MerLady Box – The Crafty Mermaid


logoI’m back to unboxing my favorite subscription boxes and today as the title of the post says, it’s MerLady box time. I’ve been loving this subscription box lately as I mentioned in last month box and the first box I received. I know it’s late since this is March box but I’m posting it either way, the theme of this box is “The Craft Mermaid”


GirlAndHerCat – Purrrmaid Keychain ($10.00)

I’m OBSESSED with this keychain, I love both cats and mermaids so seeing these two as one made me fan girl a little bit. I instantly used it for my car keys and I’m so in love with it.

Baroness X – MerLady Tint Custom Nail Polish ($8.00)

I’m so in love with this shade, it has a beautiful shimmer. It’s a custom tint made for MerLady box but seeing all the shades they offer on their website makes me want to try them all because they all look so beautiful.

Baroness X – Saltwater Scented Cuticle Balm ($4.00)

Another custom item for MerLady box and it’s cuticle balm with saltwater scent which smells so good and it left my lips quite soft after I tried it. It’s super tiny so I kept it in my bag.


TheInklingGirl – Manatee Print ($10.00)

This print is so adorable, I’ve always loved these sea creatures I’ve considered them to be actual Pokemon and they are mermaids. The colors and details is just perfect and beautiful.

TheInnocentBones – Mermaid Cross Stitch Kit ($12.95)

So this is pretty cool, I’ve done some cross stitching before when I was still in school so this was a nice item to find in this box. The kit has everything you need to start stitching but I’ve seen few girls change the original black string to something more mermaid-ish and they did an amazing job with it.

Mermaid Bathbomb with Soap Tail

Now this item isn’t listed in the card that comes in the box so I had to search for it on etsy and found it. I don’t know about the damaged part as the page mentioned because it looks pretty decent to me but the bathbomb donut crumbled a bit but not badly to be honest. It smells good and it looks too pretty that I’m hesitant to use it.

Overall, I would said the Purrrmaid is definitely my favorite item in the box along with the nail polish. The other items are pretty awesome as well. Hope you enjoyed this post and have a great day.


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