Omani Talents: Zakiya Al Waili (Kazuna Yoshida)

I’ve been getting a lot requests to post interviews after I posted about Omani Talents that I really support so I decided to interview one of my favorite artists Zakiya Al Waili.


-First let’s start with introductions, tell us about yourself.

I am Zakiya Al Waili, 24 years old and recently married. I am a self taught artist, I graduated from Oman nursing institute, yes! I am a nurse, currently working in a government hospital.

-How did you start with your art?
When I was in kinder garden basically, but I got deeply in it when I reached 7th grade which is around 13 or 14 years old I guess.

-How supportive your family and friends were?
At the beginning  I really didn’t get that support from my friends or family. My family used to stop me from drawing by saying its “haram” (Forbidden by religion) and I am not supposed to draw what I see on TV like cartoons. My colleagues on the other hand, used my art for their art assignments at school or just picking me as a partner for any art project. With time, my family got tired from trying to stop me so they gave up, I went wild for a period of time just to show them what I can do and how far I can reach, alhamdulillah (thanks to god).

-What’s your greatest achievement when it comes to your art?
I don’t see that I have achieved something yet, even though I gave workshops and participated in exhibitions, I still want to do something grand.

-How do you develop your art-style?
I used to have these moods to draw and get inspired from what I see, what I go through but even so, my way to develop my style is trying new things everyday. I experiment new colors and try new types of art styles, and basically go out of your comfort zone and step by step, you will realize you have your own.

-What inspires you to draw?
Other artists, I feel impressed by seeing how artists grow and improve their art and I really love that.

-Do you prefer using a software or a traditional pen and paper?
It depends, I usually go for traditional style just for fun, playing like a kid to relieve pressure. I do that in a software as well, but it’s more serious.

– Does your art life effect your personal or career life?
Well, I hope it does affect my career in a better way since my career specialty and my hobby are extremely different. Whenever I’m on duty, not many care about my artworks, and if they know, they will be like: “amazing! can you draw me?“. It doesn’t have much of my personal life as a part of a family I’m still social as ever, though my new life as a wife made my responsibilities as secondary comparing to what I love.

-Clearly your art is more anime influenced so what’s your favorite anime?
I love Ghibli animations like: Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle. I have lots of favorite anime series such as Himouto Umaru chan, Sword Art Online, Blend S and a lot more.

-Are you with using art like yours to get money or against it?
To be honest I used to do that, I used to work as an artist to get money in college days, but I stopped all kinds of trading later on. I still do it but very rarely, and with less amount for commission, I don’t aim for money. I want everyone to use my art in a proper way, and my advice to all artists who do art business, please be careful not to ruin your imagination like I did, enjoy exploding it all on your paper or tablet but don’t let anyone force you to do what they want just for the sake of needing money.

-Which artist you look up to?
There are several of artists I look up to, I don’t consider myself to be that good so I follow millions of them. I love to get inspired by their art and to try their style once or twice as practice. I look up to whoever of an artist they are, whether it’s a famous artist, international animator, Omani artist or even kids in school.

-Your motto in life?
No pain, no gain.

-What are your future plans?
Short term future goals is to participate in a convention in Oman by end of this year, and probably GCC (Gulf Continent Countries) too, yeah why not.

-Where can people find your art?
Anywhere with the name @kazunayoshida, mostly Instagram :3


I hope you enjoyed this interview as it’s a first for me, I would love to know your feedback. Don’t forget to check out Zakiya’s Instagram and give her support, she’s an amazing person and fun to be around.


3 thoughts on “Omani Talents: Zakiya Al Waili (Kazuna Yoshida)

    • yeah exactly, she’s proud to be a nurse but always strive to develop art. I really admire her, i wish i had half of her talent.


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