it all just irritates me, clearly stating the obvious. I know my child has colic, I know she’s crying because she’s either hungry or her diaper is dirty, or her tummy hurts. It may sound silly to others but it does irritates me for some reason.


6 thoughts on “Types of Visitors … That I Don’t Like

  1. I second this post Rei! It’s something that’s a bit difficult to do but that must be said and done. I’ve had family call me on their way to my house! 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’d say, some people lack common sense and respect for the mother that just gave birth. They think it’s ok, you’re home, you were discharged, it’s fine, it’s a go! Nope! It’s not ok. Not only that, even asking them to please wash their hands before touching the baby feels like pulling teeth. Truth be told, the last few births I’ve had, I’ve had people back off me for a while before attempting to ask if they can come over. 🙄 it is what is. Sometimes you just have to be straight forward with people, when they don’t have a clue.
    Hope your little one is well.

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  2. The ones that come at wrong times : I HATE THEM.
    When I had my son there was a lady who came around 9 PM, really women.

    And the ones that comment about how bad that you got C-Section and that you are spoiled kid who cant handle natural birth. You don’t know what the story so please shut up.

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