MerLady Box – Save The Mermaids


I was confused when I received a notification from Aramex that I got a package from MerLady Box because I remember getting an email saying that my subscription got cancelled. Later on, I checked my emails and saw that I was charged for July’s box but I didn’t get an update and I forgot about it. I think they were trying to release the new subscription box Jewels of The Sea and it messed up the original box subscriptions. Anyway the contents of this box made me reactivate my subscription to MerLady Box, July’s theme is “Save the Mermaids” and apparently the majority of the materials used to create the products and packaging in this box are recycled. Also I should mention, the products came in a pouch packaging not the usual box.


Aluminum Water Bottle #SaveTheMermaids

The info card that came in the pouch didn’t really specify by who or from where so I’m going to assume this bottle is by MerLady but not added to the shop yet. I’ve been thinking about going back to the gym recently so this bottle came in the perfect time, I can show off my love for mermaids.

Mermaid Popsocket

For a while now, I was considering getting a popsocket not because I like taking selfies, but because my phone slaps my face whenever I use it while laying down. I love the design on this popsocket and it fits comfortably with my fingers, it’ll take me a while to get used to it though.


Mermaid Tail Earrings

Another item I’ll assume is from MerLady, these earrings are so pretty with the cute mermaid tail design. They are quite light and the colors on the tails are very vibrant and beautiful.

Rearview Mirror Charm

This is so gorgeous, I instantly fell in love with this charm. It has a dream catcher web and a pretty mermaid charm, along with ocean colored gems. Definitely my favorite item from this box.


Mermaid Anklet

The last item is a lovely anklet but I want to say that I didn’t like the mermaid charm hanging on it because it’s a bit too big but I like the crystal though.

Overall, I LOVE MERLADY BOX… Isn’t it obvious? The items they sent out for July’s theme definitely fits the theme which raises recycling awareness and saving mermaids, they listed ocean conservation companies in the info card so you can visit their websites and support them if you are interested.


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