Crying over Finding Paradise


Finding Paradise is an adventure game developed and published by Freebird Games. Serving as a sequel to To the Moon and A Bird Story, the story continues with doctors Eva Rosalene and Neil Watts as they help to fulfill a wish for Colin Reeds, the protagonist of A Bird Story, who is now a bedridden old man. As with To the Moon, it features relatively few gameplay mechanics which center around puzzles, with the player controlling both doctors as they solve them in order to reconstruct the dying man’s memories in order to fulfill his dying wish

The moment I got an email that this game was released, I instantly went to buy it even before the “new release discount” that steam always do. I already played To The Moon and A Bird Story so I was very excited to finally try this game. While it was downloading, I was preparing myself mentally for it because To The Moon left me in a complete mess from crying, it’s such a good game and I was hoping Finding Paradise would be as good as To The Moon.

IMG_0053 (1)

The game follows the same pattern as the previous one but the puzzles are different. I really enjoyed the story and obviously it made me cry but I wouldn’t say as much as To The Moon. I honestly love the main characters Dr Eva and Neil, I think their personalities really show through the dialogues which you’ll definitely enjoy the humor of it.

I highly recommend trying this game if you really like To The Moon, it’s definitely worth the wait. If you can play A Bird Story before it, it’ll help build a back story to some moments in the game.

I also started playing Doki Doki Literature Club since my brother recommended it to me and so far it’s a plain visual novel and my choices so far taking me into Yuri’s route. I can’t wait to see the dark part of it, so please don’t spoil it on me if you reached a further part than me.


I’ll probably post about it when I’m done with it. I didn’t post Games to Revisit this month because I started playing new games and didn’t have time to replay an older game so hopefully next month will go back to the usual schedule. Hope you enjoyed this post and have a great day.


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