Assassin’s Creed Origins and Cuphead


I haven’t really got the feeling that I miss gaming until I opened my neglected Steam account. I’ve always stayed gaming in older consoles because newer games didn’t interest me anymore, and I’ve posted every month about games I would revisit that I really enjoyed playing. I recently decided to try Assassin’s Creed newest installment since I’ve always been a fan, I couldn’t get it for PS4 because it’s being abused by my brothers in law and sister in law kids that’s why I thought of getting it on my laptop instead.

I opened my old steam account and it just hit me, I really miss gaming. I miss the thrill of starting a new game, the hours I spent trying to get an achievement and the frustration of losing. I went on and bought the game, while it was downloading I was browsing through games. Some I know that I tried and beated and some were completely new to me.


It’s been awhile since I played an Assassin’s Creed game, I didn’t exactly play Syndicate more than 2 hours.ย  I also didn’t like the movie so my life lacked a little bit of assassins action for quite some time.

I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed Origins lately and I’m really enjoying it, I would say it’s more gore-y than the other Assassin’s Creed games and that’s probably the one thing I noticed through out my gameplay so far.


I liked the leveling system, it gives the player more area to cover in the open world of Assassin’s creed in order to upgrade the gear so it doesn’t only follows the main quests but offers side quests in between to gain XP and that would allow the player to proceed the story not under-leveled. I would admit that I took some time to get used to controlling Senu (The Eagle) so I could locate the upgrade items and materials but it’s definitely something new from the usual Assassin’s Creed’s eagle vision, now it’s literally an eagle.

Moving on to the next game … The hate of my life …


I have a hate love relationship with this game.

Hype kill games, it’s concept I’ve seen repeatedly in newly released games. There’s so much hype around a certain game but when it gets released, everything seem disappointing as it didn’t reach the expectations that the hype created. I’ve seen so many games fall into that trap specially No Man’s Sky, even though I enjoyed it to some extent. Let’s talk about Cuphead … It lives above this so-called hype.

I’m not going to say how amazing this game is, or about the music and art style because it seriously above the word “Amazing” and I can’t possibly describe it in one post. I grew up watching those old cartoons with the same art style so obviously I would appreciate everything offered in this game. Also I won’t talk about the game difficulty because …. Honestly I broke two of my controllers since I started this game and it took me 45 minutes just to beat the first run ‘n gun level.

Will you get frustrated while playing Cupead ?
Is it worth getting ?
Totally and not because everyone is talking about it, it’s such a good well-made game.



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