Dream Crate from LootCrate

I’ve been subscribed to many subscription boxes in the past year and tested quite some, one of my favorite subscription boxes is Loot Crate. I tried Loot Gaming and Wizarding World Crate but didn’t post that one unfortunately. Recently, Loot Crate put together a fun project where fans can share and highlight ideas for a Dream Crate. When I heard about what was involved I jumped at the chance to put something together because I had quite a lot of ideas for my very own dream crate.

I would really love a Gamer Mom Crate since we don’t really have time to show off our nerd and geeky side.  I would love to get items that would help my everyday mom life while it shows off my nerdy side.

Final Fantasy VII – Cosmo Canyon inspired Scented Candle


Princess Tote


Vinyl Decal Gamer Mom


Bird or the Cage Necklace from Bioshock Infinite


Coffee is my Mana Potion, Wine is my Health Potion Mug and Glass Set


And I would take any game inspired shirt to sleep in every night, really any would be just fine because I would be too exhausted to complain.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you for reading and have a great day.


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