The Time a Bitch Tried to Ruin My Sister’s Wedding

Alright … I’m calm enough to do this.

Let’s pretend you are getting married, obviously you are nervous while getting your makeup and hair ready then all the sudden you realized your tiara and veil gone just like that. Of course you’d panic and it may ruin your day right ? Alright let me tell you what happened last week.

On the 4th of this month, it was my sister’s wedding day. We were all excited and happy for her and we all booked appointments for makeup and hair in the same salon (me and my sisters).


The girl who did our makeup was with us in college so we knew each other from before and she’s such a sweetheart (here’s her Instagram). Everyone was happy and we joked a lot while taking photos.


Anyway, my sister brought her tiara, veil and jewelry set in a small bag so the hairdresser would attach them while doing her hair. Now there was another bride getting ready in the salon and she had two ladies with her, her sister and a photographer who turned out to be a relative later on but we’ll get to that. Iman (the makeup artist) was feeling uncomfortable around them so that was the first red flag. By 6:30 pm we were almost done and my sister was getting her hair done, my other sisters were searching for the bag that has her veil and they couldn’t find it.ย We searched everywhere in that salon and we couldn’t find it. obviously my sister started panicking and wanted to cry.


My sister in law thought about the other bride who left an hour before, maybe she took it by mistake. The salon ladies got her number from the appointment date and we called her. The girl said that her photographer probably took it and she gave us her number, now this is where things got crazy.

Photographer: yeah I took it because I thought it was my relative’s stuff
Sister in law: Ok can you bring it back ? because it’s not her’s so return it to the owners.
Photographer (I mean Bitch): no it’s not my fault, I’ll just give the bag to my relatives and I don’t care.
Sister in law: It is your fault and you should return it back.

Bitch hang up the phone …



The salon workers were following all this drama and they were very angry because she’s a grade A bitch and disrespectful. We called her few more times and of course she didn’t answer, we called from different phones even and still no reply. My sister was on the verge of crying by this time because this girl is ruining her special day. We called the bride again to discuss this issue and it turns out they are from an area a bit further from us like 40 minutes drive.

We tried to make them agree to meet us at a middle point at least because we were getting late and I didn’t mind driving to get it, I just wanted my sister to be calm for her wedding. The lady kept refusing and didn’t want to deal with it, we decided to tell her that we’ll call the police because technically she took my sister’s belongings and refused to return them back. Obviously she got scared and she didn’t want to make this issue grow that big so she agreed to meet us at some park which is 20 minutes away.

So I went with one of my sisters and I remember that I drove so fast, I reached there in 8 minutes. When I parked in that meeting point, my sister said that bitch sent “If i didn’t find anyone there, I’ll throw the bag anywhere” …. I WAS LIVID.


I called her and was like “I’m here, where are you” honestly I was trying not to curse her and was holding myself not to punch her bitch-face when I see her. She came with a guy which I can assume for protection and I just pulled the bag off her hand aggressively without any word because I was too angry. I drove back to the salon again speeding because we were getting really late for the wedding.

Anyway, we reached the wedding later and my sister was happy. Everything worked out well after all that drama even though I honestly think that this bitch should’ve apologized for doing all this and also being really disrespectful.

What would you do if you were in this position ? Let me know in the comments.


3 thoughts on “The Time a Bitch Tried to Ruin My Sister’s Wedding

    • It just baffles me that she didn’t even have the decency to apologize when it’s clearly her fault. Part of me wanted to call the police anyway but i thought it’s not worth the hassle.


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