May Favorites

Ramadhan started, everyone is going insane on the road and driving recklessly. I mean really is it hard to use the indicators when you want shift from one lane to another ? Have some decency to learn road etiquette, anyway leave this rant aside May has ended so how’s your new year resolutions going ?

Lately I’ve been too busy with life mostly work and it’s making me stressed, I try to have time for myself every once in a while so the first item I’ve been loving in May is L’Occitane Peony Perfecting Cream.


It’s definitely one of the best face creams I’ve used and it’s been part of my daily skin care routine ever since I bought it. It hydrates the skin which is quite useful nowadays the temperature in my country reaches 47 c plus fasting so my face needs such love and nurturing.

Next item is a mascara I got from the last box I got from Glossybox named Doucce Maxlash Volumizer Mascara

Maxlash-Mascara (1)

I am in love with this mascara because it makes my lashes look fuller and gives them more volume, looks completely natural so I’m seriously in love with it.

Lastly, I had to include this as my favorite this month which is these cute cookie plushies made by my friend who runs a home-made cookie business Baskoota.


I highly recommend trying her cookies if you were in Oman because honestly they are out of the world, so delicious and tasty.

and finally song of the month …


4 thoughts on “May Favorites

  1. It seems like people forget how to drive with every kind of holiday.. Been so many accidents here lately. The face cream sounds good though, sounds like something I’d want to try some day!

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