4 New-Mom Problems


I recently had a short conversation with my friend Yuna whom inspired me to write this post. My son is almost two years old and I think I’ve grasped the whole new mom lifestyle and I thought of listing problems I personally faced during those two years.

  • Buy everything you may or may not need

The whole motherhood concept is a bit overwhelming from the pregnancy phase and for that obviously I was completely clueless on what I may need when the baby is here so I bought plenty of things that I didn’t really need. If I had a second child, at least I would learn from this mistake.

  • Possessive Love

Most of the new moms I talked to, admits this problem specifically. We get super possessive with our children and I would say selfish as well. This child is mine not anyone else and only mine, I don’t want to leave my child with someone for more than 2 hours.

  • Aggressive to nosy advice givers

Parental advises are the sworn enemy to any new parent, there’s a limit where you can handle those advises but it gets irritating when those nosy advice givers don’t really stop forcing it in your face.

  • Over-protective

When your child gets sick or hurt, you always wish it’s your pain to handle not your child. Obviously you’ll be over-protective from anything that could harm him, sometimes even from socializing with other kids because you’ll be afraid they might push or hit him/her.

These are mostly the problems I faced and other moms talked about, I guess I could say you learn as you grasp motherhood everyday and it gets better.


9 thoughts on “4 New-Mom Problems

    • yeah exactly, I remember buying all sorts of swaddle blankets from normal ones to the ones with zippers and all but i never really used them, muslin ones are my favorite.


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