Games to Revisit in April

I’v been posting a lot less than before I know that but I’m going through some life bumps I could say and I’ve been trying to get my old self back, I miss me honestly and I also miss blogging.

Anyway on to the main topic of this post, GAMES. This month I decided to choose games from Nintendo 3DS since it needs a little bit of love like any other console.

Pokémon Shuffle


Pokémon Shuffle, similar to Pokémon Battle Trozei, is a puzzle game in which players fight against various Pokémon by matching three or more of the same Pokémon on their bottom of their screen. Players accomplish this by swapping around Pokémon on the bottom of their screen. Players can take up to four support Pokémon with them, some of which can deal additional damage depending on their type (e.g. matching water-type Pokémon causes extra damage to fire-based opponents). Players progress through each stage by defeating the opposing Pokémon within a set number of moves, after which the player receives in-game coins and their Pokémon gain experience. Upon clearing a stage, players will have a chance to catch the Pokémon; the quicker the player defeats a Pokémon, the higher probability they have of catching it. If the player fails to catch it with their first Pokéball, they can spend coins to use Great Balls with a doubled chance of success, or retry the stage at a later date. Defeating Pokémon trainers earns Mega Stones, which allow certain Pokémon (if they have been successfully caught) to undergo Mega Evolution once a player has matched enough of them during a stage, granting bonus effects when matched. Players can also unlock Expert levels, which require the player to defeat a Pokémon within a time limit using unlimited moves.

This game was released on iOS, Android and 3DS, best part it’s FREE. I would say it’s my favorite time wasting game ever, it’s fun but can be frustrating when you run out of hearts which integrates micro-transactions at this point. Unlike Pokémon GO, this game gives you a reason to return to the game each day because it offers daily rewards. I personally would prefer this game over Pokémon GO.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call


As with Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Curtain Call is a rhythm video game. Players use characters from across the Final Fantasy series to navigate through songs in rhythm games. Players go through the various stages and modes collecting Rhythm Points: the better the player performs, the more Rhythm Points the player gains at the end of the stage. The game is split up into three different gameplay modes: Field Stages, where the player controls one character, Battle songs, where teams of characters face off against enemies and bosses, and Event Stages, which features songs played against a full-motion video background of the game or film the music is drawn from. A new Versus mode is included where two players face off against each other in multiplayer using the game song.

Easily one of my favorite games ever because one, it has Final Fantasy characters and two, it has over 221 songs from the franchise. I absolutely love Final Fantasy music so I wouldn’t mind staying for hours playing this game.

Hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully it’ll motivate me to post more like before. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.


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