Games to Revisit in February

I started playing Resident Evil 7 and I’m really enjoying it, it’s been a while since a newer era sort of game has impressed me as you know I’m more of a retro gamer. I can describe the game as a mix between Outlast and Silent Hill, great comeback for Resident Evil series. Also I wrote a new article on Creators blog about great games OSTs that you can listen to while you pretend to work, if you are interested you can check it out here.

Anyway onto the main point of this post which are games to revisit in this month. Now February known to be the valentine month so I thought of choosing games with more of a cliche lovey-dovey insert, I guess you can say games with a romantic story within.

Radiata Stories (2005)


I mentioned this game before in the Games I Cheated In post, it’s one of my favorite JRPGs on PS2. I like the story of this game, I feel it gets deeper as it gives the player the option to take which path to progress the story. The game has that cute innocent love story between the main characters and it’s really too adorable, I enjoyed it and I feel it added more layers for a solid JRPG. I highly recommend checking it out.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of The New World (2008)


I can easily say that Tales of Symphonia is my second favorite “Tales of” installment, of course after Tales of Destiny. Now this is a sequel to Tales of Symphonia and I would say it’s not necessary and not as strong but I enjoyed the story. It has a cute love story as well and I can say that I relate to Marta feeling sometimes, I like how she speaks her mind.

I thought of adding one more game but I think these two games will keep me occupied for quite sometime since both are JRPGs so … let the grinding begin.


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