August Favorites


Real Techniques – Expert Face Brush

Yes, I’m too lazy to write an introduction so let’s leave it at that. My first favorite item is a makeup brush, and it’s a game changer to me. I’ve been using a sponge ever since I started using makeup, when it was time to get a new one I decided to switch to brushes and try them out. This brush was recommended to me by my sisters and I’m in love with it, it gives an airbrush finish and I don’t even need to blend the foundation because it was already too perfect. It worked so well with my new favorite liquid foundation Bourjois Healthy Mix, so I highly recommend it.

TB Touchbeauty

The next item is my new best friend, I can say from now that I refuse to let go of this device. I normally use Smooth Away pads to remove my facial hair since I was fed up from threading and all the painful solutions. I saw this device on Amazon and thought of trying it out instead of buying refill pads for Smooth Away and I immediately converted. It’s quite small so you can carry it in your bag or while travelling, it doesn’t do any loud noise and glides smoothly on the skin and removes hair instantly. It doesn’t work well with larger areas and thick hair though so I would recommend it for facial hair and areas you missed after shaving.

L’Oreal Collagen Re-Plumper Night Cream

Oh collagen, how you made the ladies insane about you. I’ve been a fan of L’Oreal Perfect White Night Cream and I was originally going to buy it but I decided to go for this cream instead because of the word “Collagen”. It’s not because I have wrinkles or anything but honestly it’s because I needed my face to look more plumped and full since I’ve been looking like a zombie in the past month, and this cream did help. I’ve been using it for a month now every night as part of my skincare night routine.

Lapis Lazuli Silver Moon Necklace

I’ve been wanting to get this necklace for the longest time, I’ve been adding it to my wishlist on many websites and telling myself to order it but I keep forgetting it. I recently remembered this necklace when I saw Lise’s post of her favorite necklaces and found it while I was shopping, the store sold silver charms and gemstones. I never entered this store before and I was fascinated with it, I found a lot of beautiful necklaces and of course found the moon one that I’ve been wanting since ever. it also has my favorite gemstone, Lapis Lazuli so I was over the moon when I found it … Excuse the pun.

Song of The Month

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