My Figure Collection

I don’t know how to start this post, I mean for me it doesn’t really sound like an original idea but I thought of sharing it. I like collecting figures but for some reason my collection consist of 90% Funko Pop ones but I like showing them off anyway so let’s start …



Ezio Auditore Action Figure

The first item which I totally forgot to take an individual picture of, is my favorite character Ezio from Assassin’s Creed. This action figure was a birthday gift from my brother. I think he gave it to me 4 or 3 years ago and I didn’t open package because I like this preserved form.



Elise De Laserre Figure

Another Assassin’s Creed figure, let me confess I was obsessed with that franchise so I bought plenty of items related to it, from shirts to wallets and keychains. Elise has a special place in my heart, I love her personality and I love how Assassin’s Creed Unity plays out in Templars against Assassins. I got this figure also as a birthday gift from a very close friend of mine who’s also a figure collector but his collection is way more beautiful than mine.

Ezio and Edward Funko Pop

By now you would pretty much understand my obsession with Assassin’s Creed. I got Ezio one as a free gift along with PS4 which my husband bought for me on our first day of being a married couple which was nice of him. Edward one was on sale actually and it was an offer of buying 3 Funko Pops for a certain amount of money, which was cheap so I got Edward along with these two below.


Jesse from Breaking Bad Funko Pop and Cook Edition

I got these two along with Edward as I mentioned earlier. I love Breaking Bad series, it’s one of my favorites and obviously I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know.


Soot Sprite in Miniture Bottle

Okay I wouldn’t consider this as a ‘figure’ but it’s related to my geeky side, I’ll let it slide in this post. I love Ghibli Movies and mostly Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle so these cute soot balls grabbed my attention and I had to keep one with me, I promise I don’t shake it. I don’t remember from where I got it, I remember it’s somewhere online but you’ll probably find plenty of variations of this on Etsy.


Dancing Groot Funko Pop

I’m not exactly a fan of superhero movies but Guardians of The Galaxy .. I like it because of Groot honestly. I bought this with few games I got for my Nintendo 3DS and I remember it was the last one left, I was so excited when I got it because it’s super adorable and it’s a bobble head so EXTRA cute.

DobbyHermione and Gus Funko Pop

I got all these three from OwlCrate, Dobby from the Good Vs Evil box, Hermione from Epic box and Gus from Royalty box. Hermione and Gus are both minis from mystery boxes and they are super adorable, as for Dobby he looks so cute holding the socks.

Lara Croft and Adam Jenson Figures

I got those two from Loot Gaming when I was subscribed last year on July and August. I like the fact that they are exclusive so I feel special having them.


Overwatch Reaper Funko Pop

Also got it from Loot Gaming even though I’m not exactly an Overwatch fan but it’s a nice addition to my collection.


Deadpool Chibi Figure

I’ve seen this figure in an Instagram story on an account that sells gaming and anime items, and I instantly asked a friend of mine to get it for me because I LOVE Deadpool so this figure is one of my favorites.


Hermione Funko Pop

I got this one from LootCrate’s Wizarding World which I didn’t post about but it had some awesome stuff along with this figure, my problem was it’s a bit expensive so I cancelled after getting my first box.


Sora Bobblehead Figure

I got this figure as a birthday gift from my friends back in college when they threw me this amazing surprise party which we got in trouble for because apparently they stole tables from classrooms to prepare for the whole thing. I love this figure because it reminds me of that day and makes me appreciate having such friends.

Pagan Min Double Sided Figure

I got this figure also as a birthday gift from my brother along with the game itself. Since it’s double sided I was having hard time to position it in a way to be seen from both sides but it’s a cool figure and I like the details in it.


Okamiden Figure

I got this on Loot Gaming as well and it’s probably the heaviest one compared to the smaller figures I have. Quite detailed and I like it.


Ryuk Figure

Finally my latest addition and definitely my favorite figure, Shinigami Ryuk from Death Note and I’m in love with it. I recently watched the Death Note movie and … Let’s not talk about it again because it makes me mad but anyway I got this figure as a gift from a friend who knows how invested I am in Death Note.

I’m definitely planning on growing this collection and having a decent shelf to show them off, I would love to see your collection so please comment and let me know if you posted something similar. I hope you enjoyed this post and as always have a great day.


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