Valentine, Henna and Weddings

I should’ve probably wished for 2017 to be more drama-free because my-god how the drama waves are hitting me since this year started. Can I just have my drama-free life subscription renewed? Because I’m really not liking this year already.

So Valentine’s day passed by, I hope you enjoyed it anyway whether you like celebrating it alone or with a person. My case? My husband really hate such occasions since he doesn’t like labeling days and dates, he enjoys giving gifts on any random day unlike me who gets so invested in such celebrations. I gave my husband an eternal rose, you probably would imagine Beauty and The Beast rose because I originally wanted it to be that way but couldn’t find a similar glass case.


My husband loves roses but hates to see them welt and die so I thought of giving him a rose that never really dies and I chose the rainbow one because he likes roses in all colors.

We had two weddings to attend to and they were happening two days in a row which made my life more hectic that I had to take few days off from work and try to finish wedding preparations shopping while spending time with my son because I hate being the kinda mother who doesn’t have time for her own kids.

Personally I hate henna but it’s somehow considered a tradition for Arab celebrations like Eid or weddings, so I was somewhat forced to do it … Not gonna lie I liked it but I hate the smell.


Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’ve been dealing with a lot of unnecessary drama and every time I finish from one another one pops into the mix. It’s been stressful to the point that I had to stay at my family house till things settle down and I’m fearing things would get awkward with certain people.

Glossybox and Inkbox reviews will be up soon by next week hopefully.

Hope you’re having a better day than I am, thank you for reading.


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