Henna, Eyelash Extentions and Pretty Little Liars

I originally intended to make the three topics from the title as separate posts but I decided to group them all as a recap of what I’ve been doing in the past three weeks, maybe?

To start off, before Eid. I did henna and as you all know I’m not exactly fond of it. I don’t like the smell of it but I eventually gave in and did.



This is quite a new style for me to do, I honestly didn’t want to have as much but the lady who draws went a little overboard. It looks pretty though.


Moving on to the next new thing I did, eyelash extensions. To be honest, I’m quite bad in using extensions, I don’t know how to put them on my lashes. I thought of taking the easy way but also pricey, trying semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

I went to the salon, completely clueless about the whole process and I was lazy in doing my homework, researching about those extensions and also how to take care of them. I guess I was thinking, just go for it. I laid down on the bed and the lady proceeded to do the whole thing while my eyes obviously closed. I’m a mother so I don’t really sleep the required amount of hours so I was a bit tired that day and surprise surprise … I slept while she was putting those lashes. It was a bit embarrassing because I almost opened my eyes since I woke up suddenly a bit dazed and the lady just padded on my head and said “Continue sleeping”

Anyway after she was done, I looked in the mirror and I was so in love with how my eyes turned out. I chose a normal look, not too dramatic with bold looking lashes. It had a pretty curl and they looked quite long that it annoyed me while wearing glasses. Other than that I liked them and I was planning to do them again. I started noticing that few were falling by the 2nd week and by 4th week my lashes returned to the original state if that makes sense so because of that I thought, why bother paying for it when it needs maintenance that fast ?

I would recommend them if you have the time and money to maintain them because they do make your eyes look pretty.


Let’s talk about Pretty Little Liars for a moment, I was deep into it. I’ll stretch the word “WAS” because back then, it was more interesting. As the seasons progress, I lost interest and got frustrated from how the story was shaping. There was so many plot-holes that didn’t make sense to the story and I got stressed not because of the whole A situation but how the girls are handling the issue.

At first A scenes made me on edge and excited to see the next episode then later on I started screaming to the screen of how the girls are stupid and how this can be avoidable if they did things differently. I completely stopped watching it two years ago in the 10th episode of season 6 when the whole A reveal went down. I was so disappointed because it didn’t really fit the story and it was really frustrating to me, I stopped watching it by that episode and moved on.

Recently I decided to continue watching it since I found out it ended so I was curious how everything SUPPOSEDLY made sense about A and the girls, it’s not easy to avoid spoilers so I read few things online. Wonder if the new episode will excite me as before but I really doubt it.


9 thoughts on “Henna, Eyelash Extentions and Pretty Little Liars

  1. Im sure you made the job easy for the salon lady by sleeping through it haha 🙂 But it does seem like a waste of money if they are only going to last for a few weeks

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