Etsy Stores I Recommend

I love checking Etsy from time to time, I love the handmade element to be more accurate. I decided to compile a list in this post of all my favorite stores and items I got from Etsy.


I love this store and the person who runs it Century, I collaborated with her before on my 200 followers giveaway and she helped boost my blog. I love her polymer clay creations, she goes with the kawaii element.


I’m all for bath products, I tried the Mermaid Sugar Scrub before from this store and I absolutely love it.


I love her chibi drawings. I ordered a mug and two covers before from her and I’ve been in love with them ever since.


I love opal jewelry, I ordered from this store a beautiful opal moon and star necklace as a birthday gift for my sister as well as a ring for me. If you’re into that, I recommend checking this store.

4 thoughts on “Etsy Stores I Recommend

    • sorry it took me awhile to reply, they look absolutely beautiful ❤️ i will definitely add your store in the upcoming posts from Etsy Stores I Recommend


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