Pregnancy Then and Now


They tell you each pregnancy is different and a totally unique experience, I’ve been comparing my previous pregnancy to my current and it’s definitely different. I’m currently 18 weeks pregnant which means I’m in my 5th month, I’ve experienced things I’ve never had in my first pregnancy so to me it feels like it’s my first time.

The nausea didn’t end, even the vitamin supplements they gave me makes me sick so I have to take them before I go to bed so I wouldn’t feel like I want to throw up. My first pregnancy was definitely much smoother and easier, I was actually pretty active and energetic when I entered my 4th month. Now I can’t even apply makeup before I go to work, I don’t feel like going out as before. To ease my nausea, I found out chocolate worked well with me so I had to buy this …


I was fearing diabetes but if it helps my nausea, I don’t care.

Recently I started getting pain on my right leg, I even started limping. When I’m laying down or sitting, I feel fine but when I stand up and start walking, I feel the uterus pressure on my right side and it effects my leg. It was very painful, I had to go to my doctor and ask her about it. She told me the uterus is growing more to the right side and that’s common, with time it’s pressing on the nerves on my leg which is causing me the pain. There’s no solution to it since the uterus grows as weeks pass and eventually it’ll be more centered, what I can do is add more protein to my diet so it would help the nerves to bare this.

At the same time, I wanted to know the gender of my baby … but …


Me: Honey, please turn so I can see your beautiful face
Baby: No … you want to see my privates

My baby was holding the umbilical cord with hands and legs like it’s her/his comfort teddy so it blocked the vision, but we did manage to see the gender after all and I want to keep it private till I give birth. I feel excited to meet my new baby, my son keeps checking my belly and repeating “baby”. I want to see his reaction when he feels the movement on my belly, should be interesting.


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