I Listen to Barney and Elmo Songs Everyday

Such a lengthy title and it basically sums up this whole post. My son started to favorite things, foods and music, and as a mother you should share these found-favorites. Recently he started liking Barney and enjoys the songs, now he makes me open YouTube everyday to watch Barney dancing around and singing with children.


Along with Barney, he got obsessed with Elmo from Sesame Street. He loves watching episodes that includes this furry red creature and sings along with him, it’s cute but also gets frustrating after awhile because I can’t watch anything till he sleeps or not around TV.


Since I’ve been driving around with him sitting in his seat, I had to make a playlist on Spotify that is solely for Elmo and Barney songs, and of course I have to listen to these songs everytime I go out with him. Funny thing, I memorize these songs that I started singing them more often and then I question my sanity.

I decided to start potty training him since he’ll be 18 months soon and I think he’s ready for it, this is going to be challenging but since when motherhood was easy ?


3 thoughts on “I Listen to Barney and Elmo Songs Everyday

  1. The constant singing is one of the reasons why i don’t want any children- my patience is way too low for me to be able to survive it. You mothers are strong!

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