My Trip To Thailand


Recently I’ve been going through some life bumps and mostly from work, I needed to take a break and just breath  My husband suggested I would go to Thailand with them, because he wanted to take his mother for checkup and might take his siblings as well. I agreed even though, I don’t really enjoy going with my in laws anywhere to be honest because they are the type that complains too much and I hate it.


My grandmother and mother tagged along later so we became a big family going on a vacation, I would love to describe the flight but I’ll sum it up with … it was horrible and I’ll post why in another post. It’s my second time going to Thailand actually so I was already familiar with the culture, the weather and the weird driving lanes.

It rained almost every night and I LOVE IT, the weather was sometimes humid and sometimes too hot to walk out. I didn’t really put in my mind that I’ll be going out to shop or have fun because the main reason we were there was a medical reason so I didn’t even spend time with my husband, I went out with my son and my in laws mostly while he had to take my grandmother and his mother to hospitals.


Surprisingly, I did have fun and I felt refreshed also in a better state of mind. I wish I could’ve stayed longer though but not with my in laws, probably just have my alone time with my husband at least. I wanted to talk about how amazing their zoo is, the Safari World in the next post for sure but I’ll probably schedule OwlCrate review first so stay tuned for that.



9 thoughts on “My Trip To Thailand

  1. Oooh Thailand! Where’d you go? What’d you see? Do tell! Did you have Tom Yum Soup (they shoved it in my face everywhere I went, over there). More importantly how is your grandma’s and mother-in-law’s health? I hope all the tests came back okay.


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  4. We loved Thailand! It really destressed us too. Perhaps we didn’t do as much as we planned, but that’s all part of reducing the stress 😂 hope you had a lovely rest of your trip 😀 what was your favourite part about your trip?

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