Games to Revisit in March

First let me say that Resident Evil took over my gaming schedule, and I normally don’t get into DLCs but for this game it was worth it. I highly recommend checking them out, great game. Secondly, I want to mention an article I wrote on Creators website about 3 RPG Maker games that gave “weird” a new definition if you are interested please give it a read and let me know what you think of it.

Now onto the main topic of this post, last month I chose games with cutesy love stories which are mostly JRPGs for the sake of the month. This month I decided to choose something I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite genre but worth to waste time on which is Dating Simulation games. I don’t really play them often in fact it’s more like rarely but I decided to choose them for this month so I could try new things.

Mystic Messenger


You were looking for an app, just to kill some time, and stumbled upon an app called “Mystic Messenger”. It sounded interesting so you downloaded it.

Once you opened it, you found yourself chatting with someone nicknamed “Unknown”. They persuaded you to go to some studio apartment.

As soon as you walked into to the apartment, your app is suddenly connected to a mystic group chat with attractive guys!? After a long chat, they ask you to join their secret party planning association called RFA…

This game has made me check my phone every 5 seconds because it’s honestly too addicting and I like the concept it looks and feels like an actual chatroom app with messages, emails and calls. I really enjoyed playing it but I also hated the weird timings those chatroom starts because it gives you a notification about it and after an hour or two I guess it becomes unavailable like you missed it, which annoyed me since I get notifications about a chatroom at 3 am every night. I liked the characters because they were quite relatable and fun to talk to even though the replies are programmed, it gave them a more realistic human element.

Hustle Cat


You are Avery Grey, the newest employee at a popular cat cafe called A Cat’s Paw. The coffee’s good and the staff is friendly (and kinda cute!) but mysterious. One day, you find a strange book in the basement, with letters you can’t quite read…

I’m a cat person so this game easily grabbed my attention. It goes into a visual novel style of game with the traditional routes of each character where it also gives the player a choice of being “he” “she” or “they” which is something new for me to see in any game to be honest. I highly recommend trying this game if you are into visual novels.

Hope you enjoyed this post, I tried choosing games out of my usual selection since I played way too many games and I love sharing my thoughts about games. Thanks for reading and have a great day.


8 thoughts on “Games to Revisit in March

  1. I do want to play Re7. But I will wait for price to drop. Speaking of visual novel games, have you played Root Letter? I want to play a game that has minimal gameplay and that game seems since interesting.

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  2. Cute post! I would’ve given an arm and a leg to have played a Dating Sim when I was growing up. In fact, I’d get so excited when any of my RPGs had alternative endings based on the actions taken with certain characters because it had some element of a Dating Sim. Man, kids these days don’t know how good they’ve got it 😉

    Girl, I got RE7 as a birthday gift and played it for all of 5 minutes before freaking out. It’s so scary!!!! My brothers have both finished it already and say it’s pretty short but I just can’t bring myself to play it again lol How far along are you?

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    • I beat it aaaaaaaaaages ago XD I was so invested in it, it’s been a while since a new game got my attention like this ❤ Honestly you should continue playing it, the story is so good. It's somehow like Silent Hill if you know it.


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