MerLady Box – Written In The Sand


I finally decided to pick up my packages from aramex after being broke for awhile because of the two weddings I had to deal with couple of weeks ago. I’m going to start of with my new favorite subscription box MerLady Box and this month theme was “Written in The Sand” 


Girl on Crafts – Mermaid Wine Glass ($6.00)

Can I just say this is my favorite item in this box, I love what’s written on it I find it hilarious. I don’t really drink wine but I could see myself acting classy and drinking any sort of juice just for the sake of a picture to brag with.

Demeter Illustration – Custom Ocean Girl Sticker ($3.00)

This awesome sticker is custom made by the creators of Ocean Girl Graphic Novella which was recently funded successfully on Kickstarter, I would say it’s a great promotion from the comic but it’s not my type.

Lynsey Luu – Mermaid Pin ($10.51)

I’m not a pin person but this pin is so cute and beautiful, I want to wear it everyday. It’s glossy and well made, I would say it’s my second favorite after the wine glass.


Partridge and Bell – Mermaid Pencil Set ($7.73)

First of all, sorry I didn’t take a proper picture of these pencils. These cute pencils came in perfect colors for a mermaid theme, they are engraved with “Trust me, I’m a Mermaid”. I really love these, I instantly took them to work with me and used them at my office.

Nicole Marie Paperie – Funny Sailor Card ($4.50) 

The next item is a funny card and it came blank from the inside along with a brown envelope, I don’t really use cards so I’ll probably give it to someone.

Palas Pandiras – Mermaid Notebooks ($8.00)

These two notebooks are absolutely gorgeous, the design on the notebooks are too cute. The notebooks aren’t lined but I would still use them, I would say they are good for sketching as well.

Overall, I like most of the items sent out in the box and I like the change from the previous box which was more focused on bath and body products.

Thanks for reading and have great day


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