Omani Talents: Sultan Al Sibani (Suly)

A lot of readers have been enjoying this series since I started it back in May where I feature Omani talents that I think deserves exposure and I really love supporting such talents. With that being said, today I’m featuring a videographer whom I’ve known since he was in school and I’ve been watching him grow and mature to be this talented person with a view.

f7Z_EGse– We’ll start with introductions, tell us about yourself 

I’m Suly, or Sultan Al Sibani if you wanted to know my government name. I’m 21 and currently enrolled in college as a software engineer. I like to consider myself as a visualizer for ideas. I want to be an inspiration for myself and others in the future.

– How did you get into video editing and photography?

I started photography at a very young age just for fun and nothing too serious. Over time I got fascinated by cameras and the different ways I can portray my ideas.  It was when I started college that I pursued it professionally. I didn’t enroll into any film school, instead every day I would I look up photography or videography related matters online. I asked the people around for clues and tips. Everyday I learned something new and I will continue doing so every day in the future as well.

– Did you get any support from family and friends?

My cousin was the first one to push me into videography eventually since he was in a similar situation as mine, he was going to college as well. Apart from that no one really liked the idea of photography as a career path. Many doubted me, but I held my head up high and pushed through.

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Do you have a preference in gear when it comes to photography?

At first, I started collecting every gear I could lay my eyes on, only soon to figure out that it’s not the gear that matters, but how I manifest everything I have to visualize my ideas. I currently own two cameras: Canon 70D solely for photography and GH5 for film-making.

– Apart from photography, what are your hobbies?

I’m currently involved in mixed martial arts, Muay Thai to be specific. I plan on competing in Mixed Martial Arts fights in the near future. Additionally, I like playing the guitar from time to time, thus giving a fluid flow of ideas. I’m an amateur fisherman. Finally, I like to play videogames and recently I got into competitive mode.

– Do you plan in implementing your skills in your future career?

I can say that I’ve learned a lot from this journey and continue learning. Many of the skills I acquired I can see myself using in my future career and my day to day life. I believe that over the years I’ve developed an eye for looking at things in a different perspective. I became very patient with my art which then translated to many areas of my day to day life.

– What obstacles do you face when you release a video?

The most annoying hurdle I come across when I release a video is probably the quality drop since Instagram doesn’t allow high quality videos in the platform. I plan on moving onto YouTube soon. A lot of my videos get copyrighted even though it’s right well under fair use.

– Would you consider this as a side job if it pays well?

I’m considering videography as a full-time career. I believe that I have the capacity to bring forth my ideas and help make the world a better place through my videos. I really want to do something also related to my major as well in the future.

– Do you have any future plans?

Currently, I’m planning for big shoots in the future that I’ve never done before. It will be completely different content from what I’ve produced before. I’ve already started working on some of those projects, but I will say it’ll take at least six months for the whole project to be completed.

– Where can people find your work?

Most of my work can be found on Instagram under the username: @mzesuly


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