The Time I Met a Creepy Hairdresser

I mentioned before that I had a weird encounter at the salon before Eid in my previous posts so let’s talk about that. I made an appointment for hairdye, waxing and facial, and I’m already used to the ladies working there as they know exactly what I want so I trust them with my hair and skin.

Now I reached at 8 pm and proceeded to start with my hair, so while the dye settle in my hair, they could working on the other parts.


The lady who works on my hair is a beautiful Pakistani girl and she has the most gorgeous hair I’ve seen (This part will make sense later so keep that in mind)

While she was sectioning my hair to start applying the hairdye, some lady entered the room and I didn’t recognize her. Later she approached me saying hi and all, introduced herself as a new worker in this salon. I don’t want to comment about how she looks and sound shallow but I can say that I got a really bad vibe from her, also I started to notice that the Pakistani lady face started to change from smiling to annoyed.

giphy (1)

She tried to help my hairdresser but she was completely clueless about managing my hair so it was clear to me, she never done this before and I started to panic. In my head I was thinking “Oh god she’ll mess up my hair” Thankfully my hairdresser stopped her and told her just to hold my hair if she really want to help, and I can see that she was getting annoyed.

I tried to be friendly, asking what she’s specialized in and she said threading, facial and henna. If she’s clueless about hair that much, I’m scared to trust her with my face. While I was debating myself in agreeing to let her do my face, she started saying weird stuff.

Here’s how the conversation played out as they both were working on my hair..

Weirdo Lady: So where will you go after Eid ?
Pakistani Lady: Umm .. Dubai
Weirdo Lady: I’ll come with you, take me with you
The Pakistani Lady just smiled still looking annoyed.
Weirdo Lady: I’ll come with you to Pakistan as well but don’t leave me there alone, I’ll stay with you and your husband. You know I’ll just wrap myself on your car so I can always go with you and your husband
The Pakistani Lady still silent and pretending to be busy with my hair

Mind you, she was completely serious while saying those words and I was hoping she was just joking with her coworker. 

Weirdo Lady: (In Arabic) I really love this girl, too bad her husband took her from me. I want to be with her, I really love her.

My eyes just stayed wide open and I was about to shout WTF WTF WTF. The Pakistani lady looked confused because she doesn’t know Arabic well so asked me to translate and I was stuck on how to explain this .. weird .. person words. Honestly I got creeped out and understood why the Pakistani lady was annoyed and seemed uncomfortable around this lady.

I don’t know why I felt so uncomfortable around her and I just wanted her to go away, I don’t want to judge her but the way she talks was too creepy and weird. That’s why I left the salon without doing facial since I don’t want that lady to be anywhere close to me.

What would you do if you encountered all the sudden an inexperienced hairdresser in your favorite salon who’s making the other workers uncomfortable like this situation, I’d love to know what you guys think.


10 thoughts on “The Time I Met a Creepy Hairdresser

  1. She was not being professional in any way. I don’t think anyone would appreciate hearing words like that from a stranger. If it was someone close to you it could have been brushed off as a joke but in a professional setting she shouldn’t act like that! I’m sorry it happened to you, that’s super creepy! 😦

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  2. That is so creepy! I would leave as soon as possible if I encountered someone like her. I also agree with Lise that she was unprofessional and she should have kept those comments to herself.

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    • I really like this salon because they use a great dye brand that doesn’t turn my hair orange, I don’t know if I want to return to them because that lady freaked me out.


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