Product of The Month


We depend on technology in most aspects of our lives, we save our memories in our phones and devices not like old days when we used to go to photo shops with the negative strips to develop the photos not knowing if they actually look good or not. Of course those pictures we store occupy space and sometimes we are forced to erase them to have more space or the device itself can malfunction and delete everything. Keeping those disadvantages in mind, I decided to print out my son’s photos and keep them in a photo album so we can look back to those memories without using our phone and spend time trying to find that certain picture we had in mind.


I use Canon SELPHY printer for that and that’s why I chose it as my product of the month. I love how the photos turned out in more of a physical form and I’ve enjoyed putting them in an album. The printer allows you to print through Wi-fi or plug a USB drive, it needs special glossy sheets obviously and I’ve noticed the ink finishes by 60 sheets. There are sizes you can choose from in the printer itself but I went for the classic postcard size to keep them in the appropriate fit album.

If you are looking for a reliable printer to use with your phone at the comfort of your home, I highly recommend this one.



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