I Bought Stuff on Didddle for Free … ?


– Didddle.com has been shut down
– Didddlefashion.com is active with the same layout

I love online shopping, who wouldn’t enjoy shopping from the comfort of their home not having to take rounds just to find a parking space. You can find products not actually sold in your country and get them directly to your door easily (on some occasions). I’ve been shopping online for awhile to know what would a reliable website look like and I came across a certain website through a tweet I saw on twitter that day which looks like this.


I’ve seen this tweet circulate a lot recently and I haven’t seen a single website talk about this. So I had to go to check this website out and how exactly things are sold for free, and here’s what I found out.


It’s 100% a scam and I don’t know why no one really called them out yet because I was searching about it and nothing comes up related to it, if you search this website through Scam Advisor it’ll show that it’s somewhat safe. I went on and tried the website anyway because I wanted to get to the bottom of this, and on the front page it looks like a legit Shopify website that sells high quality products. On the bottom of the front page, it doesn’t really have the usual things you see normally in shopping websites, for example check boohoo website.


and here’s Didddle.


There’s no way to contact them, there’s no About us page, there’s no information whatsoever about this website. This is one of the red flags you get when you want to go online shopping and also the website doesn’t really offer PayPal payment, they instantly ask you for your card information. I went on with this website and decided to see how far it’ll go in making you buy stuff from the website and I chose 3 items and it only asked me to pay for shipping just like the tweet I mentioned in the beginning stated.


It took from my card the shipping amount and they sent me an email that the order is confirmed but what caught my attention was the last part of the email.


The contact email is on Yahoo, not even from the main website domain which is definitely sketchy. I tried sending emails to it and of course I didn’t get any response, it’s been two weeks already and I don’t think I’ll ever get those items or get a reply back.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.


14 thoughts on “I Bought Stuff on Didddle for Free … ?

  1. Oh my. I haven’t heard of this site, but it’s good to know to steer clear of it. You should contact your credit card company to get your money back & report the website too for being a scam!

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    • i’m surprised no one really talked about it yet, even scam advisor says it’s safe. I really hope people find this post as a warning before they get their card information stored at that site and get scammed more

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  2. When I was reading this article I was interested by the fact that you had ordered only 3 items and the shipping price was $12.97. My shipping cost was the same $12.97! I was going to take a picture and post it but I minimized the page so I could research the site and when I pulled it back up it closed itself and took me back to Facebook and the ad is no where to be found now? Also it would not let you change from standard shipping to express or over night shipping.


    • the whole website is shady and i really hope Shopify do something about it, it’s scamming people out of money plus storing all those credit card information


  3. I’ve actually gotten my items from this website took about 5 weeks and they did reply to me saying it takes a while so I waited and waited and finally got the items. Guessing it just takes a long time for them to send items out.


  4. I ordered from there too and just found their site to be down. Disappointed that I got scammed but at least they haven’t hacked my account. May should change it any way. Has anyone else been hacked by them?


  5. The scammer is back. Advertising for a site called Britney Talley or something along those lines. We all need to file a claim with the FTC. Please go to the FTC site so they can track this little shit down.


  6. I ordered from them as well and haven’t heard anything else from them in regards to tracking or nothing. I pray something can be done because this isn’t right and Shopify and who ever else should be held responsible for it😡🔥🤬😤


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