April Favorites

So Rei what have you been up to lately ?

Absolutely nothing but I can tell you I’m keeping myself more occupied by going to the gym. I can finally go out alone with my son and that feels so good, I feel more confident that I can depend on myself when I go buy groceries or taking my son to play alone without my husband. As for my anxiety as I mentioned before in a previous post, I bought this stress relief toy that for some reason went viral recently and everyone is playing with it but it’s one my April favorites.


I found these spinners oddly satisfying and it’s great for stress relief. It’s my favorite toy to play with when I’m over thinking. Moving on to my next favorite which is the nail polish I received from Merlady box.


Love the shade, it’s my favorite color and I love the shimmer in it.

As for my next favorite is also beauty related, it’s ColourPop Ultra Matte lip in Speed Dial shade which I received in my last Glossybox before cancelling it.


I honestly loved Glossybox but it became more of a burden to keep paying aramex every month, hopefully I’ll return to it soon after settling my money issues since I’m a total shopaholic. Anyway the color is absolutely beautiful it’s more of a peachy shade and it looks so natural for an everyday look.


So I got this necklace as a gift from my sister since I’ve been wanting it since I laid my eyes on it, so happy I finally got it and I had to choose it as one of  my April favorites.


Finally my last but not least favorite, Outlast 2. I’ve been so into this game lately, it’s disturbing and fucked up but quite entertaining that my son got interested. No worries I don’t play with him around because it’s seriously too messed up.

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