Choosing a Gaming Laptop

I get asked a lot about my laptop, how does it run the sort of games I usually talk about. As you all know, I don’t play only PC games and I don’t follow the stereotyping of gamer races. I’m ‘Everything Gamer’ basically so I don’t only focus on specs that will run a game with smooth FPS, I also focus if the laptop or desktop can run emulators so I can play older games as well.


My starter laptop was a Toshiba Satellite, don’t remember which one but I bought it with the money I got from working part-time at a company called ODC (Oman Drydock Company). I needed a laptop back then to working on my graduation project as well as gaming and I simply focused on getting an i5 Intel Core which is not exactly a good choice for a gaming laptop but it did run few games as it reached the minimum requirements. I currently have MSI Ghost GS60 and I absolutely love it, it’s a bit expensive but it was worth it.

What do I focus on when I want to buy a gaming laptop …

Has to Intel Core i7 or above. I think this is an obvious choice for any gamer, I mean you do want a laptop that can run a game flawlessly so you would focus first on the performance. Dual-core and always go for 8GB or more if you can.

Graphics. I think this is what most of my friends like to boast about, graphic cards. I would say it’s one of the important features you want to focus on because of course you would want that immersive visuals that makes you deeply invested in the game. Since I’m currently using it, I’ll say GeForce GTX 970M and go for better if you could.

Sound. I focus on the sounds a lot, it completes the whole gaming experience for me. We rely on headsets mostly but I feel we should trust the speakers as well.

I would recommend checking out these gaming laptops.


5 thoughts on “Choosing a Gaming Laptop

  1. I’ve relied so much on desktop computers so i forget that there’s laptops out there that works for games too.. I don’t know if i would ever purchase one though, i love the customization possibilities of a desktop.

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    • I was thinking to build my own gaming computer because of that, I think it’ll be fun to do since it’s gonna be based on my personal choice.


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