June Favorites

June ended, Ramadhan ended, Eid ended and we’re back to the normal daily flow. It was a rather interesting month, I got involved in a project related to my work which is keeping me quite occupied as the time-frame of this project goes on till the end of August so I wonder how I’ll manage myself during that. Anyway long story short, I’m trying to balance my life between work and personal issues but thankfully life is still great.

Onto my favorites this month …


I mentioned this face mask in the last haul post and I had to make it my favorite this month since it returned my face to be more radiant and moisturized, check out my review on it in the last post if you are interested.


I absolutely love Harvest Moon games, I recommended one of them in the Games to Revisit post for June. Animal Parade is definitely my favorite one, I like the story and also the gameplay. It offers more customization to the character, not much for appearance but for clothing and accessorizing it has more options which gives the player a way to keep the character more personalized. It has more side quests as well as the main storyline so it didn’t make me bored while playing it.


The nostalgia this game offers is … overwhelming. I know it’s not exactly released yet but some gaming shops started selling this game quite early and I had to get it because I technically grew up playing Crash Bandicoot on PSOne. The game levels are exactly the same as the original one but more enhanced in graphics obviously and it’s so much fun to play, don’t think much just go for it and get this game.

Song of The Month

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